A MakeSpace NYC storage bin full of Dos Toros burritos.
You’ll Never Guess How Many Dos Toros Burritos Fit In A MakeSpace Bin Expand options

Like most New Yorkers, we here at MakeSpace have a serious soft spot for Dos Toros burritos. For years, we’d been complaining that New York City had no chance of matching the deliciousness of a West Coast burrito, but entrepreneurs Leo and Oliver Kremer have successfully transplanted the authentic flavors of Bay-Area burritos to the Big Apple. And we couldn’t be happier.

Besides their commitment to high-quality Mexican food, we love Dos Toros’ brand. They’re all about sustainability, using mainly organic, local ingredients and compostable cutlery and platos. Plus they’ve got awesome music videos for their two hit singles “Black or Pinto,” which riffs on Wiz Kalifas “Black and Yellow,” and “Guac It Out,” a mouth-watering parody of UNK’s “Walk It Out.”

Last week, our friends over at Dos Toros sent us a huge crate of burritos so that we could find out once and for all just how many would fit inside of a MakeSpace bin. After a number of experiments involving gratuitous amounts of carnitas, pollo, and carne asada, we came to the conclusion that 146 of these meaty, cheesy sacks of deliciousness could comfortably fit inside of a MakeSpace bin.

If this post’s got you hankering for a burrito, be sure to download the new Dos Toros rewards app to get a $3 discount on your next purchase and tons of other awesome loyalty offers!

Until next time, be sure to Guac It Out!

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