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Dos and Don’ts of Home Art

Dos and Don’ts of Home Art Expand options

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While minimalism is stylish, many rooms with blank walls can give your home a very cold and unwelcoming feel. Go ahead and hang art to add warmth and personality to your space. 

However, decorating with art can be something of a challenge. It is still true that the major motivators for buying art are the feelings that we get from them, as well as how they make our homes look. But these two things do not always work together. 

Take a look at the top do’s and don’ts of using art to decorate your home. 


+Color co-ordinate Art with clashing colors can look out of place. It’s definitely worth matching up the colors with that you are hanging on your wall. Use a color combination cheat sheet to understand which colors work together, and which clash.  

+Print your own posters Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the kind of art that you want, or something to match the colors and aesthetics of your home. You can also have specific images printed as posters. This can be the perfect way to show off your creativity, and make the most of your space with the ideal artwork.

+Hang art around the house Too many people think that art is only for the bedroom and the lounge. This can lead to other areas of the home looking neglected. In fact, it is a great idea to use art throughout your home. This can actually help you if you enjoy buying works of art, but don’t always have the colors to match a specific room. 

+Plan in advance The importance of doing this can’t be overstated. If you pick out the art you want without thinking about how it is going to fit and work in your home, it can end up really not working. Before you choose any art, know what you are looking for. 


+Use nails or screws This is a very common mistake. Using nails or screws is a quick and cheap fix, that can leave you with a number of problems. Ultimately, art is designed to be hung on picture-hanging hooks. These can carry a lot of weight and help art sit right. 

+Assume it needs to be expensive – if you are buying art as an investment that is one thing, but if you are decorating your home you don’t need to worry about how much your art costs. As we discussed, you can even print your own artwork if that is what is going to suit your home.

+Try to hang art by yourself – It’s always best if you have two people hanging the piece, rather than by yourself. It makes the job much easier and faster, as one person can hold the art in place and the other takes a step back to make sure the placement is right. 

Above all, enjoy the walls as canvases to showcase your home’s personality. Simple additions like these go a long way in making your home feel warm and welcoming. 




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