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Eight Fall Balcony Decorating Ideas

Eight Fall Balcony Decorating Ideas Expand options

Some people love fall as it is a welcome break from the hot summer sun, while others are not as fond of the seasonal change that sends a reminder that winter is coming.

No matter which category you fit into, decorating your balcony for the upcoming fall will help to keep you invigorated when the leaves start to drop. Here we list eight fall balcony decorating ideas to help enjoy your outdoor space during the autumn months.

Some ideas are simplistic and can deliver immediate decorating results, while others are a little more involved but are an excellent investment, offering balcony advantages all year-round.

So please, have a read, make a plan and get decorating.Here are eight fall balcony decorating ideas.

1. Evergreen plants

Evergreen plants are a fantastic decorative choice for any balcony during the fall. They add life to a space, can be used in various ways and suit balconies of all shapes and sizes.

Large pot and plant combos look lovely on spacious balconies while hanging plants and vertical gardens are the best options for small balconies where floor space is precious.

Even though fall is the time of year that many plants shed their leaves and lose their buds, many evergreen plants hold their appeal year-round, with a few thriving in the fall conditions.

Therefore, it is worth asking your local plant nursery expert for advice to ensure you select the best plants for the fall months ahead.

2. Mirror image

Mirrors are a great decorating tool for balconies and can be used for both practical and artistic purposes. The way a mirror reflects natural light is gorgeous, and its ability to add dimensions to a small space makes it ideal for balconies.

You may opt for a large decorative mirror as the balcony’s focal point that looks grand and functional. Or perhaps an array of smaller mirrors may be the creative edge your balcony’s decor and personality needs.

No matter how and where they are used, one thing is sure; mirrors are a charming fall balcony decorating idea with countless advantages.

3. A fresh coat

So paint and decorating go hand in hand, with a fresh coat perfect for decorating any balcony.

A light paint shade is a fantastic choice as it keeps a balcony feeling fresh, making it easier to decorate with a blank canvas to work with.

In contrast, deeper colours are more restrictive; however, they can produce incredible results and create a cozy feel for the upcoming fall.

Maybe it is time to pop down to your local paint store, grab some colour charts and take on a fun paint project for a new and improved balcony backdrop for fall.

4. Pergola cover

If your balcony is open to the conditions, installing a pergola will provide ample shelter throughout the seasons and what better time to install one than in fall.

Pergolas are often used in backyard settings and on larger scales; however, they can be made for any space as long as they can be installed safely. The four pillars, roof frame and slats structure can be painted to suit the balcony’s decor, while there are many pergola cover ideas to create the aesthetic you are after.

5. Extend the flow

Taking interior decor and flowing it onto your balcony creates a homely and spacious feeling.

Matching colour schemes, furniture materials, and interior styles make your balcony feel like an extra room of the house rather than an extension of it.

Many furnishings and accessories are available for both interior and exterior conditions which help with coordinated decorating. So why not keep the flow of the home and take it out onto the balcony this fall.

6. Light it up

No matter the setting, lighting can be considered the most crucial factor in decorating, and that includes balcony lighting.

A dark and dim balcony can feel uninviting and cold, while a brightly and luminous balcony is too much, making it hard to enjoy the views and company.

Choosing which lights are best when decorating your balcony can be tricky as there are many good choices available. Maybe a wall-mounted lantern to offer a nice warm glow is what you are after, or perhaps string lights for an intimate and festive feel are more your thing.

Whatever lighting you choose, be sure it makes your balcony feel like a place you want to spend time this fall and that it sets a desirable mood.

7. Candle charm

Good lighting is essential for the right illuminance; however, a candle is the go-to when you want to set the ambience.

The old fashioned way to light up the night has never lost its charm, and wicks flickering on a balcony during a fall night is a sight to behold.

Tea lights are a cheap and easy decorating option to scatter through your balcony decorations, while more prominent candles are great as table centrepieces and nighttime glow.

You may also wish to find a candle that gives the charm while also repelling bothersome insects that frequent in fall.

8. Textile love

Textiles are the perfect balcony decorating idea to bring some glam, warmth and style to your outdoor space.

Start with a balcony rug for some much-needed character to your featureless floor. Then add some cushions, the ultimate decoration as they can be of different shapes, colours and textures yet still look amazing when mixed throughout your balcony setting.

And let’s finish with blankets, as they have the double advantage of adding colour to a balcony while also keeping you and your balcony guest warm this fall.

But seriously, you wouldn’t let your lounge or dining area be seen bare, so why would you leave your balcony without textile love?

It’s time to decorate your balcony for fall

Many people focus on interior design decors, the building’s exterior street appeal and the backyard’s beautiful sod lawn; however, we don’t give as much attention to the balcony. If you need to create some room to declutter your balcony, there are plenty of storage options available for you to help.

That needs to change; it’s time to decorate your balcony for fall.

These eight fall balcony decorating ideas can help you decorate your balcony to look fabulous and functional for this upcoming fall and the seasons beyond.


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