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Clever Ways To Utilize Space In A Small Home

By Monty
Clever Ways To Utilize Space In A Small Home Expand options

It’s easy for smaller homes to feel cramped and crowded. But with a few space-saving hacks and tips, it’s possible to fully utilize the space you do have and make your home feel bigger in no time.

Declutter your home
When you’re trying to make the most of limited space in a small home, the first thing you need to do is declutter and get rid of all the unnecessary things you’ve accumulated. Try to keep surfaces in your home free of stuff — empty spaces can make a big difference to how big your home feels.

Take some time to have a thorough clear out of your home so that you can free up some space. If there are some things you don’t need at the moment but don’t want to lose them consider putting them into storage.

Choose the right furniture
You need to choose practical furniture that doesn’t take up too much space in a small home, so carefully consider pieces before you buy them. And don’t be tempted to get lots of smaller bits of furniture, as they’ll end up cluttering your space. Only pick what you really need.

For example, when you’re looking for dining room furniture you could choose an extendable dining table. There are plenty of modern options for your dining room that will help you get more from the area. This way you have room for everyone to sit down when you have guests, but the rest of the time you can fold it away and push it against the wall with just a couple of dining chairs.

Stools that offer storage or ottomans are perfect for adding some extra seating in your home that also provides you with space to put things away. And they’re easy to move about the place wherever you need them.

Daybeds are also a good way to utilize space in a studio apartment, or if you don’t have a guest bedroom.

Use your vertical space
Floor space is often limited in a small home, so make sure to utilize all the wall space that you can to keep the floor as clear as possible. Try putting things like lighting and your television up on the wall so that you don’t need a table or stand for them. And instead of a bulky coat stand just add hooks directly to the wall. Keep as much as you can off the floor so that your home feels more spacious.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving units are a great way to maximize your storage space — consider investing in something bespoke so that it uses up every bit of your wall space.

And don’t neglect the area above your doorways. If you’ve got higher ceilings then there’s probably a good few inches where you can install a shelf for books or storage baskets.

Make the most of awkward spaces
Pretty much every home is going to have some awkward-shaped corners, space under the stairs, or alcoves. So this is another great place to invest in some custom shelves or cupboards that allow you to make the most of that space.

A cupboard under the stairs is perfect for storing shoes and coats or cleaning supplies out of the way. And adding some shelves into an alcove or even a blocked-up doorway gives you somewhere to display things.

Use the back of the doors
Utilize the space on the back of your doors by adding hooks. You can hang up bags, jewelry, coats, and towels. Or you can even hang off storage organizers to store a range of smaller bits and pieces.

Make sure you’re using every door including the ones into cupboards and even the inside doors of your kitchen cabinets are often perfect for spice racks or small shelving.

Divide up your space
If you’ve got a small open plan home or a studio apartment, then finding flexible ways to divide up the space can help you get more from it.

Consider using curtains to section off your bedroom area or a study from the rest of your living space. Or choose some contemporary style room dividers that are easy to move about when you want to create different zones.

Having a number of smaller spaces can actually make it feel like there’s more to your home, rather than being able to see everything at once. And it can help you to keep things tidy and organized if everything has its place.

You might have to get a bit creative with how you use your space in a small home, but once you get started there are plenty of ways you can make the most of every square foot.

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