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How to Clean Laminate Floors

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How to Clean Laminate Floors Expand options

Do you want to improve the look of your laminate flooring and extend its life? Laminate floors have specific requirements when it comes to care because they cannot handle excess moisture. And this makes it important to choose your cleaning agents wisely. Flooring professionals report that you should never polish or wax laminate floors since it will leave behind a dull residue. 

Further, moisture can get between the boards and get absorbed by the fiberboard leading to swells. Therefore, using rinse-free formulas together with cleaning cloths or microfiber towels will help in minimizing the amount of liquid applied. As you are going to see, cleaning and maintaining laminate floors is easy. Here are a few tips that will help you clean and prolong the life of your floors.

Clean regularly
Like other floor types, the more you clean laminate floors, the more you’ll use them in the long run. When it comes to regular upkeep, laminate floors require a few cleaning products. And some of them include regular household ingredients. In general, cleaning your floors once or twice a week is advised to maintain them. You should also clean them extensively once every month.

For regular cleaning, use a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner, or sweep the floors lightly using a dusting mop. Avoid using brooms with hard bristles as they can destroy the surface of your floors. Remember, debris and dirt settle in the grooves. Therefore, ensure that you vacuum or sweep along these lines. 

For students who mind their hygiene while using best assignment writing service uk or those with allergies, investing in mops that have antimicrobial protection will help in reducing healthcare costs in the long run. Plus, they’ll help on maintaining a clean and fresh condition. Simple household ingredients such as baking soda, water, and mild soap are perfect for cleaning laminate floors.

Clean extensively every month
Laminate flooring that is not cleaned regularly will need some extra work. Before you start you embark on a robust cleaning session, you need to start by clearing up dirt that can scrape or scratch the laminate surface during cleaning. Stubborn stains require excess scrubbing to be removed with a laminate cleaner to prevent damage caused by lots of elbow grease. 

Read the instructions printed on the label and clean as required. Most commercial laminate cleaners will require you to mix water with the concentrate and dampen a soft sponge or cloth to clean. After you’ve finished, wipe the moisture away with a dry cloth since leaving the material on the surface for too long can damage your floors.

Use vinegar and hot water to prevent streaks
Another great cleaning option is hot water since it doesn’t leave marks it dries. You need to soak and wring out excess water from your mop and then glide it across the floor. If you are out of commercial laminate cleaner, vinegar is a great alternative in a bucket of hot or warm water.

Clean up spills and dirt quickly
One of the best ways to keep your laminate floor free of stains and dirt is by acting quickly when something out of the ordinary happens. Clean crumbs and dirt by vacuuming or sweeping. And quickly wipe spills when they occur. You need to soak liquid spills using a dry cloth. For solids, use a damp or moistened cloth to wipe the surface after picking the large pieces on the floor. Follow this by cleaning with a commercial or household cleaning agent as we’ve discussed in the previous sections.

Treating stains on your floor
Blood: The best way to remove blood from your laminate floor is by using a window cleaner. All you have to do is apply a small amount of cleaner to the spot and wipe it with a damp cloth. The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to clean.
Chewing gum: You can get time to clean your floors by delegating tasks to proofreading services UK. Use a plastic knife to remove chewing gum on your floor. Scrape it using the knife and clean the residue with a soft damp cloth. You can dampen the cloth with mineral spirit to have an easy time. Avoid using a metal knife since it will scratch the floor.
Wine, ink, and soda: You can remove either of the above stains using a soft damp cloth. At times, you’ll need to add a detergent to remove stubborn ink marks. Ensure that you clean the spot again with warm water to remove any residue.
Grease: Use a block of ice to remove grease by applying it on the spot. Using a plastic knife, scrape the frozen grease off your floor. Wipe the residue using a soft damp cloth and a small amount of window cleaner.

Maintenance tips for laminate floors
Sweep regularly: Use a vacuum cleaner or a broom with soft bristles to remove pet hair, dirt, and dust on the floor.
Use mats: Entry mats can help in collecting moisture, oils, and dirt from getting into your house. Invest in mat grippers to prevent them from slipping.
Install window coverings: Window coverings help in reducing the effects of sunlight on your laminate floors.
Groom your dog: If your dog has long nails, hire a professional groomer to trim her nails. This will help in preserving the protective layer of your floor.

Laminate floors look like hardwood floors. However, they are not the same. And you shouldn’t treat them the same way. Laminate floors are delicate. You can clean and maintain them by using the tips that we’ve discussed in this article.

Author Bio: Jessica Chapman, a writing editor and writer at uk dissertations, RushEssay and SuperiorPapers from Chicago. She is into sport and politics, enjoys traveling.

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