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Great Kitchen Countertop Ideas for Small Spaces

Great Kitchen Countertop Ideas for Small Spaces Expand options

The kitchen, for many people, is the most important room in the house. After all, it’s where the magic happens—the delicious, filling meals for the entire family can’t be made in any other place.

It’s a dream for anyone to have a spacious, well-stocked kitchen. Unfortunately, clutter is a common problem. Kitchen tools and knick-knacks can fill every available space and make it a stressful place to be in, let alone cook in. If you live in a condo or apartment, this problem is magnified.

However, there are ways to work through the physical limits of a small kitchen. With the helpful tips in this article, maximizing countertop space will get your kitchen roomy and organized in no time. That way, you can enjoy cooking your favorite dishes without the stress of not having enough kitchen storage or space.

Less is more
The first step to maximizing your space is to look around your kitchen. Take note of the items you have. Aside from the usual kitchen must haveswhat other tools are in stock? Are all those special gadgets essential? Do you really need a separate tool for chopping garlic and slicing tomatoes?

Gather all your kitchen accessories and think about how often you’ve used each for the past few months. If you realize that you’ve been storing more stuff than you need, it might be time to let a few of them go. Give them out to your friends and family if you aren’t using them anyway; they are just occupying precious space.

Don’t forget to look in your refrigerator and pantry regularly as well. Throw out any expired food that could be contributing to the clutter.

Keep only the essentials within reach
The best way to keep your kitchen tidy is to assign a “home” for each item. These are permanent places where you will set every item after using it.

Now that you know which items you use most often, it’s time to reorganize. Keep those that you regularly use within reach, such as knives. Things like kitchen towels and spice containers should be placed close to the stove. A coffee maker, electric kettle, or any appliance you use daily would best be put on the counter. This way, you won’t constantly be running around or reaching into cabinets while preparing meals.

The rest can be moved into cupboards and drawers. For instance, if you bake only on special occasions, keep your baking sheets and cake pans in the bottom cabinets. The items you only bring out for guests, like decorative porcelain dishes, can be put in drawers. The key is to have only a few things on your countertop.

Go for multipurpose
With limited space on your countertop, getting a compact multipurpose cooker can eliminate the need for too many appliances. If you use a turbo broiler, for example, its multitasking capabilities can help you cook anything from a roasted whole chicken to cupcakes. An air fryer would also be a good choice, allowing you to enjoy healthier fried food and many other recipes.

With a multipurpose cooker on your countertop, other appliances can be stored away. Since you won’t have to use them as often, you’d save on electricity and gas bills, as well. If you are just starting to build your new home, you may also want to consider getting this instead of buying several cookers for different dishes.

Rise up
One thing small kitchen owners often overlook when organizing is vertical space. No matter how cramped a kitchen is, you can always think of more ideas for vertical storage. Utilizing risers is a great way to maximize your vertical space. You can easily double the surface area by placing some inside cupboards or on the countertop.

You can find extra room over or below fixtures. For example, a dish drying rack that goes over your sink saves space. It also lets the water trickle directly down the drain, which lessens the work you have to do. Try fastening metal under your cabinets and fitting magnets onto your spice containers too. That way, they will be visible and within easy reach.

Add to your wall
Your walls are other overlooked spaces when it comes to storage. Installing additional shelving is one of the easiest ways to have more room for measuring cups or indoor plants. Corner shelves can make every square inch useful. Consider adding a pegboard to your backsplash or any wall available. A pegboard can hang up utensils, dish towels, and any other tools you frequently use with hooks.

It’s easy as 1-2-3
Although it seems like an impossible challenge, you can keep your kitchen tidy. Use a variety of clever strategies to maximize your counter space.

Disposing of any unnecessary items ensures that your kitchen isn’t overwhelmed by stuff. Choosing multipurpose tools reduces the appliances on your countertop. Lastly, using risers in your cabinets and adding wall storage makes everything more organized.

When there is no clutter in the kitchen, there is more room for you to move around. It can become a stress-free environment that allows you to enjoy cooking your favorite dishes.

AUTHOR BIO: Mykie Concepcion is a marketing professional from Smeg Philippines, an Italian kitchen appliance brand. In her free time, she enjoys channeling her creativity through writing about home and lifestyle.

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