How Many Skittles Fit In A MakeSpace Bin? Hint: It’s A LOT

We can only gaze at rainbows from afar for so long. So we took the logical next step — capturing ROYGBIV and extracting its nectar.

The result: Skittles scattered everywhere.

Luckily, our bins are basically giant bowls. We scooped up the Skittles and asked you (on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) to guess how many of these chewy fruit explosions squeeze into a MakeSpace bin for a shot at scoring $25 of MakeSpace credit.

The contest has concluded. Our rigorous calculations are complete. The total is …

81,149 Skittles fit inside a single MakeSpace bin.

Congratulations to Instagram user @alissazulvergold (she guessed 80,000), Twitter user @bobby (he guessed 62,001), and Facebook user Marcin K. (he guessed 148,200) on guessing closest to the answer!

As for us, it’s beast mode time.