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A Child Friendly Library: How and Why to Make One

A Child Friendly Library: How and Why to Make One Expand options

Much of what our children read is becoming more and more digital, but this can never replace the feeling of reading a real, paper book with pages to turn.  Books provide an escape from the real world or quench our thirst for knowledge.  Teaching your child to read and love reading is vitally important as a parent and what better way to do this than with a home library.

But what’s wrong with a public library?  In short, nothing at all.  In fact, they are amazing places which offer sessions to listen to music or stories which are a great social occasion.  And of course, shelves full of books on every topic and genre you could possibly need.  The idea of a child friendly, home library is not designed to replace the public library. It is designed to work alongside it and provide you as a family with additional benefits.

No fines or waiting on returns
I think we all know someone who has been charged a late fee at the library.  Well, this cannot happen at a home library, nor do you have to wait for some random stranger to return the book you are dying to read.  Also, if you are a bit rough with a book from home it can be fixed with tape.  Damaged library books could lead to you being fined!

Open 24/7!
You can literally visit whenever you like.  Your library never closes AND if it’s a bit wet outside, you don’t need to leave home!  

Personalize and update it
It’s your library so pack if full of books you want to read and style it how you want to.  The public library must cater for all readers and reading needs and tends to have the same layout year on year.  Yours doesn’t have to have dozens of sections for dozens of different people.  You are catering for YOU!

If you think stocking your library is going to be expensive then think again.  Thrift shops and online deals can be a great way to get you started.  Some schools give children a book on their birthday and as a Christmas present.  After 8 years of school for example, they will have received at least 16 new books – some schools give books as attendance prizes too!  “Friends and family can do something similar.  Little and often will create a surprising stock of books.  If you have more than one child, this stock will be even larger,” explains Anna Caitlin, a writer at Researchpapersuk.

Public libraries tend to have the same kind of layout as they need to be accessible and organized for all.  Your library doesn’t need to be.  A quick internet search will give you inspiration for your own storage system.  Bins, funky shelving, cushions, a castle, the list goes on for what and how your library should look like.  One thing that public libraries do try to achieve in their child sections is accessibility.  Quite simply, lower shelves for younger ages.  There is no point having nursery rhyme books on a shelf only grown ups can access with a ladder.  This leads to children being disinterested in reading and associating it with needing an adult to help.  Bare this in mind with your home library. Also, keep the books organized and labelled (just like a public library).  “This serves 2 purposes.  You can see the books and grab one easily.  No one wants to sort through a pile of books to find the one you want.  Secondly, it teaches caring and respecting for books,” says Tim Rollers, a parenting blogger at Writinity and DraftBeyond.  Chucking a completed book into a pile devalues the book and sends the message of getting rid of something because it is finished with.  Remember, a book can be read again and again and again.

A final thought on why a home library is a great idea.  The author Dr Seuss said that ‘The more you read, the more you will know.’  What better way to do this that in your own home library? 

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