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4 Clever Ideas For Everyday Home Organizing

4 Clever Ideas For Everyday Home Organizing Expand options

Sometimes we have more useful stuff in our homes than we have space to put them. If you have a lot of knick-knacks or if you’re running out of space, this quick list of clever ideas will go a long way for keeping your home tidy and organized.

1. Levitate practically anything using wall-mounted shoe racks

over-the-door shoe organizer storing winter gloves, scarves, and hats
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Wall-mounted shoe racks are way more versatile than you would initially think. You can use a couple of rows to store seasonal weather accessories like gloves, caps, and scarves.

Since the racks are sealed on the bottom, you can even keep jewelry and other loose items stored safely. These shoe racks are infinitely useful and make the most out of the vertical space in your home like on doors or walls.

2. Befriend underbed storage bins and totes


Make the most out of your available home space by converting the underside of your beds into storage areas. Instead of just throwing things under the bed and forgetting them, look for storage bins that fit the height dimensions of your bed’s underside.

You can even pick up cheap burlap or cotton totes that make sliding items in and out much easier. The trick is to keep the floor organized. We’ve also explored other insanely clever bedroom storage hacks before, so keep these in mind when planning out your bedroom space.

3. Keep your fridge tidy with labeled food storage container

fruits and vegetables stored in plastic food containers with lids in a fridge

One way to keep your fridge organized while making it easier to clean is to keep your food inside of storage containers. You can group specific foods together and even label the bins by category or storage date. That way you can keep track of which foods are fresh and which ones need to be tossed.

By keeping your fridge organized into containers, you maximize your fridge’s storage space. Plus, your guests will appreciate the comfort of grabbing drinks from an organized and cataloged fridge.

4. Embrace the magical space-saving powers of vertical storage

2 wooden cutting boards and 4 cooking spoons hanging on wall-mounted hooks

For dried foods and non-perishables in your kitchen, explore the idea of vertical storage. Adding magnets to the bottoms of Tupperware is a quick DIY project to keep in mind. That way you can stick rows of storage containers to the sides of your fridge, stove, or metal cabinets.

Also, make the most of your free wall space by adding hooks. Your most often used cookware can simply be hung from the wall instead of cramming them into a drawer.

If you run out of cabinet space for cereal, pasta, or flour, you can use clear plastic containers to keep them on your counters. Remember that simple organization can go a long way to cutting your daily chores in half.

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