2 hands are holding up a DIY NYE disco ball pinata in front of a dark gray brick wall.
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16 Dope DIY Decorations To Make Your NYE Party Doper Than Last Year’s

16 Dope DIY Decorations To Make Your NYE Party Doper Than Last Year’s Expand options

Your New Year’s Eve party last year was fun. You had lip-smacking beverages, a Spotify playlist chock-full of bangers, fantastic food, and some obligatory 2015 decorations that you bought from the dollar store. Why not kick things up a glittery 16 notches with these super chic DIY decorations that you can easily make at home? Like right now. Because NYE is tonight. And you still have to clean and organize your apartment before your friends arrive.

1. DIY a few glittery Mason jars that double as flower vases and triple as straw holders.

A DIY decoration made of 3 white glittery Mason jars and various artificial flowers and branches with leaves.
How Sweet It Is

Because Mason jars and glitter make everything look at least 7X more sophisticated. Get the instructions from How Sweet It Is.

2. Bend pipe cleaners into letters and shapes. Then poke them into a cake.

A DIY decoration of cake toppers made from pipe cleaners are popping out of the top of a white-frosted cake on a white cake stand on a wooden surface.
Say Yes

Because this one simple tweak makes your New Year’s dessert go from just “okay” to “omg so cute” in seconds. Learn how to make them from Say Yes.

3. DIY a glitter cake stand and utensils

A do-it-yourself gold-glittered cake stand gold-glittered pink fork and knife are fancy DIY decorations for a fancy NYE party.
Sugar & Cloth

Because where is your glamorous cake going to sit? On a glamorous cake stand. And how are you going to eat your glamorous cake? With a glamorous fork. But only if you learn how to make these insanely glamorous things from Sugar & Cloth.

4. Speaking of cakes, transform your wall into a giant funfetti cake.

A white wall is scattered with colored dots, making it look like a giant funfetti cake/DIY decoration.
We Are Scout

Because it’s the best cake and icing flavor ever. Get the recipe from We Are Scout. Or Scot Rossillo, the creator of Rainbow Bagels.

5. Don’t stop at your wall, though. DIY batches of big funfetti balloons.

A big transparent DIY confetti balloon with a white ribbon tied to it.
DIY Network

Because with these festive balloons floating around in your apartment, 2015 is sure to go out with a bang. Or perhaps, a pop? Get the instructions from DIY Network.

6. Convert unfancy champagne into uber-fancy champagne by slathering glitter all over it.

A DIY pink-and-gold-glittered champagne bottle.
Camp Makery

Because it’s the perfect way to class up $5 bottles of André. Get the tutorial from Camp Makery.

7. Upcycle leftover gift wrapping paper into a garland.

DIY wrapping paper garlands are hanging from a ceiling in front of an eye-exam-resembling white sign that reads "Tea is the finest solution."
Kit + Forage

Because your closet is closer than any Ricky’s, Party City, or street vendor. Get the instructions from Kit + Forage.

8. Fashion a floral ice bucket from ice and fruit.

A DIY ice bucket made from ice, strawberries, blueberries, and flowers.
Sugar and Charm

Because it looks how it tastes: marvelous. Learn how to make the most delectable ice bucket on the planet from Sugar and Charm.

9. Eat champagne.

Homemade champagne Jello shots with a fancy toothpick in it that has a tiny green pom pom at the top.
Erica’s Sweet Tooth

Because you’re a Champagne Papi. And a Champagne Papi pops a few champagne Jello shots after popping a few bottles of champagne. Follow the recipe from Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

10. Whisk your way to golden cotton candy.

Homemade stringy golden cotton candy on a stick in a Mason jar with a handle.
Cooking Books

Because NYE is the perfect time to remind your guests that we’re all kids at heart. Get the recipe from Cooking Books.

11. Set up a sweet and sparkly bubbly bar.

A DIY bar table has a gold sparkly "Bubbly" sign makes for a fun NYE party.
Hostess with the Mostess

Because all that glitters isn’t gold. Except for pretty much everything on this list. Especially this sparkly Bubbly bar station that you can learn how to build from the Hostess with the Mostess. So you can be 2016’s Hostess with the Mostess.

12. School your guests in the non-existent-until-now art of writing on wine glasses.

3 DIY chalkboard wineglasses are filled with white wine for a creative New Year's Eve toast.

Because remembering whose wine glass is whose gets exponentially more difficult as the night progresses. But not if you have chalkboard wine glasses by your side. Get the instructions from Handimania.

13. Revel in glitter ice cubes.

4 clear drinking glasses are full of edible various-colored DIY glitter ice cubes.
A Subtle Revelry

Because how else are you going to keep your cocktails cold all night long? Oh right, with these pretty, and of course edible, glitter ice cubes that you can learn to freeze from A Subtle Revelry.

14. Ring in 2016 by dropping your own ball.

A creative DIY NYE party decoration is a homemade New Year's Eve ball drop.
Makeovers & Motherhood

Because dropping your own New Year’s Ball at midnight in your living room and then raising it back up to serve as a disco ball is less congested and more exciting than getting stuck in Times Square for hours. Get the tutorial from Makeovers & Motherhood.

15. Build a glitzy photo booth out of gold fringe curtains and spray paint.

Multiple women are dressed in nice NYE party outfits and taking pictures in front of a DIY photo booth made of gold fringe curtains and spray paint.
Brit + Co

Because your  exquisite squad deserves hours of exquisite photo ops with exquisite photo props. Learn how to make the glitziest photo booth you’ve ever seen from Brit + Co.

16. DIY dozens of dope party hats.

3 transparent DIY confetti hats with neon-colored strips.
Oh Happy Day

Because it’s not a dope NYE party without donning some dope party hats in front of your dope photo booth. Get the instructions from Oh Happy Day, and have an Oh Happy New Year’s!

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