MakeSpace Uploaders are inside an apartment, packing a green MakeSpace storage bin, and offering free Goodwill pickups in Washington, DC.

MakeSpace Is Offering Free Goodwill Pickups In DC Through November

MakeSpace Is Offering Free Goodwill Pickups In DC Through November Expand options

Last year, MakeSpace picked up over 60,000 pounds of donations from our customers and brought them to Goodwill. All of which Goodwill uses to help fund job creation and training for thousands of people in our communities who are in need.

Today, we’re happy to announce that MakeSpace has partnered with Goodwill of Greater Washington to offer free Goodwill pickups to all residents in our  Washington, DC storage service area from now through November 30th.

If you’re not a current MakeSpace customer, but live in DC and would like to participate, simply schedule a free Goodwill pickup at and we’ll bring you a laundry-sized MakeSpace + Goodwill bag.*

If you live in DC and already signed up for MakeSpace, then you’re all set. You’ll automatically get a MakeSpace + Goodwill bag included with your bins when you schedule your first free empty MakeSpace bin dropoff.

Once you receive the bag, fill it with gently-used items that you’d like to donate, hand it to us, and we’ll deliver it to Goodwill, free of charge.

We’re honored to assist DC Goodwill in their vision of building a community where people are empowered to achieve their fullest potential, and we’re incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for all of your help.

As you clean your apartment this month in preparation for your Thanksgiving celebration, consider donating your old clothes to DC Goodwill to help others in need.

Thank you!


*Offer ends on November 30, 2015, is only open to residents in the Washington, DC areas that MakeSpace serves who are not currently MakeSpace customers, and is subject to availability. There’s a limit of one appointment per household and one Goodwill bag per appointment. We’ll wait up to 10 minutes while you pack your Goodwill bag with donations. To get a receipt or tax deduction form after your appointment, download the Goodwill of Greater Washington app for iPhone or Android. Any items that are too big to fit in a Goodwill bag and/or against Goodwill’s Donation Guidelines will not be accepted.

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