A green MakeSpace storage bin full of jars of Hampton Creek Just Mayo, a gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free , and canola oil mayonnaise substitute.
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How Many Jars Of Hampton Creek Just Mayo Fit In A MakeSpace Bin?

How Many Jars Of Hampton Creek Just Mayo Fit In A MakeSpace Bin? Expand options

You already know we love the Fourth of July. But we can’t stop honoring this holiday fueled by booze and barbecue; last week, we decided to see how many jars of creamy, delicious mayo would fit in a MakeSpace bin.

Our friends at Hampton Creek obligingly sent over a few cases of their Non-GMO Project Verified Just Mayo, and after hours of rigorous, scientific experimentation, we discovered that 71 jars of the gluten-free, egg-free mayonnaise could squeeze into a MakeSpace bin.

Now, to be clear, we definitely don’t want anyone keeping mayo (or any other spread for that matter) in a MakeSpace bin for any amount of time, but we do hope that you’ll be making some awesome, healthy Just Mayo-based sides for your picnics and barbecues this weekend.

Now we’ve got a refrigerator full of mayo at the office, so we’re definitely gonna be trying out all of the simple, delicious-sounding recipes on the Hampton Creek website for everything from Asian Cole Slaw to Sweet Potato Salad to Mediterranean Pasta Salad!

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