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5 Sanity-Saving Steps For Getting Your Kids’ Playspace Holiday Ready

The hot cocoa is brewing, festive playlists are on a loop, and lines at department stores are growing. It’s that time of year again!

If you’re a parent, chances are your extended family has already reached out and asked what the kids want for the holidays.

While your children are reciting their list to grandparents, aunts, and uncles, you’re probably thinking …

“Wow, where am I going to put all this new stuff?”  

This is especially true for smaller spaces, or in kids’ rooms that are meant for playing and storing toys.

No need to feel like a total toy-grabbing grinch, though. You can still allow your kids to enjoy the holidays while curbing the clutter (and saving your own sanity).

So grab a cup of that cocoa, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to make your kids’ playspace holiday ready:

1. Purge, purge, purge

a little girl sits on a table with toys that have been put away
Heather Nicholson of @daughtersandthings

Every year after opening gifts, it seems like my home looks like a department store after a Black Friday sale. There are just so many toys.

So before Christmas, I have my older kids participate in the holiday purge by picking at least 10 toys (that aren’t broken, of course) to give away and/or donate.

We also go through their clothes together to determine what they still wear, what they don’t, and what doesn’t fit. Anything that doesn’t make the cut gets tossed into a big box and donated to the local Salvation Army.

This not only reduces clutter, but it also teaches my kids to be more charitable. And it’s helped my kids realize the value of what they own. This year, they have asked for fewer presents and focused only on the things that they really want on their wish lists.

2. If you don’t have space, MakeSpace

a white nursery with a pair of floating shelves
Project Nursery

Rearranging your space can do wonders for creating ample room for holiday gifts.

Move your child’s bed into the corner of their room to create more room in the middle for play. Add some bins to their empty bookcase shelves for more storage potential.

Here are some other smart ways to make use of that extra space:

Use stylish floating shelves to store toys and your child’s favorite bedtime stories.

Cube furniture is another perfect fit for storing toys and books. It also makes any space look more organized. I love cubes for their multi-functionality, and my kids love them because they make cleanup time easier.

I also recommend investing in seats that double as storage, like a storage ottoman that serves two purposes in half the space.

Have a knack for DIY?

You could always craft your own custom storage furniture.

DIY Network shows how to convert an unused piece of furniture with wheels into a kids’ toy workbench. Roll in for playtime, roll out for cleanup.

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Or dust off the paint brushes and give your kids an entire wall for expressing their creativity. Chalkboard paint is easy to use, and chalk is a quick clean.

Or copy this room from a home shown on HGTV with an entire art display hung from a magnetic wall. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful, gigantic masterpiece that sparks joy for you and your kids.

And let’s not forget about the ultimate space-making hack: MakeSpace.

Simply schedule a storage pickup (your first pickup is free), pack anything you don’t need in your home right now (like your window A/C unit and summer gear), and leave the rest to MakeSpace. They’ll pick up, store, and deliver your stuff back so that you have more space in your home to do whatever you and your kids want.

3. Use what you already have for storage

toys spill out of a canvas bag in a play space

Skip buying a bunch of baskets and bins to organize the play area. Up-cycle what you have on hand to save money.

Use an empty diaper box to create a beautiful fabric storage basket. Or paint an old dresser to convert it into a beautiful dress-up station.

Have old Easter baskets lying around?

Use them for small toys, cars, hair bows, and even jewelry. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to repurposing items in your home.

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4. Maximize your closet space

shelves in a play room hold bins of toys and play gear
Mika Perry of Neat Method

Many of us are guilty of only using our closets for clothing and shoes — and that’s okay.

At the same time, bedroom closets can also be wonderful storage spaces for other important items, like linens and toys.

I like storing linens on the top shelf of my kids’ closets in baskets, which keeps them organized and out of the way when not in use.

Free Bonus: How To Organize Your Linen Closet (11 Super Simple Steps)

If you don’t know where to put that dollhouse that your little one just loves — but that takes up way too much space — consider putting it in your closet. Your kid will be happy knowing she can continue playing with her beloved toy, and you can relax in a less cluttered space.

5. Buy less stuff

a little boy is excited to have received his Green Piñata box
Green Piñata

In the end, a holiday-ready playroom really comes down to this: buying fewer things.

Having less stuff means you have less things to clean and organize.

Consider a toy rental service, like Green Piñata Toys, as a gift option for little ones this season.

Or gift an experience — like a trip to the zoo, aquarium, or a theme park — instead of something material. Buying less means less clutter, more space, and more time to spend with your loved ones.

Jillian Johnson is Green Piñata Toys’ savvy digital marketer, a military spouse, and mom of three with a passion for the creative, and a penchant for the domestic. When she’s not sharing innovative tips to make lives easier, she loves to cook, sew, and create. Check out her other works on The Piñata Blog.

20 Brilliant NYC Apartment Decorating Tips And Ideas On A Budget

Renting an apartment in New York City poses its own unique set of challenges.

For starters, your upstairs neighbors seem to go bowling at 4 AM every single night.

Then there’s the ambulance plowing down your avenue right when you’re nodding off.

And should you investigate that weird smell coming from the building entryway?

We can’t help you with the smells or noises. But we can help make your home a welcoming respite from all that outside chaos.

Here to show you how is Jamie Hord of Horderly, a professional organization company that serves the greater New York City area. Jamie shares her expert tips on organizing, decorating, and personalizing the types of apartments you’re likely to find in New York City.

The best part:

None of these genius solutions will break the bank. (Trust, we know NYC is ridiculously expensive enough.)

Read on for Jamie’s 20 NYC apartment decorating tips and ideas for turning your place into a home for crashing in the city that never sleeps.

Click any of the links below to jump to decorating tips for your apartment type:
Studio apartment
Railroad apartment
Shared apartment

Studio apartment

A studio apartment bed next to two windows
Jamie Hord

You might instantly cringe at the thought of a studio apartment, but some of my all-time favorite apartments are studios.

If you set your studio up right, it can be the perfect little living space. Here are some tips on how to decorate your small NYC studio:

1. Use curtains to make the room look taller

Instead of hanging your curtains at the top of your window, hang them as far up as they can go — think ceiling to floor. Making use of vertical space like this creates an illusion of height, and will make your room feel taller.

2. Use rugs to divide the room

I always recommend to clients to use trays to categorize items on tables. You can use this technique basically the same way when it comes to your studio apartment. Simply use rugs as your “trays” to designate distinct areas: dining, living, bedroom, etc.

3. Light the walls (without breaking your lease)

Instead of taking up floor space with a floor lamp, or table space with a table lamp, use a wall lamp. Apartment Therapy has a roundup of the best wall-lamps that don’t require a lease-breaking foray into rewiring your apartment’s electricity.

4. Get extra space under the bed

Put your bed on bed risers for an instant storage boost.

5. Downsize your furniture

Purchase smaller furniture pieces. Consider a love seat sofa instead of a full, and make sure it’s comfy.

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Railroad apartment

a well-lit room in a railroad apartment
Jamie Hord

Railroad apartments can be tricky because of their awkward, narrow shape. But they can also be a gorgeous and very uniquely New York home.

Here are some tips for organizing and decorating a railroad apartment:

6. Keep the space visually clear

Because of the fact that you can look across your apartment and literally see every room, keep the tone minimal. Reduce as much clutter as possible, which will calm the space and leave it feeling less cramped.

7. Set up the space according to any natural light

If you’re tasked with balancing and designating the apartment rooms, take note of the lighting. The living room tends to feel best at the end of the apartment, because it gets the most sunlight.

However, this means you’ll have to accept the fact that your bedroom is in the middle of the apartment.

8. Take down any unnecessary doors

Remove doors to open up and brighten your long apartment. This will also help with ventilation.

9. Keep the color palette consistent

Paint the apartment either one color or in neutral shades for continuity.

a room in a railroad apartment has been converted into a closet
Jamie Hord

10. Think outside the closet

Closets in railroad apartments tend to be limited.  Try transforming one room into your “closet” by putting a wardrobe, dresser, and mirror in it. This will also clear tons of space in your bedroom.

To clear even more space in your home, schedule a MakeSpace pickup.

MakeSpace will pick up the stuff you don’t need in your home right now (like your summer and spring clothes) and store it in their secure storage facility. When you need something back from storage, they’ll deliver it to you.

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A mirror hangs in the entryway of a micro-apartment
Jamie Hord

No need to fret over a tiny apartment. Have you ever heard the saying “less space, less stuff?”

In a micro-apartment, you’ll actually end up accumulating less, simply because you won’t have anywhere to put new stuff. There is nothing wrong with living with less.

In fact, it is said that with less you can enjoy more. You might find your smaller space allows for a bigger life.

Here are some ways to maximize your small space:

11. Use mirrors to visually expand your space

Don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to using mirrors in a small room. This will create the illusion of depth.

Use mirrors even in the bedroom and kitchen. Some great areas to place a mirror is facing a window, in the entryway, along a narrow hallway, or above a fireplace.

Free Bonus: 15 Amazing Multi-Purpose Entryway Storage Hacks And Ideas That You’ll Love

12. Pick mirrored and acrylic furniture

Mirrored and acrylic furniture is also brilliant when it comes to decorating small NYC apartments. I recently used this mirrored dresser and this acrylic desk for a few clients, and we were obsessed with the the overall look it gave their apartment.

a large wardrobe with mirrors
Jamie Hord

Mirrored furniture can make the floor space look bigger. However, you don’t want to use mirror furniture if you already have a lot of patterns going on in the room.

As for the acrylic desk, it’s almost like it isn’t even there.

13. Position the bed foot-first

The bed always looks best head-on when you enter a room, even if that means placing it in front of a window.

14. Maximize any and all vertical space

Take advantage of all vertical space. Use shelves and over-the-door hooks wherever possible.

a bed is positioned under a window in a tiny apartment
Jamie Hord

15. Keep backup tables without wasting room

Nesting tables are a great way to store additional side tables for guests.

Shared apartment

a classy gallery wall hangs above a large brown dresser
Jamie Hord

Living with roommates is hard, but I think almost everyone in NYC  has to experience it at least once in their crazy Big Apple journey. Here are some ways to manage sharing a space:

16. Compromise with a shared wall

Who doesn’t love a gallery wall?

What’s best about a gallery wall is it can pretty much be as random as can be and still look good. Try putting together your and your roommate’s favorite pieces and see how much you both love it.

17. Try a touch of DIY

If you’re both bringing in furniture and decor that you each already have, you may have to pull it together by adding a little DIY. Try covering pillows with different pillowcases, painting furniture, and changing dresser and door knobs.

a plant sits next to a window with a gorgeous view from a studio apartment
Jamie Hord

18. Add some (green) life

Increase your happiness and productivity by adding fresh flowers to your apartment. Placing plants by the window will improve the overall aesthetic, too.

Free Bonus: 7 Gorgeous Houseplants That Will Purify The Air And Make You Happier

19. Get creative when dividing the space

There are many unique ways to create a room divider:

It could be a simple 4-part screen, a bookshelf/open bookcase, slider doors, or a curtain. Or simply ask your landlord to build out a wall (yes, sometimes they will do this).

20. Be 100% yourself in your own space

When sharing a small apartment, you may have to sacrifice a few of your favorite decor ideas. So be sure to embrace your bedroom, and make it totally your own!

This article was written by Jamie Hord of Horderly. Horderly is a professional home organization company serving the greater New York City area. Specializing in decluttering, organizing, and unpacking, they help clients feel a new sense of clarity with their belongings, along with maintaining a steady, functional lifestyle.

7 Clutter-Busting Strategies To Reclaim Your Garage

Very few people are satisfied with the state of their garage. Maybe yours is full of boxes from your last move or has become a dumping ground for unwanted household items that should have been discarded long ago.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could use your garage for its intended purpose? Even if you can fit your car in your garage, you probably wish it was more organized. Imagine being able to open your garage door without embarrassment and having plenty of room to park your car, with storage space to spare.

There’s no better time than now to reclaim your garage. The longer you wait, the more stuff will accumulate. So get started today with these seven clutter-busting strategies.

1. Organize a Cleanup Party

Cleaning out the garage is one of those jobs where you can use all the help you can get. Why not lighten the load and turn it into a party? It’s the perfect way to finish that “someday” project on your calendar.

Invite people to help clean out your garage in return for helping them clean out their garage. Plan to play music and have refreshments and snacks on hand. You and your guests will work up an appetite moving boxes, sweeping, and cleaning. Set up a pastry and coffee bar for breakfast, have pizza delivered at lunchtime, and grill some hot dogs and hamburgers when the work is done.

Tell your guests to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and expect to get dirty. In the end, you’ll probably have a blast. After all, you’ll be spending time with some of your favorite people.

2. Give your clutter a second chance at life

outdoor thrift store furniture company sign in chicago, il

It may seem like the garage is a good place to store things you aren’t using.

But think of it this way: If you aren’t using something, why store it at all?

Two of the biggest reasons we hold onto things are because we think they still have value or we don’t know what to do with them. But the longer you keep something, the less likely it will be worth anything to you.

Make a decision to donate your extra stuff and give it a second chance at life. You’ll also be helping someone who could really use what’s just taking up space in your garage – and that’s something to feel good about.

As for the stuff that has outlived its usefulness? Consider hiring a junk hauling service or renting a dumpster to haul away broken appliances, construction debris, yard refuse, and other household junk.

3. Turn clutter into cash

a woman smiles as she looks up from her phoneIf you need a little extra incentive to clean out your garage, you may be able to turn some of that clutter into cash. In addition to having a yard sale, there are other fast and easy ways to sell items.

There are people on Craigslist looking for lawn and garden equipment, housewares, furniture, and more. List your items along with a detailed description and multiple photos. If you’re not sure how much to ask for, search for offers on similar items.

Or use OfferUp to list your items with photos. Your listings will appear in the news feeds of other app users in your area.

Another way to sell stuff is to connect with potential buyers on Facebook.

Create an album and share it with friends in a post. Ask if they know anyone who might be interested in any of the things you’re selling. You can also search Facebook groups by your city or area name + online yard sales (e.g., “Chicago online yard sales”), join the group, and post there.

4. Re-home items elsewhere

outdoor storage shed

Easy accessibility makes the garage ideal for storing frequently used sporting goods and home improvement items, such as bicycles, automobile-related items, and lawn, garden, and snow removal equipment. One way to instantly create space in your garage is to store less frequently used or hazardous items elsewhere.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, you should store oil, gasoline, paints, propane, and varnishes in a shed away from your house. To deter insects and rodents, store firewood outside and opt for plastic-lid bins versus cardboard boxes for storage and pet food.

Finally, carefully consider what you buy. Today’s unplanned purchases become tomorrow’s clutter. Ask yourself:

  • Do I really need this item?
  • Do I have something else that will do for now?
  • Where will I put this?
  • Am I willing to pay cash for this?

5. Organize the smart way

a pegboard hangs in a garage to organize sports gear
Clean and Scentsible

The best way to organize your garage is by zone and by category. Group automotive, lawn and garden, sporting, seasonal storage, and long-term storage items together to make it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

When determining zones, consider accessibility. Store items you need to access more frequently in the front and above waist height. For example, it makes sense to keep lawn and garden equipment and tools near the door so they’re easier to move in and out. Store things you only use once a year in the back or higher up on the shelves in your storage area.

Store whatever you can off the floor. Hang bicycles from the rafters or on the wall. You can even mount storage racks from the ceiling for extra storage. Nail coffee cans to studs for storing hand tools and other small items such as paintbrushes. Nail furring strips between exposed studs for storing long-handled tools.

Free Bonus: 11 Gorgeous Bike Storage Solutions That Double As Art

6. Label, label, label

a tower of organized and labeled boxes in a garage shelf
A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Label storage bins using wide felt tip markers on masking tape. Store boxes and bins with labels facing out so you can find what you’re looking for without having to move heavy boxes. If you really want to get organized, tape an itemized list of the contents to the front of the box.

7. Consult a professional about built-in storage options

custom pegboard tool holders

You may want to invest in some organization or storage solutions — perhaps even a custom installation. According to a report from the National Association of Home Builders, garage storage was rated as “desirable” or “essential/must have” by 81 percent of home buyers.

Get an in-home consultation and estimate (usually free from most contractors) for custom garage installations to accommodate all of your storage needs. The possibilities include everything from simple garage cabinets to entire tool storage systems with workbenches. The cost may be less than you think, and who knows? It might just make your garage your new favorite room.

IICRC-certified House Cleaning Technician, Donna Smallin Kuper, is the author of a dozen best-selling books on uncluttering, organizing, cleaning, and simplifying life that have sold nearly 1 million copies worldwide. She also writes about organizing for The Home Depot, who offers garage organization services you can learn more about here.

15 Seriously Genius Space-Saving Furniture Ideas For Every Room In Your Apartment

Life in a tiny apartment has its ups and downs.

On the one hand, you’re living your dream in the greatest city in the world.

On the other hand … where the heck do you put all your stuff?

Enter space-saving furniture.

As any city slicker can attest, in the smallest of dwellings every square inch counts. Sofas, chairs, and even bed frames eat precious space. It’s high time they pull double-duty.

Here are the 15 best multi-purpose, space-saving furniture ideas and designs for every room in your small apartment, courtesy of Dolly.

Click any of the links below to jump to space-saving furniture for a specific room:
Space-Saving Entryway Furniture
Space-Saving Living Room Furniture
Space-Saving Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture
Space-Saving Bathroom Furniture
Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture
Space-Saving Office Furniture
Space-Saving Balcony Furniture

Space-Saving Entryway Furniture

1. Rebrilliant Clothes Hanging System

a clothes hanger pops out of a rebrilliant clothes hanging system, which looks like a photo frame hanging on the wallLive in a cramped apartment, but still love entertaining?

This photo frame displays more than just your cutest candids. Open it up, and out pops a small coat rack.

It’s the perfect solution for when you need to hang a few coats, but don’t want to show your guests your jam-packed closet (or if you don’t have a closet at all). Close it once your guests leave, and you’re back to having room to spread out.

2. IKEA TJUSIG Bench with Shoe Storage

a black TJUSIG Bench with Shoe Storage from IkeaWhile we’ll always be fans of the trusty over-the-door shoe rack, this shoe storage bench gives it a run for its money. Because it stores your shoes and gives you the perfect place to sit while you tie your laces.

Place it below a coat rack, and voilà: You’ve turned a useless corner into an efficient going-out nook.

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Space-Saving Living Room Furniture

3. Merry Products Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure

a merry products hidden cat litter box enclosure that doubles as a shelfNobody likes a litter box — probably not even your cat.

So why waste precious square footage on it?

Using a hidden litter box enclosure not only masks the smell and hides an eyesore, but it also turns it into a piece of multifunctional furniture.

Add a lamp, a few coasters, and smile. The bane of your cat’s nine-life existence is now a beautiful side table/hotel.

Your guests will never know the difference. Until Fluffy sticks his head out, of course.

4. Sofa Mania Arthur Classic Linen Storage Sofa

a grey sofa mania arthur classic linen storage sofa with the seating openFinding storage in a room where couches hog half the floor space is a challenge.

Sure, you could buy lifts for your sofas. Or use under-the-bed storage containers. But why do all that work, when this space-saving sofa does the work for you … without expecting a paycheck?

The classic sofa’s mouth opens to reveal a 64” x 20” x 8” storage space. So you can store your books, shoes, emergency snacks, and Nerf guns inside. All while its high-density foam cushions comfort you and your unsuspecting guests.

Space-Saving Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

5. Boomer & George Pet Feeder Station

a white boomer and george pet feeding station with pull-out drawers in the bottomDogs take up space with more than just their wagging tails and belly rubs.

Buying big bags of food means you also have to dedicate cabinet space to Fido. And if you have a tiny galley kitchen, you know how valuable any cabinet space can be.

This pull-out pet feeding station gives you a new, safe place to put your best friend’s food plus their endless brushes, toys, and treats.

The Pet Feeder Station is easy to fill. Simply pour up to 33 pounds of chow, then use the stoppers and metal knobs to control how much is released.

You also get some floor space back, by using the bottom drawer to push your pet’s bowls out of the way when they’re not in use.

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6. Simple Living 5-Piece Baxter Dining Set with Storage Ottomans 

a 5-piece baxter dining room set that saves space with 4 storage ottomans that double as seatsWhy settle for one bulky storage ottoman in your living room when you can spring for a dining set with storage that basically implodes?

Stash extra linens, beverages, or even some spare snacks in any one of the four ottomans.

The best part:

All four ottomans slide underneath the dining table, meaning you don’t need to dedicate extra square footage to chairs if you don’t have four people in your home that eat each meal together.

7. Bed, Bath & Beyond 3-Tier Slide Out Storage Tower

a white 3-tier slide out storage tower with wheels that fits in tight nooks and cranniesYou know that weird space between your fridge and your countertop that crumbs like chilling in?

Reclaim it by turning it into bonus storage.

This slim portable cupboard on wheels lets you play peek-a-boo with small bottles, spices, and condiments. So rather than squatting in your cabinet, they’ll have a new “now you see me, now you don’t” home.

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Space-Saving Bathroom Furniture

8. 88 Main Expandable Under-Sink Storage Rack 

an 88 main expandable under sink storage rack storing toiletries underneath a bathroom sinkIt’s time to talk about that cabinet underneath your bathroom sink.

The one that’s so tall, it should be able to store all your toiletries … but somehow always winds up a disorganized jumble.

This is your solution: an all-steel storage rack with adjustable and removable shelves.

Finding your hairspray is a breeze when it’s neatly stored above your brush, blow dryer, and favorite serums.

9. Simple Living Over-the-Toilet Space Saver

a white over-the-toilet simple living space saver shelf storing toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, and more

Gone are the days of wondering, “Dude, where’s my TP?”

This clever and surprisingly stylish shelving unit turns the dead space around your porcelain throne into convenient storage for all your toiletries.

There’s even a secret compartment for your extra rolls, and a bar to hang your current roll if your bathroom doesn’t have one built into the wall.

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Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture

10. Room and Loft Queen Andrew Sofa-Murphy Bed

a closed queen andrew sofa-murphy bedMurphy beds might seem too expensive to be worth the space they save.

But it’s 2017. Murphy beds are so much more than simple fold-down beds.

The contemporary space-saving superhero pictured above is a comfy sofa and a wall bed. Perfect for upgrading a standard living room into a gorgeous guest room.

If you live in a studio apartment, even better. You get two furniture pieces in one, and you can just fold up your sofa bed anytime you have company over.

11. Baxton Studio Engelbertha White Queen Upholstered Bed with Storage 

a chic baxton studio engelbertha white queen upholstered bed that lifts open for easy under bed storageYou’ve probably heard of under-the-bed storage, but how about lift-the-bed storage?

That’s right. This bedroom storage furniture is like a giant friendly alligator that conceals your extra pillows, blankets, and out-of-season clothes while you sleep soundly on its snout.

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Space-Saving Office Furniture

 12. Project 62 Loring Secretary Desk 

a 1960s-style walnut loring secretary desk by project 62Sometimes, you need to be glued to your laptop, working like a dog, never leaving your desk just to get some stuff done.

Other times, you want to banish your desk from your apartment so you can do anything but work.

Enter the secretary desk.

This version comes with modern finishings, like two electrical outlets and two USB outlets, providing a space- and sanity-saving desk solution.

Close the desk’s door, and store your paperwork, books, and office supplies inside when you’re not working. Open the door, and get down to business.

13. Dorm Co. Classic Dorm Desk Bookshelf  

a white classic dorm desk bookshelf stores books, a tissue box, and more above a computer monitorWhen optimizing space in a home office, the key is to put your storage up high.

Dorms require their fair share of storage hacks, so college students got this right. Put a storage shelf on your desk to add more space for your plethora of Post-its, pens, and paperbacks.

Kiss your bookshelf goodbye, and say hello to more floor space.

Space-Saving Balcony Furniture

14. Loon Peak Throop Portable Picnic Table

a foldable throop portable picnic table by loon peakOne of the biggest issues with deck or balcony furniture is that it can’t stay on the deck forever.

You’ll want to bring the furniture inside when it gets colder outside, but how do you fit an entire deck set into your one-bedroom?

Answer: You buy this portable picnic table.

It folds into an easy-to-store briefcase for the colder months and becomes a perfect little deck table for when it’s warm out. All you need is a few wine glasses and a tablecloth.

15. Gymax Hanging Railing Folding Deck Table

an adjustable gymax hanging railing folding deck table supporting 2 white coffee mugs on plates and a rose in glass vaseGot an extra-small balcony?

Here’s an extra-small table for ya.

This tiny hanging balcony table is just the right size for a breakfast plate and some coffee. It takes up zero floor space, so you can welcome the day, stretched out on a comfy chair, and still have a spot to put down your cup.

Ready to reorganize your small home to make more space? Not sure how to make it happen?

Dolly can help with the heavy stuff. We’ll bring a truck and some muscle to help rearrange your digs, or help you deliver space-saving furniture from the store. Your small space will feel like a palatial pad in no time.

Scratching your head, thinking what you’re going to do with your old furniture?

Let MakeSpace store everything for you.

This article was written by Dolly, which brings you truck and muscle anytime you need it. We connect you with local pickup truck owners who are ready to help you with moving, store delivery, Craigslist pickups, and more. You can learn more about us at

10 Pawdorable Dog Toy Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Pup Smile

If you’re a dog owner, you probably feel the urge to give your best friend the best you possibly can. That means all your attention, only the best food, and plenty of exciting toys.

But that also means, at some point, you might get your dog too many toys, and it might feel like those toys are taking over your space if they don’t have anywhere to go.

The solution?

Personalized and custom dog toy storage boxes, bins, and buckets that look much better than a plain ol’ plastic bin, or worse — slobbery dog toys strewn everywhere.

We’ve got 10 pawdorable dog toy storage ideas to make your life easier, your dog happier, and your home less cluttered.

1. Dog bone storage bin

dog bone storage bin by ourpets
The Our Pet’s Co.

This bone-shaped dog toy storage bin from OurPet’s is great because no one will get confused about the contents of the box.

It’s made with dogs in mind; the plastic is food-grade, so don’t worry if your puppy happens to gnaw on it. Plus, it comes in two different sizes. The small is 18” long and 10” high and can hold up to 10 lb. of food. The large is 23.5” long and 13” high and can hold up to 30 lb. of food, but you can store really anything you need in there.

The top of the container features a handle, so it’s easy to transport or carry around the house in case your dog threw his/her toys *literally* everywhere.

2. Custom natural wood dog toy box

handmade softwood dog toy box by sally grist

If you’re searching the internet for dog toy storage ideas, you’ll soon find that some of the best stuff is on Etsy. That’s because mostly everything is handmade and customizable, like this natural wood dog toy bin made by SallyGristArtwork.

It’s a little pricey at $70.61 (if you want custom lettering), but it’s worth it. If your home has a rustic vibe going on, this dog toy bin will blend in perfectly. It comes in two different colors and features bone-shaped handles on the side for easy handling, and a cover to hide your dog’s toys from sight (but there’s still a tiny crack so they can still sniff out his/her stuff).

3. Metal dog toy bucket

galvanized recycled steel good dog gift bucket by harry barker
Harry Barker

This bucket is simple, goes with pretty much any decor you have going on, and because it’s made from galvanized recycled steel, it’s slobber-proof. And at $10, it’s one of the cheapest dog toy storage bins you’ll find.

Plus, Harry Barker offers complimentary personalization (great if you have multiple dogs and they each like different toys).

4. Personalized wicker basket

empty wicker baskets

Bucket not your cup of tea? Try this personalized cotton cover and dog toy wicker basket. Even though, yeah, your dog can’t read, they’ll still be able to sense the thought and love that went into getting them a special toy basket that’s just for them.

The best thing about this wicker basket/cotton liner combo is that if your basket starts to get dirty, and it’s bound to become, you can just take the liner off and throw it in the wash. The pair sells for $31.90 at

5. Small bone-shaped boxes

dog toy box by black squirrel primitives

Here’s another bone-shaped dog toy box. It’s around the same size as the first one we looked at (size small), but this one’s custom made. It comes in two different colors and features an open bin construction. That makes it easy to just drop toys in as you accidentally step on them.

6. Personalized wooden dog toy box, available in six different colors

dog toy box by collegeviewcrafts

This adorable and inventively designed dog toy box is where it’s at. It comes in six different colors, and the store even throws in free personalization.

It’s unique because your dog can easily pull toys out of the pawprint-shaped bottom, and you can easily lift up the hinged top when it’s time to put everything away. It’s 21” tall too, so it’s got plenty of room to store every toy.

7. Felt dog toy storage basket

dog toy storage basket by tuloz

This is what you want to buy if you’ve got a hip and minimalist look going on in your living room and don’t want anything to ruin that.

It’s made of gray felt in a perfect 12” x 12” square and comes with *animal-friendly* faux leather. No one will notice it’s filled with squeaky fake ducks and long purple ropes.

8. Recycled nylon dog toy bucket

red eco good dog toy storage bin
Harry Barker

Here’s another great dog toy storage solution from Harry Barker. They made a dog toy bucket out of recycled nylon. It’s 9.5” high and 14” wide, comes in three different colors, and it comes with handles. Handles make everything easier. We love handles.

And once again, Harry Barker offers personalization (for an extra $12).

9. Custom dog toy box in 32 different colors

personalized and bright blue wooden dog toy box storage crate by our sweet home alabama

Here’s the ultimate customized and personalized dog toy storage crate. It comes in 32 different colors, so you can match it to whatever color scheme your home rocks. This Etsy user even says they “love custom orders,” so don’t be shy about offering up additional customization requests. Plus, they have a bunch (67?!) of other dog toy storage items in their shop.

10. DIY version of the same crate

diy dog toy box by dog mom days
Dog Mom Days

Lastly, if you’re feeling particularly crafty, try your hand at this DIY dog toy box tutorial. DogMomDays shows you how to build your own. She sanded down a wooden crate to get all the splinters off, then painted it with the color of her choice. Next, she took some wooden shapes, painted those, and fixed them to the crate with wood glue once everything dried.

But feel free to get creative here. You can use multiple different colors, add handles, paint your dog’s name on the side, whatever. Let your imagination go wild on this dog toy crate. The only thing holding you back is however long your dog will let you focus before demanding attention and belly rubs.

Organizing and storing your cute dog’s toys in almost-equally-as-cute storage solutions is great and all, but sometimes, too much stuff is just too much stuff. No matter how many paw or bone-shaped bins and boxes you have.

Here’s an idea: Ditch the furniture, books, and shoes you’re not in love with anymore, and MakeSpace for puppy love.

A photo posted by MakeSpace (@makespace) on

This article was written by Hannah Van Arsdale, a freelance writer and dog person based in Portland, OR.

We Asked A Guy Who Made A Pocket-Sized Blanket How To Pack For Hiking Like A Minimalist

When you live in a big city — where piles of trash line the streets instead of trees — sometimes you just need to escape. You need fresh air and greenery! It also wouldn’t hurt to get some exercise in while you’re at it. Going on a hiking expedition, you decide, is the perfect way to accomplish all this. Preferably in one of those towns where the sky is big and the buildings are small, surrounded only by open acres and livestock.

But first, you need to know how to pack for hiking. And therein lies the problem. I had no idea how I was supposed to fit everything I possibly needed for an entire day in just one bag when I started hiking. My first trek was out to the bottom of a waterfall. I envisioned that once I made it down there I would need a lot of food and water, and also some entertainment if I wanted to make a day out of it.

My packing strategy was not a good one: I basically just threw a bunch of beef jerky, fruit, nuts, and boiled eggs into my backpack, along with my water shoes, some extra clothes, and some books. Then, sensibly, I handed it off to my boyfriend to carry. Though I didn’t get off that easy. I opted to haul our giant jug of water that wouldn’t fit in the bag down the mountain, instead.

When we made it to our destination, we opened the bag and were confronted with chaos. The fruit became fruit juice. The eggs were smashed up against our shoes, and vice versa. You just don’t want shoe on your egg or egg on your shoe. Everything was virtually unusable.

We’ve learned a lot since then. Namely, we invested in a strange briefcase that’s specifically for transporting eggs. But I still wouldn’t call myself a backpacking expert. So I turned to Chris Clearman, the Colorado entrepreneur behind Matador who turned smart and efficient outdoorsmanship into a business. If you thought my egg carrier was savvy, he’s about to blow your mind.

“I’m a huge hiker and backpacker,” Clearman assured me. Indeed, he created what seems like the world’s smallest blanket (it can fold up to fit in your pocket) with outdoor lovers for whom space is at a premium in mind.

pack a minimal red matador pocket blanket so stay warm while hiking

It turns out there’s a world of whole hiking innovations that I had no idea about. Rather than carry around clunky jugs of water like a plebe, Clearman suggests the Sawyer mini water filter. It’s basically a straw that transforms a river, a waterfall, or any water source around into perfectly drinkable water through a filtration system.

packing a sawyer mini water filtration system lets you filter and drink purified water while you're hiking
Sawyer Products

“There’s a bunch of different versions of filtering straws,” Clearman explained. “I would say the Lifestraw is the worst of them. When you’re out on the trail you’ll see that every backpacker has the Sawyer mini. It’s a fifth of the size and it can filter hundreds of thousands of gallons of water [before you need to replace it], which is more than you’ll ever use.”

And if you have a hydration backpack, like a CamelBak, you can connect the straw to it; simply fill up the bag with some dirty river water and it will come through clean.

On the low-tech spectrum, Clearman also extols the benefits of wool. He explained how a simple clothing choice could save you room in your bag, especially if you’re planning on turning your hike into an overnight camp:

“You can wear wool for a weeks on end and it never gets stinky,” he said. “It doesn’t retain sweat and you can wear it indefinitely. So it allows you to only take one shirt, one pair of underwear, and one pair of pants. If you’re going on a long trip, that saves you a lot of room in your pack.”

For winter expeditions, he adds that a down coat is the way to go; they scrunch down in your bag so you can make every inch count.

For long hauls, Clearman stresses that a compression bag will be your friend. You might not be able to get your tent any smaller, but compression bags can drastically reduce the bulk of your sleeping bags. “It can reduce it to a third of its size,” he explained. “If you have a nice sleeping bag, you’re not going to want to store it long-term in a compression bag, but, in between sleeps on a four or five night trip, it doesn’t hurt at all.”

packing an ultra-sil compression bag for your hiking trip will reduce the bulk of your sleeping bag
Sea to Summit

For both simple day trips and overnights, you can optimize the way you pack your food to save space. Learn from my mistakes: Throwing everything in your bag and hoping for the best will not work out.

“I usually vacuum seal all my food,” Clearman told me. I have a FoodSaver. You can take just about whatever you want in those. You can take fruit and even pre-cooked foods. They’ll stay fresh for days.”


Dry goods, like nuts and granola, are also crucial fuel. If you’re going on a deep wilderness hike and you’re planning on cooking over a fire, “rice, rice noodles, pasta, and quinoa are filling and easy to make,” Clearman said. He recommends vacuum sealing those as well and just cooking them in the bag in boiling water while you chill out.

The only thing that could get in your way of your perfect hiking trip now is rain. But Clearman has some tips for that, too. He says you’re going to want dry bags to put your wool clothes, your sleeping bag, and your vacuum-sealed food in. “Dry bags are key. If your gear gets wet it’s useless. They make really thin, ultra-seal dry bags that you can put anything you need in them.”

hiking tip: pack a matador droplet wet bag to keep your gear dry in the least space possible

Basically, packing for hiking is all about putting bags in other bags. It’s a little absurd, but totally necessary. Your choice of backpack, the ultimate bag, is also important. You’re going to want to go with one that’s roomy and waterproof — but most of all, light.

If you want to pack smartly, it all really ends with what you’re putting everything in. Hardcore hikers recommend something simple and sturdy like the Gorilla 40 Ultralight Backpack. Key features include shoulder straps and hip straps to distribute the weight.

a gorilla 40 ultralight backpack by gossamer gear is one of the best lightweight and minimal backpacks for hiking
Gossamer Gear

It’s safe to say your backpack should probably not look like a pair of cargo shorts; extra pockets add more weight, and they’ll probably just confuse you. Rooting through a million compartments just to find your car keys after a hike — when you’re already dreading going back to the trash piles of the city — is not fun, trust me.

Hiking is all about enjoying nature — being prepared can help you do that. It’s not one of those hobbies that force you to invest in bulky equipment that you have no place to store, especially in a tiny apartment. Though, if you need storage, MakeSpace can help.

This article was written by Gabby Bess, a writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

53 Insanely Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks And Solutions

Bedroom storage hacks and solutions are a dime a dozen. A quick Google search will reveal a sea of storage ideas. So how do you know which storage solutions to DIY or buy?

You don’t. But that’s ok because we’re here to help.

We sifted through tons of bedroom storage tips and products to bring you this huge list of 53 insanely clever bedroom storage hacks and solutions that you’ll actually want to DIY or buy — without having to break a sweat or the bank.

The result: a more spacious and organized bedroom/home office/closet/storage unit because let’s be real, we’re all tight on space.

So read on, and unleash your bedroom’s true storage potential. Plus, if Grayson Altenberg can maximize the space in his 100-square-foot micro-apartment, so can you.

1. Install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls.

bedroom storage shelves installed along the perimeter of a wall

The least-used space in your apartment is prime real estate for implementing creative bedroom storage ideas. And no space is more unused than the 12 inches of wall below your ceiling.

Put that space to work by installing shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls, which will add dozens of square feet of storage space.

2. Clip binder clips onto your desk and store cords in their arms.

Cord storage hack: clip binder clips onto a desk and store cords in the clips' loops.

They may look sleek and be small, but your iPhone and MacBook cables take up more space than you realize. In fact, when they’re tangled beside your bed, they’re just clutter.

Organize those cables using a few binder clips. It’s one of many storage hacks for small spaces that works well on its own or when paired with a DIY charging box.

What’s that? You also want to keep your iPhone charger and headphones untangled while you’re on the go?

No problem. Follow these four simple steps, store everything in an eyeglasses case, and be on your decluttered way.

3. Hang a clothes rack in the corner.

bedroom storage hack: install a clothes rack in an empty corner
Delphine Cosmetic Diary

The bad news: Your closet, if you have one, won’t grow on its own.

The good news: You can quickly make a closet.


Glad you asked. Hang a clothes rack in any empty corner.

4. Use crown molding as a shoe rack.

creative bedroom storage hack: mount a shoe rack into the wall
Martha Stewart

This simple bedroom storage hack will work best with heels, and look best if your footwear collection rivals Carrie Bradshaw’s. Because their sole supports itself against the wall, your shoes will stay put on their own.

The best part: Crown molding is unobtrusive since it blends in with the wall. Kind of like the Indominus rex from Jurassic World, except not deadly.

5. Opt for a headboard with storage.

white ikea brimnes headboard bedroom storage solution
Apartment Therapy

If your bedroom is more bed than room, look at it as a storage opportunity. You can adapt your bed to store many things, starting at the top.

Choose a headboard like the BRIMNES headboard from IKEA that gives you storage space for books, magazines, mementos, and spare light bulbs for your space-saving BULBING Lamp or LiliLite.

6. Hang your laundry hamper on the back of your bedroom door.

Dirty clothes storage hack: hang a laundry hamper on the back of your bedroom door

Your dirty clothes hamper doesn’t have to take up three square feet on the floor. In fact, it shouldn’t since you can buy a hanging hamper from Red Check Market’s Etsy shop.

Hang it on the back of your bedroom or closet door and relish all the floor space you just saved.

7. Use your radiator for shelf space.

white radiator cover shelves used for cheap storage space

Since we can’t live without them three to five months a year, we might as well use our radiators for storage.

DIY-ing a radiator shelf or buying a cover is a good idea for safety and aesthetics. And if you buy one with attached shelving, you’ll get some extra storage space out of it too.

8. Store your yoga mat on the wall.

purple namaste yoga mat storage solution hung on the back of a door
Kickstarter/Neal Margulis

Sure, yoga mats roll up nicely into a soft cylinder, but that’s still a cylinder you have to store somewhere.

You could build a little shelf for it. Or you could install a Namaste Yoga Mat Hanger behind your bedroom door.


9. Buy a bed frame with drawers.

wooden mashstudio lax series storage bed with drawers

Storage beds are one of the most obvious storage hacks for small bedrooms, but they’re also among the best. While every kind of space-saving bed will open up space in your bedroom, storage beds can give you as many drawers as a dresser.

Whether you use those drawers for storing clothes, files, or your movie collection is entirely up to you. And maybe also your significant other.

10. Build a staircase/bookcase.

diy staircase/bookcase/ladder by danny kuo
Danny Kuo

In real life, or on HBO, we’ve all seen those beautiful custom-built loft beds with bookshelf stairs. There’s just one catch: Because they’re feats of engineering, they can intimidate anyone who wants to replicate the design but has no idea where to start.

If you’re handy and want to build tall shelving you can walk up, consider a shelf unit like the one above. It’s simpler than a full bedroom project, and still gifts you with shelving up to the ceiling.

11. DIY a platform storage bed.

white stolmen storage bed ikea hack
Stil Inspiration

With a little creativity and a few extra screws, you can hack IKEA furniture into beautiful storage solutions. In fact, the platform bed above was made from just a few STOLMEN drawers.

As amazing as that platform bed is, though, that’s just the tip of the IKEA-bedroom-hack iceberg. For plenty more bedroom IKEA hacks, look no further than one of our favorite sites of all time: IKEA Hackers.

12. Stack old suitcases to make a vintage nightstand.


vintage suitcase table with storage
Where My Heart Resides

Stacks of old suitcases can add a nice stylistic flair to your bedroom plus convenient storage for the things you need but don’t use every day.

Your extra winter blanket, for example, can go in the bottom suitcase until the weather turns cold again and you need the blanket to beat cabin fever/build a fort.

Our favorite part: This storage trick doesn’t require any construction. Just stack and store, and you’re all set.

13. Hide your trash bin.

amish pine tilt-out trash bin cabinet with a storage drawer
Dutch Crafters

We all need to store our trash somewhere. The only problem is that any trash bin will eat at least a square foot of space. Until it doesn’t because you’re going to hide yours in a tilting cabinet.

Not only will it keep your waste out of sight, but it’ll also serve as a nightstand, filing area, or makeup counter.

14. Install a fold-down desk.

nicki wang writing on the domino loft system's whiteboard while donnie wang watches
Brian Flaherty

Here’s a paradox: You need a desk but don’t have room for a desk.

The solution? A fold-down desk like the one from the Domino Loft System that practically disappears when you fold it back up against the wall.

These desks come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some even have built-in storage for your office supplies. They’re a great storage solution for your bedroom, if and when you work from home. All you need is a chair, though the foot of your bed can do in a pinch.

15. Store your tank tops on shower curtain rings.

tank top storage hack: attach shower curtain rings to a hanger and hang it on top of a bedroom door

Your drawer and closet space is a precious commodity. If you have a lot of tank tops to store, save yourself the folding hassle by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Attach shower rings to a hanger.

Step 2: Hang the tank tops on the rings.

Step 3: Hang the entire storage solution on top of your bedroom doorframe

That’s it?

That’s it. You just cleared out a whole drawer, and you’re still ready to bring the guns out when the sun’s out.

16. Hang a cork wall for jewelry storage.

bedroom wall-mounted diy jewelry storage made from a cork board and an empty art frame
Bob Vila

You may not have used cork board since elementary school, but you should, especially if you need jewelry storage.

This simple, sustainable material will keep all of your necklaces from tangling — without taking up more space than a picture frame. On its own, cork board doesn’t look as elegant as some countertop solutions, but it can with a nice gilded frame.

17. Velcro your hard drive to a shelf.

twelve south backpack/hard drive storage shelf attached to the back of an imac stand
Apartment Therapy

Regardless of how small your hard drive is, it still takes up precious desk or shelf space by just sitting there. You can quickly store your hard drive in the air, though, with a little Velcro.

Beneath your desk or on the underside of a shelf, this easy DIY storage hack can be used for your hard drive or anything else you want out of sight, out of mind.

Want the hard drive shelf pictured above?

Pick up a BackPack from Twelve South, clip it to the back of your iMac stand, and keep your hard drive out of sight but definitely not out of mind.

18. Hang pegs on the back of your closet door for storing shoes.

diy shoe storage hack made from wall-mounted boards with pegs
The Project Addict

A shoe organizer does wonders for decluttering your home, but what if you prefer a more attractive storage option?

Build a pegboard shoe rack, attach it to the back of your closet door, or to the wall right above the floor, and hang your shoes on the pegs.

Required: a little elbow grease.

Not required: watching your shoes fall to the floor because a shoe peg board guarantees sturdiness.

19. Fold your bed sheets and store them under your mattress.

white bed sheets folded and stored under a mattress
One Good Thing by Jillee

Sometimes the simplest storage solutions are the easiest to overlook.

Rather than add messy piles to your closet shelves or drawers, clean and store your extra sheets under your mattress. If you fold them well and put them at the foot of your bed, you won’t feel a pea, much less a stack of sheets.

20. Add a few floating shelves.

franklin shelf corner shelves by tronk design
Tronk Design

Floating shelves are an awesome bedroom storage solution. They free up floor space and allow more natural light to flow through your home, which visually expands your space.

Some floating shelves are DIY, but you can also choose from a bunch of prefab wall shelves that just require a stud and screwdriver.

21. Give your pants their own rack.

bedroom closet storage solution: wooden pull-out pants rack
House Design Inspire

You shouldn’t have to waste half of your clothes rod on hanging pants. And you won’t, if you install a pants rack in your closet. These efficient storage systems keep the creases out while avoiding hangers.

That said, they’re usually custom-built. If you don’t have the carpentry skills and don’t want to hire a contractor, invest in a few pant rack hangers. The principle’s the same, though they’re a little more difficult to access while you’re dressing.

22. DIY a pegboard organizer and mount it to the wall.

diy pegboard organizer storing picture frames, watches, bracelets, a handbag, a scarf, and more
Better Homes and Gardens

A fixture of any workshop or tool shed, pegboards can be beautiful bedroom storage solutions too.

With a little paint and a few screws, you can hang pegboards anywhere to store just about anything. Since they’ve been around so long and used so much, you can find many baskets, rods, and hooks tailor-made for the system.

23. Suspend your bicycle from the ceiling.

ceiling bike rack in architect/bike activist david baker's living room
Languid Lovely

Bikes take up a lot of space, which you already know if your apartment building isn’t blessed with a basement bike room.

We’ve seen many gorgeous bike storage solutions that hang your bike from the wall, but don’t forget about the ceiling. Your unused airspace is begging to store your bicycle.

24. Build bookshelves from old dresser drawers.

white diy dresser drawer bookshelf by kate levinson and mike muschong from west town, chicago, illinois
Apartment Therapy

If the idea of DIY shelving terrifies you, consider this alternative book storage hack: Repurpose old dresser drawers into bookshelves.

You may have to hunt around on Craigslist or garage sales for free (or almost free) dressers. And if you do, you’ll have the skeletal framework of a hanging shelf. Arrange the drawers however you want, and voilà, instant and interesting book storage.

25. Add hooks to the back of your closet wall.

wall-mounted white coat hooks as a bedroom closet storage hack
Cents and Order

Behind your clothes rod stands a wall just itching to be used. But because it’s usually covered up with clothes, you can’t store items there that you need to access every day.

Surely, though, you have a few purses, messenger bags, or even coats that would fit on hooks behind the clothes rack. In fact, anything hangable can go back there, so install some hooks and have at it.

26. Maximize your drawer storage with drawer organizers.

wooden diy drawer organizer

You already know modular desk organizers are great for organizing any kitchen or junk drawer. But did you know they’re just as valuable in your bedroom?

Place one in any desk drawer, or in any dresser drawer that doesn’t hold stacks of clothes, and toss your comb, brush, hair ties, hair pins, and any other small item inside.

Prefer to build your own?

Here’s how to DIY a drawer organizer out of craft board.

27. Store your keys and cables in LEGOs.

diy keys and cable holder made from sugru and a lego plate, brick, and man

We love creative desk organization products, and this LEGO storage hack remains one of our favorites. With a little Sugru, these three LEGO pieces can store your phone charger and key ring right where you need them: in plain sight.

28. Hang your pants and jeans on S Hooks.

stainless steel s hooks used for jeans and pants storage in a bedroom closet

Like the tank top trick mentioned earlier, except for pants, hanging S hooks on a rod is an easy way to instantly increase your closet storage space. The simple metal hooks will store any number of pants and jeans, without the bulk of wooden hangers.

Use them in your closet or add a new rod anywhere in your bedroom. Just make sure it’s high enough to suspend the full length of your pants.

29. Buy a MANDAL headboard — and then a second one.

two ikea mandal headboards for extra bedroom storage
Apartment Therapy

IKEA’s MANDAL bed has always been a stunning piece of bedroom furniture with storage. And because it has drawers built into its frame plus a headboard with adjustable shelves, the MANDAL bed can easily replace your nightstand.

It’s even more effective if you buy two headboards like in the above photo. You’ll need to do a little engineering to keep the top headboard from tipping over. Once you accomplish that, you’ll double your headboard shelf space in no time.

30. Build a trundle bed with storage.

wooden diy trundle bed with storage
Humble Homes

You don’t see many trundle beds, except for maybe in your grandparents’ house. Still, their basic concept is valuable for saving space in a small bedroom. Visible to everyone is a sturdy twin bed, while hidden beneath it is a second mattress on wheels.

If you’d rather not build your own platform bed or install drawers, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Simply add wheels to an old dresser drawer and push it under your bed frame. Whenever you need to access your stuff, it’s only one tug away.

31. Create your own rolling library.

5-shelf storage rack with wheels from seville classics
Seville Classics

Storage racks with wheels are brilliant. Take the 5-Shelf UltraZinc Wire Shelving System from Seville Classics  for example. Thanks to its five sturdy shelves and wheels, you can use it as a portable storage unit.

Or buy a few, push them together, place your books on the shelves, and congrats — you now have a library that you can roll anywhere.

Want a smaller option?

These affordable and stylish bathroom carts from IKEA are exactly what you need.

32. Buy hanging fruit baskets and store socks, hats, and more in them.

 fox run craftsmen 3-piece hanging fruit basket from wayfair

Remember these guys?

Just because hanging fruit baskets are still around in a lot of kitchens doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your bedroom.

Hang one above your nightstand, or in your closet, and use it to store socks, hats, bandanas, beanie babies, or whatever else floats your boat. The hanging fruit basket doesn’t judge, or take up any floor space.

33. Store clothes and linens in canvas totes.

canvas storage bags make for cheap and convenient linen, clothes, and closet storage

Canvas totes are a storage staple in many boats for two main reasons:

  1. They can store as many items as plastic crates can.
  2. They’re malleable, which makes collapsing and storing them under your bed, on a shelf, or in the back of your closet super easy.

34. Deck out your wall with TRONES.

a wall of gray and black ikea trones is a stylish and cheap bedroom storage solution

No hacks or tinkering here, just one versatile shoe storage product. Pick up a TRONES cabinet (or four), mount them to your bedroom wall in your configuration of choice, and store up to six pairs of shoes inside each one.

Don’t limit yourself to only storing shoes, though. If an item can fit in a 20” x 7” x 15” space, it can fit in a TRONE. We’re looking at you, gloves, scarves, hats, and magazines.

35. Mount an invisible bookshelf to the wall

miron lior conceal book shelf from dan and dave
Dan and Dave

The simple, unobtrusive, and inexpensive Conceal Book Shelf is almost invisible, hence its name. Using two thin metal plates, the Conceal Book Shelf can levitate a stack of books wherever there’s a wall. So basically anywhere in your bedroom, and in your entire apartment.

36. Wall-mount your coat rack.

ikea bjarnum folding hooks used as bedroom wall coat hooks

Don’t bother with a coat rack that takes up a whole corner of your bedroom. Instead, hang your coats on the wall using hooks like BJÄRNUM folding hooks from IKEA.

These little storage solutions are cleaner, more space-efficient, and less at risk of toppling over onto your attractive face.

37. Install a shelf above your bedroom door.

white diy storage shelf above a bathroom door
The 2 Seasons

Here’s a space you definitely don’t use but definitely should: the space above your bedroom door.

DIY and install a storage shelf right above your door and use it for storing anything from towels to rain boots.

38. Use bead organizers for your makeup storage.

A bead organizer is an easy way to organize and store eyeshadow singles and MAC Paint Pot jars.
Makeup and Beauty Blog

We’ve seen a lot of makeup storage hacks in our days, and we keep coming back to this one for its simplicity: old bead organizers.


Because they’re a convenient and cheap storage solution that just so happens to be perfectly sized for storing MAC Paint Pot jars and eye shadow singles

39. Belt, tie, and scarf organizers

diy slide-out scarf, belt, and tie organizer in a bedroom closet
View Along The Way

They might have less fabric than any other piece of clothing, but the sheer length of belts, ties, and scarves can eat a lot of space.

Luckily, this slide-out DIY storage rack can store all three types of accessories in very little space. It’s especially perfect if you have a closet in which to build one.

40. Use bookshelves as a headboard.

master bedroom headboard bookcase in an apartment at east lake shore drive in chicago, illinois
Jessica Lagrange

While you don’t need a headboard, they’re a nice addition to any bedroom. They also can be whatever you want them to be, whether they’re wood pallets, artwork, or a bookshelf. If maximum storage space is your goal, we recommend the latter.

Opt for a platform bed and push it up against one or two shelves that you’ve already lined with books. This storage tip will kill two birds with one stone, and offers out-of- sight storage behind and below your mattress.

41. Add risers to your bed.

black adjustable bed risers with outlets and usb ports
Bed Bath & Beyond

Another easy and cheap bedroom storage trick is putting your bed on bed risers. These little pieces look like hooves and give your bed a boost.

Some, like the Studio 3B 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set pictured above, even act as electric outlets and a USB charging station for your phone, laptop, and tablet.

Although bed risers are frequently seen in dorm rooms, they also work wonders in any bedroom that needs more storage space (like yours).

42. DIY a full-length mirror jewelry cabinet.

wall-mounted diy mirror jewelry cabinet in a bedroom
The Girl On The Go

Medicine cabinets are the perfect storage solutions for your bathroom, and the same goes for your bedroom. And since you need a nice full-length mirror for your room anyway, you might as well hack one into a mirror jewelry cabinet while you’re at it.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Attach hooks to your wall of choice.

Step 2: Hang whatever you want, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and keys, on the hooks.

Step 3: Add hinges to a full-length mirror.

Step 4: Install the mirror on the wall so that when you close the mirror, it hides all your stuff.

43. Install tension rods in your bedroom nook and hang shoes on them.

tension rod shoe racks installed in a small bedroom nook
A Loyal Love

Tension rods are the simplest way to hang up curtains, and just about any other hangable lightweight item you can possibly imagine.

Use them to easily hang shoes, shirts, pants, holiday decorations, crafts, and more wherever you have two parallel walls.

44. Build a balancing bookshelf.

wall-mounted balance bookshelf by cush design studio on etsy
Etsy/Cush Design Studio

Sort of a mix of a floating shelf and a fruit basket, this nifty balancing bookshelf has an intriguing design with practical storage space.

You can buy the Balance Bookshelf pictured above, or build your own with some pipe, boards, and twine.

45. Sit on your storage.

dark brown ikea molger storage stool designed by richard clack

Everybody has to sit, so why not store your stuff while you’re doing it?

The MOLGER storage stool from IKEA boasts a clean design that can store a lot of things inside, including old vinyl records. Whether you place it up against the wall or in front of your fold-down desk, this is a bedroom storage solution you’ll constantly love using.

46. Hide keys behind your artwork.

hidden key holder picture frame mounted on an entryway wall
Planq Studio

Similar to the full-length cabinet mirror, this DIY bedroom storage hack can keep your keys, cash, and other daily essentials artistically hidden against the wall.

All you have to do is screw tiny hooks into the wall and add hinges to the picture frame of your favorite artwork or photograph.

47. Mount magazine racks to the wall.

wall-mounted mail rack ikea hack made from knuff magazine files

Mail piles up. Those old New Yorkers keep waiting to be read. And there’s that form you know you need to hold on to for just a little while longer.

Instead of letting these stacks of paper smother your desk or dresser, hack IKEA KNUFF magazine files and a wooden board into a storage rack. Next, mount the storage rack to a wall and enjoy never having to clutter any desk, dresser, or counter space ever again.

Pro Tip: Use an app like Scannable to scan and digitally save papers to your phone. Then, recycle the paper, and while you’re at it, browse our list of awesome apps and services that will spring clean your entire apartment.

48. Stack cabinets.

wooden diy cabinet wall storage by eightytwo, interior design professionals from singapore

Stacking is the easiest DIY trick in the book, and you can buy a lot of long cabinets that arrive ready to stack. All you need to keep a storage solution like the one above in place are a few screws and a screwdriver.

If you decide to use flat cabinets and only stack a few, screwing them into the wall is optional since they’re already sturdy.

Either way, stacking cabinets give you a lot of accessible storage in your bedroom, and they can fit in more places than most dressers.

49. Install an (almost) invisible nightstand.

cheap space-saving nighstand ikea hack: mount a ribba picture ledge to your bedroom wall
Coulda Woulda Pica

Picture ledges are inexpensive, easy to install, and they can hold a lot more items than picture frames. So mount a picture ledge, such as IKEA’s MOSSLANDA or KNOPPÄNG, to the wall beside your bed. You’ll have a nearly invisible nightstand that takes up next-to-no space.

There’s room to store your phone, eyeglasses, clip-on lamp, and not much else. But really, what else do you need?

50. Add a window seat to your bedroom.

Real Simple 3-Cube Split-Top Bench Storage Unit as a bedroom reading nook
Bed Bath & Beyond

For anyone who loves to read, pick up a storage bench like the 3-Cube Split Top Bench Storage Unit and park it in front of your bedroom window.

In addition to giving you a lovely place to perch, the bench includes three cubbies and two under-seat compartments. Which is plenty of room for stashing all the novels you’ll be reading while basking/tanning in sunlight.

51. Store your boots in a vertical shoe rack.

diy dowel shoe rack storing boots in an apartment
Apartment Therapy

Everybody loves a pair of good boots, but nobody loves a good pair of boots that are now wrinkled because they were stored improperly. Fortunately, a vertical shoe rack can store shoes of any size and keep them wrinkle-free.

DIY the vertical shoe rack pictured above, buy a 3-pair boot organizer from Overstock, or hang them on Boot Hangers — one of professional organizer Anna Bauer’s favorite products for keeping your apartment organized.

52. Install shelves and cover them with sliding mirrors.

bedroom closet sliding mirror door and storage shelves
Furnish Burnish

Don’t have a closet?

Here’s how to live without a closet.

Don’t have a closet but want one?

Take a page out of YO! Home’s book, install some shelves, and cover them with sliding doors:


You’ll lose some floor space, but you’ll gain a ton of storage space.

Pro Tip: Install the entire DIY closet directly opposite a window and attach mirrors to the doors. The mirrors will reflect and fill your bedroom with sunlight, trick your eyes into thinking you have an extra window, and make your room feel bigger.

53. MakeSpace.

parachute home ceo ariel kaye's makespace bedroom storage bin
Parachute Home CEO Ariel Kaye uses MakeSpace as her pop-up bedroom

All of these bedroom storage hacks are wonderful. But don’t feel like you have to cram everything into one tiny room, which would only be counter-productive.

Sometimes the best storage hack is having someone else do all the work for you. That’s where MakeSpace comes in.

We’ll pick up everything (including your furniture), store it in our secure and temperature-controlled storage facility, and create an online photo catalog so you always remember what you have in storage.

The best part: When you need something back, we’ll deliver it to you.

Ready to store your stuff in the fastest and easiest way possible?

Schedule a MakeSpace pickup, pack your stuff, and leave the rest to us.

Pick a city to learn more about MakeSpace in your area:

New York City
Washington, DC

And while you’re at it, make your place even more spacious by learning these incredible storage hacks for other rooms in your home:

This article was written by David Michael McFarlane, a writer from Texas and Oregon who lives in New York and loves smart design and organization.

Rejoice: Here Are 15 Breathtaking Floating Shelves That You Don’t Have to DIY

When it comes to home storage solutions, floating shelves are about as good as it gets for three reasons:

  1. Floating shelves take up zero square feet.
  2. They allow natural light to flow freely through your apartment.
  3. They’re absolutely gorgeous.

But there’s just one problem:

So many wall shelves are DIY, and you don’t always have the free time to build them.

Sometimes, you just need a quick fix.

Below are 15 breathtaking floating shelves that are already cut and stained. Which means the only thing you actually have to do is mount them to your wall.

1. Bamboo Three-Tier Floating Shelves by Lipper International

bamboo 3-tier corner shelf by lipper international
Hold N Storage

Price: $16.69

Here’s a great kitchen storage hack: not having to build one. And the three-tier floating shelf by Lipper International is a prime example.

Made from sleek and sustainable bamboo, this 10” x 10” x 9.5” shelf fits nicely into a corner to keep your dishware safe and handy at all times.

2. SKOGSTA Wall Shelf by IKEA

SKOGSTA wall shelf by IKEA

Price: $34.99

Hailing from SKOGSTA, one of IKEA’s newer lines, is one seriously beautiful natural wall shelf. Because its mounting is concealed, you can enjoy four feet of shelving that seems to emerge from your wall.

3. Cubist Wall Display floating shelf

cubist wall display floating shelf by umbra

Price: $40

If your home office is looking to hire a CTO (as in, Chief Tiny Organizer), the cubist wall display from Erika Kovesdi is the #1 candidate.

This wire floating shelf is simple, affordable, and minimal, and will free up your desk space while looking sharp. And for only 10 bucks more, there’s a larger option that has space to store a tiny plant:

4. Fungi Shelf from Gridy

a gridy fungi floating shelf from lumens storing a white decorative vase

Price: Starts at $54.95

These elegant little wall shelves blend into their surroundings like their natural inspiration:

Tree mushrooms.

Their slight curvature appeals to your eye, enhancing your decor while offering functional storage space that comes in small, medium, or large size.

For the full “fungus that grows horizontally on trees” effect, cluster and stagger five of these stunning shelves at various heights, like this:

gridy fungi floating shelves from lumens

5. Marble Wall-Mounted Shelves from CB2

marble wall-mounted shelf from cb2

Price: $59.95

CB2 carries a nice selection of affordable wall-mounted shelves and this marble piece is definitely one of their prettiest.

Cut from solid rock, the wall shelf’s clean stone and brass brackets will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, living room, or bathroom walls.

6. Rustic Pipe Floating Shelf

rustic pipe floating shelf by etsy shop mintagedesigns

Price: $79

Sure, there’s a bunch of pipe floating shelves floating around on Pinterest that you can DIY. If you have the time.

Since you sometimes don’t, you can DIY nothing and order this prefab rustic industrial pipe shelf on Etsy instead.

Numerous sellers offer industrial floating shelves, but the one you see above is one of our favorites. Available in weathered grey, dark walnut, or ebony, this  36″ x 7.5″ x 2” floating shelf easily stores three feet of books and comes with zero buyer’s remorse.

7. Coffee and Tea Shelf from (del) Hutson Designs

Reclaimed wood coffee and tea wall shelf from (del)Hutson Designs
(del)Hutson Designs

Price: $105

If coffee or tea is among your deepest pleasures in life, we found your storage soulmate.

Its name: Coffee and Tea Shelf.

Its parent’s name: (del) Hutson Designs.

Handmade with reclaimed wood from pallets, fences, and barns, this floating shelf offers appropriately earthy storage for your appropriately earthy morning ritual.

And in the event that ritual includes DIY-ing creative storage solutions in your spare time, check out our list of cheap and easy wood pallet projects that will revitalize your home.

8. Wall Bar with Fold Down Shelf by BSEID

Wall bar with fold down shelf by BSEID

Price: $110

By now you’re well aware that wall storage isn’t just for books, pottery, and keys. But did you know that wall storage can also function as a bar?

That’s right, this wall-mounted shelf/mini bar from BSEID offers storage space for your favorite spirits and a fold-down shelf where you can hone your speakeasy mixology skills.

Just install, stock, and release your raucous bacchus.

9. Laurel 3-Piece Wall Shelf by IMAX

laurel 3-piece wall shelf set by imax from allmodern

Price: $143.99

Does your apartment crave a little splash of French Farmhouse decor?

Quench its thirst with these circular wall shelves that, despite what its manufacturer’s name might lead you to believe, do not transform into IMAX theaters.

They do, however, come in a set of three wall shelves and range from 16.25″ to 21.25″ in diameter, making them perfect hallway or kitchen storage solutions. Which is wonderful, especially if you’re looking for smart ways to save a ton of space in your kitchen.

10. Bloomingville House Shelf

bloomingville house wall shelves from scandinavian design center
Scandinavian Design Center

Price: $150

For a more playful design, consider the House Shelf from Denmark-based Bloomingville.

Sporting clean lines typical of Scandinavian design, these five house-shaped floating shelves stretch out over three feet. They offer unique and practical storage for tiny, happiness-increasing plants, trinkets, and toys.

11. LiliLite floating shelf

LiliLite, a wall-mounted shelf, lamp, and bookmark

Price: $142

While you’re shopping across the pond, consider LiliLite, a floating shelf that’s beautiful and one of the best book storage hacks we’ve ever seen.

If you love reading but don’t have room for a nightstand, add a LiliLite above your bed. Its zig-zag body offers storage space for your books while its built-in lamp illuminates the pages of the book you’re currently reading before bed.


 12. Curio Shadow Boxes by Sierra Living Concepts

modern shadow boxes wall shelves by sierra living concepts
Sierra Living Concepts

Price: $199

This solid Indian Rosewood wall shelf is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of practical storage. Billed as curio shadow boxes, these cubicles could store anything from mementos and makeup (here are 11 more beautifully easy ways to store makeup), to small plants and books.

Not sure what books should stay in your home?

Here’s how to decide what books to keep or get rid of.

13. Floating Mid-Century Cabinet from West Elm

wall-mounted mid-century cabinet from west elm
West Elm

Price: $249

What’s a cabinet but a set of shelves with walls, a ceiling, and doors?

While this beautiful cabinet from West Elm floats like the best of floating shelves, it adds a distinct mid-century style that few other pieces can invoke.

With three feet of storage above and below, and hanging hardware included, this cabinet arrives ready to create space.

14. Franklin Shelf from Tronk Design

franklin shelf corner shelves by tronk design
Tronk Design

Cost: $400

Made with love in the US, this little floating shelf was nominated for a design award for good reason:

It helps you MakeSpace for storage in the least-used, but perfectly usable, section of a room — the corner.

Tronk doesn’t sell their products themselves, but you can find a lot of their retail partners, like YLiving, by contacting Tronk.

15. Up on the Wall shelves from Bent Hansen

customizable up the wall shelves from bent hansen
Bent Hansen

Price: Contact Bent Hansen

Made from compact laminate, these white or black floating shelves from Bent Hansen can be as simple or complex as you’d like.

Sold in single units, these long (about 30”) or short (about 23”) shelves are sleek and inconspicuous. Yep, even if you mount them to your wall in a geometric Snake-like pattern.


Top image via ArchVisuals and Design Milk.

This article was written by David Michael McFarlane, a writer from Texas and Oregon who lives in New York and loves smart design and organization.

8 Space-Saving Coffee Tables For Your Small Living Room

The coffee table has crept its way into the common living room by masquerading itself as a boring obligatory item and transforming into a vital piece of furniture that singles and couples — young and old alike — take pleasure in buying.

Of course, its main use should always be for admiring a piping hot cup of coffee from afar while lounging on your space-saving couch in your small living room. But how do you know what’s the best coffee table for your small space?

You don’t. So here are eight coffee tables that are not only stylish, but also space-saving enough that they won’t step foot on your couch’s territory:

1. NORNÄS Coffee Table

NORNAS coffee table from IKEA.

Price: $79.99
IKEA’s solid pine NORNÄS coffee table is the perfect coffee table for those of you who like to DIY 80% of the way.

What do we mean?

The box includes all the table’s pieces so while you don’t have to saw or sand any wood, you do have to assemble the table.

Also, the pieces come completely untreated, which means it’s basically a canvas that you can paint, stain, oil, cover in cup rings. Or leave as-is for a tastefully simple addition to your living room.

2. Cara Coffee Table

Cara Coffee Table from Joss & Main
Joss Main

Price: $217.95
Honestly, the Cara Coffee Table probably looks like something that people from the 19th century assumed coffee tables would look like in the future.

See the glass-paneled shelf in between the two storage compartments?

They put your mind at ease by providing a clear view of what you’ve stowed away so you never have another one of those “where are my keys?!” moments again.

Plus, at only 52 pounds, the Cara Coffee Table is a breeze to move.

3. Gallery Coffee Table

Gallery Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Price: $269
This sleek ash veneer Gallery Coffee Table wears a glass top that you can easily take off  to store books, magazines, records, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

The tapered metal wire legs add a modern look. A modern look that’s strong enough to support your tired legs. Your tired legs that are tired from running through your significant other’s mind all day.

4. Tiered Circles Coffee Table

Tiered Circles Coffee Table from West Elm
West Elm

Price: $299
The Tiered Circles Coffee Table from West Elm runs on the more unusual side, but we all know there’s nothing wrong with that. Its three multi-level tiers give you the power to free your your living room from clutter while making a strong, World’s Fair Observation Towers statement.

Plus, the additional space that you save thanks to the coffee table’s small frame begs you to experiment with the new space around your couch. *Cough* bar cart.

5. Pavo Side Table

Pavo Side Table from Anthropologie

Price: $398
What does this look like to you? If you said “a giant brass peacock,” then congratulations — you can still see clearly out of both your eyes.

While technically a side table, this thing is just too unique to pass up. Available in antiqued brass, copper, or silver with a simple glass top, passing on such a fun addition to your home would be a travesty. Because when else will you get to hear the question: Hey, is it cool if I put my coffee on your peac- nevermind.

6. Hokku Designs Breean Coffee Table

White Breean Coffee Table from Hokku Designs

Price: $398.99
Believe it or not, Hokku Designs’ sleek white Breean Coffee Table is only 72 pounds, yet it carries some extra weight with all the amount of style that comes along with it.

It’s functional in the sense that there’s plenty of additional storage space for whatever you desire to store on its top shelf or inside its side cubby. Just be sure to throw some coasters on top of the coffee table to avoid the dreaded plague of cup rings.

7. Antique Brass Storage Coffee Table

Storage Coffee Table from West Elm
West Elm

Price: $599
They call this Storage Coffee Table the “secret stasher” as its top lifts open like a drop top, creating a desk with a belly that stores your “secret” stash.

Not only can this wooden coffee table store big items like pillows, blankets, books, and toys, but it can also add class and elegance to your home with its beautiful walnut-stained color and brass-finished steel legs.

8. 8-bit Retro Gaming Table

8-bit Retro Gaming Table from Bohemian Workbench on Etsy

Price: $5,000

This wooden 8-bit Retro Gaming Table doesn’t just look like a giant NES controller, it is a giant NES controller. Need we say more?

Ok, we’ll say more. Don’t forget to remove the glass top before pressing up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Select, Start.

Top image via West Elm.

This article was written by Charles Adams, a Connecticut-born writer who currently resides in Brooklyn and has written for a multitude of men’s interests sites under a number of pseudonyms.

42 Bathroom Storage Hacks And Solutions That Will Make Getting Ready So Much Easier

Regardless of your bathroom’s size, you’d probably love to have an even bigger bathroom without paying for costly remodeling. Here to help you do that are these 42 brilliant bathroom storage hacks and solutions.

Try them out, and watch your bathroom transform into a spacious spa where everything is neatly organized and within arm’s reach.

If you’ve been hanging on to any old doorknobs, candlesticks, bottle caps, or tissue boxes, now’s the time to bust them out.

1. Build storage shelves into the space between studs

Built-in bathroom wall storage shelves are storing shampoo, conditioner, perfume, bar soap, a handheld mirror, and face towels.
Donna DuFresne Interior Design

Fun fact: The space between wall studs is 16 inches, on average. You’re free to do whatever you please with those extra inches, but the best thing you could do is build a small recessed cabinet for bonus bathroom storage.

Want more awesome built-in storage ideas?

Check out this roundup from Apartment Therapy.

2. Hang baskets on the wall

bathroom wall-mounted wire baskets storing toilet paper, toiletries, and towels
A Beautiful Mess

As A Beautiful Mess discovered through this DIY project, wire baskets don’t have to sit on your floors or in your closets. In fact, they can make pretty excellent floating shelves for toilet paper and towels.

You just need a few screws, drywall anchors, and washers to anchor them in place. Oh, and a drill would also probably help.

3. Or hang a “wall of baskets”

wall of a black baskets used for toiletry and towel storage
Simply DIY 2

“Wall of baskets” sounds like a project that could eat up your afternoon, but this Simply DIY 2 idea is actually quite easy.

First, hang two parallel towel bars. Next, cut some ribbon and thread it through your baskets, tying them to the secured bars.

Finally, take whatever bathroom supplies are crowding your cabinets and store them in your four new mini storage units.

4. Rope together a tower of buckets

hanging ikea fintorp utensil storing a hair straightener, beauty products, makeup brushes, and hair brushes

This bathroom storage hack comes from Glamour, so the buckets in question are actually some pretty pastel IKEA FINTORP utensil holders. Once you’ve acquired those, just knot an all-purpose clothesline on the sides so there’s about eight inches between each bucket.

Double-knot the clothesline when you get to the last bucket and cut off the excess portion. Then, hang the finished bathroom storage solution from a simple hook on your wall or door, and toss in your hair straightener, hairspray, makeup brushes, hair brushes, and other beauty supplies.

5. DIY a hair tool organizer

diy hair tool organizer storing a hair dryer, curling iron, curling wand, and hair straightener
Nellie Bellie

As you already know from our guide to decluttering your bathroom, file organizers and PVC pipes can make excellent hair straightener holsters.

Janel from Nellie Bellie has another great solution for excessive hair tools with her DIY hair tool organizer. It’s essentially a vertical wood plank with aluminum slots, but you also get to customize this one with brightly colored duct tape.


6. Invest in a wrap-around shelf for your pedestal sink

wooden weatherby bathroom pedestal sink storing bathroom cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and other toiletries

Pedestal sinks look super sophisticated, but they barely have enough space to stash a bar of soap. To help your sink live up to its full potential, pick up a curved organizer like this tiered rolling organizer from Bed, Bath & Beyond or this custom-cut cabinet from Improvements.

7. Or dress your pedestal sink in a skirt, and hide baskets behind it

skirted pedestal sink used for hidden storage in a bathroom
One Kings Lane/Megan Pflug

On the more DIY side, you could sew a skirt that matches your bathroom color scheme, attach it to your pedestal sink, and then stow a few storage bins underneath, where no one will ever see them.

8. Stick organizers to the inside of your medicine cabinet

stickonpods medicine cabinet organizers storing makeup products, eye pencils, nail polish, tooth brushes, q-tips, a nail clipper, and more
Plitt Original Design Systems

For about $11, you can snap up a 3-pack of StickOnPods, which are small adhesive organizers designed to store Q-tips, nail polish, and more.

Attach the StickOnPods to your medicine cabinet door, and watch your bathroom storage space instantly increase while keeping your cosmetics neat and organized.

9. Convert bottle caps into toothbrush holders

four bathroom wall-mounted diy toothbrush holders made from bottle caps
Ohoh Blog

Before you take out your recycling, save a 20L plastic bottle cap. Because once you’ve made a small notch in the cap with a boxcutter and slapped some velcro on its back, you have a new home for your toothbrush.

Hop over to Ohoh Blog for the full instructions.

10. Install an IKEA picture ledge above your sink

easy bathroom storage hack made from an ikea mosslanda picture ledge
Yasam Stil

As HouseBeautiful notes, a slender picture ledge from IKEA can hold more than framed photos. Add one right between your bathroom mirror and sink, and rest your favorite perfume or cologne, hand soap and lotion, scented candle, and hair products on top.

It appears that this bathroom storage hack’s creator, Yasam Stil, went with IKEA’s  MOSSLANDA, but feel free to shop the store’s entire picture ledge collection.

11. Install a divided box above your sink

wooden divided box mounted above a sink and storing various bathroom, grooming, and hygiene supplies
Itsy Bits and Pieces

If the picture ledge is too slim for your bathroom storage needs, take a cue from Itsy Bits and Pieces and spring for a more substantial slotted box.

12. Make a magnetic makeup storage board

magnetic makeup storage board
Allie Grace

Cosmetics can easily dominate your entire medicine cabinet. But thanks to these instructions from Allie Grace, you can easily dominate DIY-ing a magnetic makeup storage board with just an old picture frame, a metal sheet, fabric of your choice, and a few other common supplies that you probably already have at home.

13. Install a second shower rod in your shower

shower rod used to store shampoo, conditioner, a shaving razor, comb, back scrubber, sponge, and loofah
Pinterest/Good Housekeeping

Don’t have any ledge space for shampoo?

By installing another tension rod inside your shower and then adding hooks, you’ve suddenly got storage space for loofahs, caddies, and even shower caps.

14. Build a recessed shelf in your shower wall

recessed shower storage shelf storing body wash
Apartment Therapy

Provided you’re not afraid to get down with a circular saw, carving out a recessed shelf in your shower for storing soap and other toiletries is a very attainable goal. Here’s a handy visual guide from Apartment Therapy.

15. Suction cup shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner to your shower wall

diy shower storage hacks made from suction cups and hair ties are storing body wash, hair products, and gillette shaving cream
Dollar Store Crafts

Out of all the DIY bathroom hacks on this list, this one may be the cheapest and easiest. All you have to do is:

1. Lace hair ties through and around suction cups.

2. Stick the suction cups on your shower’s wall.

3. Slip your shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner through the hair ties.

Clearly, it’s called a “dollar store craft” for a reason.

16. DIY a razor holster and attach it to your shower caddy

diy razor holster made from pvc pips and zip ties strapped to a shower caddy
Pinterest/The Family Handyman

Don’t you just hate it when your razor slips off your shower caddy, lies on the floor, and endangers your feet?

Here’s how to give  your razor a designated and safe storage spot:

1. Cut a piece of 1-inch-diameter PVC pipe into a 3-inch long piece.

2. Cut two ⅛-inch wide notches into the pipe.

3. Strap the pipe to your shower caddy’s side by fastening plastic tie straps around the pipe’s notches.

17. Store bath toys in a hollowed-out step stool

green diy kids stool with built-in bath toy storage
Built by Kids

Parents, this one’s for you: Timothy and Laura Dahl of Built by Kids came up with an ingenious step stool that not only helps your toddlers reach the sink, but it also serves as a roosting place for their rubber duckies, ships, and more.

Follow these simple steps to build your own bathroom storage booster.

18. Store shower and beauty products on a cake stand

cake stand on top of a bathtub and storing loofahs, nivea in-shower body lotion, a scrubber, and soap

Has your cake stand been collecting dust because you only bake cakes a few times a year?

Repurpose it into a stylish storage stand for your shower accessories or the hair products you’ve got lying around your sink, just like Cosmopolitan did here.

19. Or DIY your own bathroom supply storage stand

diy bathroom supply storage stand built from a candlestick and two plates
My Unique Home

Don’t actually own a cake stand?

You can quickly DIY one using two plates and a candlestick.

20. Install multiple towel racks on the back of your bathroom door

martha stewart's towel bar trio mounted on the back of a bathroom door
Martha Stewart

Some people tap out after hanging one towel rack over their door, or sticking up two hooks. But what happens if you need to hang, say, at least five towels?

Be like Martha Stewart, who maximizes storage space on a bathroom door with a towel bar trio.

21. Upcycle an old drawer into a wall-mounted mini storage unit

an upcycled old drawer as a bathroom wall-mounted mini storage unit
Nesting Place

A drawer from a discarded dresser can be an ideal shelving unit for your bathroom. Clean it up and pretty soon, it could be looking like this Pinterest perfect example.

Free Bonus: 10 Things In Your Bathroom You’re Probably Forgetting To Clean (But Totally Should)

22. DIY a full-length mirror medicine cabinet

a wooden diy bathroom storage cabinet is storing listerine, rubbing alcohol, nail polish, clorox wipes, curling irons, aveeno lotion, and more
Shanty 2 Chic

If your medicine cabinet just isn’t working for you, no matter how many StickOnPods you use, consider upgrading to this tall (but slim!) mirror storage case from Shanty 2 Chic.

It gives you a full-length mirror (which will save you time getting ready in the morning since you don’t have to run back to your bedroom to check your entire outfit) plus a ton of storage shelves.

And with the right wood stain, it looks catalog-ready.

23. Store your body wash, face scrub, shampoo, conditioner, and more like shoes

a shower pocket organizer is hanging on a shower rod and storing a shaving razor, face scrub, dove body wash, and a comb, hair brush, loofah, and more
Camping World

Have a ton of bath products that, despite you already knowing how to organize everything in your apartment, can’t seem to find a home?

Solve that by hanging a plastic shoe organizer on the inside of your shower curtain.

If the traditional 24 pockets seems a bit much, you can find a smaller organizer with just six pockets from Camping World.

24. Make a space-saving towel rack out of rope

a space-saving bathroom towel rack made from three eye bolts and rope
On My Honor

Some towel racks take up too much real estate in your bathroom. But definitely not this one.

Using just three eye bolts and a rope, On My Honor created this space-saving towel rack that lays almost completely flat against the wall while giving your bathroom a nice rugged look.

25. Or use an old wine rack to store towels

a wine rack repurposed to store four white towels

You’ll have to roll your towels for this bathroom storage idea to work, but wine racks can be great homes for your washcloths, hand towels, and even full-size towels.

26. Or mount retro doorknobs to the wall and hang towels on them

four wall-mounted door knobs, one of which is hanging a white towel
Not Just A Housewife

Doorknobs are like hooks, but with way more character.

27. Or upcycle tin cans into towel storage cubbies

bathroom storage hack: six wall-mounted and decorated tin cans storing six towels
DIY Enthusiasts

If you really want to get crafty, this DIY Enthusiasts guide shows you how to transform old tin cans into a pretty floral towel rack.

28. OR repurpose wooden hangers into towel hooks

a creative bathroom storage hack is wall-mounted upside down hangers storing two body towels and two face towels
Ki Nassauer Style

This bathroom storage hack is so genius yet obvious that you’ll be mad Ki Nassauer beat you to the punch. For this towel rack, you’ll need two wooden hangers and two dowels.

First, anchor the dowels to the wall. Then, screw the hangers  — make sure they’re upside down — into the dowels and you’re all set.

You can now hang your big towels from the hangers’ inverted hooks and your hand towels from the hangers’ flat bases at the top. Genius? Genius.

29. Introduce your bathroom counter to a Lazy Susan

cosmetic organizing carousel by nifty home products

Provided you have enough counter space for it, a Lazy Susan is a great place to store the grooming products you use everyday. And since they’re all together on one revolving stand, you just got back the time you sometimes waste in the morning rifling through your cabinets.

For even more counter space-spacing power, pick up a Cosmetic Organizing Carousel from Nifty Home Products. It’s like a Lazy Susan on steroids but without the dangerous side effects.


30. Put an expandable organizer under your sink

expandable undersink organizer from container store
Container Store

Thanks to its sliding shelves, a two-tiered organizer like this one from the Container Store fits easily around your pipes, and it gives you an extra adjustable shelf to store your bathroom cleaning supplies and sponges.

31. DIY corner shelves and put them in, yep, a corner

small shutters turned into bathroom sink corner shelves
Pinterest/Refurbished Ideas

They may be small, but corner shelves can go a long way in a cramped bathroom. For added flair, think about repurposing old shutters. (Pinterest has some pointers on that.)

32. Craft a plush storage box from an old sweater and an old box

diy storage box created by outfitting an old diaper box in a sweater
Thrifty & Chic

Thrifty & Chic lives up to its name with this DIY storage box. It’s recycled from an empty diaper box, old sweater, and a bit of lace and rope.

33. Build enclosed shelves and install them behind your sink or vanity cabinet’s door

enclosed cabinet door storage shelves

This step-by-step guide from Remodelaholic shows you how to build enclosed shelves that screw into the inside of your sink cabinet or bathroom vanity cabinet.

34. Buy a strategically skinny bathroom floor cabinet

a slim white proman free-standing cabinet is next to a wall and storing various bathroom supplies

If you’re forced to shop for a slender cabinet due to size constraints, be smart about it.

Look for one with shelves that give you a deceptive amount of storage space, and maybe even a secret compartment on top.

Our top pick: the 22.75” x 6.25” free standing cabinet by Proman Products.

a white proman free-standing cabinet is storing a hair brush and a braun electric razor
free-standing cabinet's top hidden storage space is storing walgreens prescription bottles, a bandaid can, wrapped bandaids, and a tylenol box

35. Fit shelves over your porcelain throne

two wooden diy floating shelves installed above a toilet in a bathroom
Desert Domicile

Beautiful storage space is a terrible thing to waste, especially if it’s right above your commode.

Luckily, there are plenty of storage solutions out there, ranging from the No Tools Bathroom Space Saver and free-standing wooden cabinets to floating wooden shelves and pipe shelving that you can easily DIY or buy.

36. Wedge a small table over your TP holder

a small end table placed above a toilet paper roll is a cool bathroom storage hack
Southern Hospitality

While redecorating an outdated bathroom, Southern Hospitality discovered that the right end table can also slide over the top of your TP holder and provide extra counter space for a small happiness-increasing houseplant.

Not sure what houseplant is right for you?

Check out our guide for choosing the best houseplants and planters for your apartment.

37. Store your plastic bags in a tissue box

repurpose an old tissue box into a plastic bag storage solution

This is one the best bathroom organization hacks for anyone who saves plastic bags and uses them to line his/her trash can.

Rather than let the bags scatter and overtake the space under your sink, bunch them all up into a recycled tissue box. Doing so not only keeps them organized, but it also dispenses a new bag one at a time.

Bonus points for attaching it to the inside of your bathroom cabinet, like how Melissa George from Polished Habitat did with one of her kitchen cabinets:

a cabinet door-mounted tissue box is perfect for storing leftover plastic shopping bags
Polished Habitat

38. Store backup TP in a revamped oatmeal canister

a decorated oatmeal cannister used for toilet paper storage
Practically Functional

It’s probably safe to say that you don’t want the Quaker Oats guy staring at you while you’re in the bathroom.

However, with a few handy tips from Practically Functional, you can upcycle an old oatmeal canister into a colorful TP container that you can tuck into a corner or on top of your John’s tank for fast access.

39. Suspend extra rolls with a fabric holder

a three-toilet-paper-roll storage solution made from fabric
Make It & Love It

The first advantage to this fabric Make It & Love It TP roll holder? It hangs extra rolls that would otherwise claim cabinet or basket space against your bathroom wall.

The second advantage? It places those rolls right under the existing one for quick and easy switches.

40. Store magazines on a hanger

a hanger as a newspaper and magazine holder is one of many easy bathroom storage hacks
Better Homes and Gardens

If you’re into the “old school newspaper rack” style, layer your magazines and other preferred bathroom literature on a hanger and place it on the most convenient knob of your bathroom cabinet.

41. Store stuff in the sides of your tub

a white stowaway bath tub with built-in storage
Cool Things

A couple years ago, this revolutionary bathtub with opening panels set the Internet on fire.

Unfortunately, the so-called Stowaway isn’t for sale, but if you’re feeling incredibly ambitious, you can try adjusting your bath panels yourself. Maybe just consult your plumber or YO Home!’s designer first.

42. MakeSpace

Let’s be real: The best bathroom storage hack is having someone else do all the work for you.

So schedule a MakeSpace pickup, pack the stuff that you no longer want eating space in your home, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Seriously. We’ll pick up your stuff, store it in our secure storage facility, and create an online photo catalog of everything so you always know what you have in storage. And when you need something back, we’ll deliver it to you.

Select a city to learn more about MakeSpace in your area:


And while you’re at it, make your place even more spacious by learning these stellar storage hacks for every room in your home:

Top image via Flickr/GranitArchitects

9 Seriously Stylish Space-Saving Sofas And Couches That Will Actually Fit In Your Apartment

You already know about space-saving vinyl record storage, book storage, bike storage, shoe storage, billiards, and even storage beds. But what about the other essential piece of furniture that you plop onto after a long day at work — your couch?

Sure, any couch or sofa could technically fit in your apartment if you had the NY Couch Doctor disassemble it before carrying it through your door. However, nothing makes a small apartment look smaller like a ginormous piece of furniture that devours most of your living room.

The couch you purchase can make or break the comfort, aesthetics, and feng shui of your apartment. So rather than lugging your old sofa from your parents’ house (here’s the best way to move from a house to a tiny apartment), or trying to find a cheap futon on Craigslist, choose a piece that conforms to your space and your taste.

Measure your living room, plan out the living areas, and then invest in any one of these stylish space-saving sofas or couches that will actually fit in your apartment:

Traditional: The Lloyd Loveseat

A persimmon Lloyd Loveseat from Eurway is one of the best couches for small spaces.

Price: $1,349
Tiny apartments aren’t the most accommodating for a dinner and/or cocktail party, and so you probably don’t need a traditional three-seat sofa. If your couch is mainly for you and your S.O., you and your roommate, or you and your Hinge date,  a loveseat is your best bet.

Because it’s shorter narrower, and lighter than a traditional sofa, a loveseat is one of the best couches for small apartments. Especially if you live in a walk-up and don’t want to break your back trying to finagle a 350-pound sofa into your 5th-floor home.And though loveseats were originally made to pair with larger, traditional sofas, their condensed size makes them appear tailor-made for a studio.

The Lloyd Loveseat pictured above is made in the US and available in 18 colors, so you’re bound to find one that melds with your apartment style or palette. Additionally, the backrest is only 2 feet 8 inches tall, so it’ll obstruct less natural light and fit evenly with the base of your bed for example.

If the Lloyd Loveseat’s $1,349 price tag is a bit too hefty, fret not. There’s always IKEA, which makes loveseat versions of almost all of their sofas.

Sectional: The Hamilton from West Elm

A Hamilton upholstered chaise sectional from West Elm is one of the best sofas for small spaces.
West Elm

Price: $1,868
Okay say you do want to entertain at least four guests in your apartment, and you just so happen to have an empty corner. What should you do?

Easy. Put  a sectional in that corner. Thanks to its L-shape, not only will a sectional squeeze perfectly in that space, but it’ll also sit four people (or more if you’re cuddly) in the length usually required to sit three.

With a backrest height of 2 feet 7.5 inches, the Hamilton from West Elm sits low like the loveseat above while its narrow arms limit its length to 6 feet 11 inches.

Want the chaise to be on the right side instead of on the left as pictured above?

No problem. West Elm offers both options.

If you’re okay with shelling out $1,868 for a sectional, by all means purchase the Hamilton. If you’re not, head to IKEA and pick up a comfy, chic, and modular SÖDERHAMN sofa and chaise:

A modular Isefall natural SÖDERHAMN sofa and chaise from IKEA.

Or check out the $758 Soho Flat Flex sectional:

A white Soho Flat Flex Sectional from Sleek Modern Furniture.
Sleek Modern Furniture

Like the Hamilton, the Soho Flat Flex sectional comes in a left or right hand option with a chaise. Unlike the Hamilton, it’s also available as a sofa with a free-floating ottoman that won’t cost you one month’s rest.

Less conventional: The chaise lounge

If you don’t have the space in your living room for a full sectional, pick up a space-saving chaise lounge chair.
We Are Change Atlanta

If you don’t have the space or the need for a full sectional, consider its defining feature: the chaise lounge.

While technically not a sofa, these therapist couches accomplish the same basic functions. Plus, because they lack a full back cushion, they meld into smaller surroundings easier, and can adapt to your existing décor.

You can find a chaise lounge in any style, and from just about every era if antiques and period pieces are your bag. Want a Victorian flair in your apartment? There’s a chaise for that, though it might be called a “fainting couch.”

You can also buy a mid-century modern chaise, or one that is just modern.

Chaises can be inconspicuous, like the $639 Patterson from Armen Living:

A Patterson Chaise by Armen Living.

Or they can be coconut-esque conversation pieces like the $4,600 Ichiban Slide:

An Ichiban Slide chaise lounge from Inmod.

But let’s be real, who has that kind of spare change?

Check out these other stylish chaise lounges, which start in the low $200s.

Multi-functional: The Istikbal Kubo

A rainbow orange sectional with storage by Istikbal Kubo.

Price: $759
In case you didn’t already know, we love furniture that serves multiple purposes, and the rainbow orange Kubo is no exception.

Kubo comes from the Turkish furniture maker Istikbal, and while it’s a little wide (7 feet 6.5 inches) for a small apartment , it has tons of storage space hidden underneath its cushions where you can stash anything you want.

Of course, Kubo isn’t the only couch with storage out there. Home Reserve builds narrower loveseats with built-in storage, and Overstock carries some inexpensive options too.

If you really want a bright orange multi-purpose sofa, though, another option is the Doc sofa bunk bed. It transforms from, yep, a sofa into, yep, a bunk bed, in less than 30 seconds:

A closed Doc Sofa Bunk Bed.
A transforming Doc Sofa Bunk Bed.
An open Doc Sofa Bunk Bed.

This article was written by David Michael McFarlane, a writer from Texas and Oregon who lives in New York and loves smart design and organization.

8 Cheap And Easy Wood Pallet Projects That Will Revitalize Your Home In No Time

It’s easy to look at a pile of wood pallets on the curb and dismiss it as nothing more than trash. Many people do.

But you’re not many people. Where others see garbage, you see great DIY opportunity.

You loved the wooden pallet coffee table, wine storage rack, and shipping pallet swing so much that we decided to bring you some more.

From book storage and shoe storage, to a simple bike rack and art, here are eight cheap and easy wood pallet projects that will revitalize your home and class-up your life:

1. Wood Pallet Walkway

A wood pallet walkway is one of the cheapest and easiest DIY projects out there.
Funky Junk Interiors

A wood pallet walkway almost seems too obvious and requires very little work. This project involves a whole lot of dirt and an enormous vehicle to move said dirt, but building the walkway is actually dead simple.

Step 1: Pour the dirt on the ground.

Step 2: Remove the pallet’s boards and place them on top of the dirt.

Step 3: File this one under “I wish I thought of that one.”

2. Wood Pallet Couch Arm

A stylish couch arm made from oak, pine, Tasmanian oak, stained wood, and stained pine.

Whoever invented the couch must’ve had it out for the person who invented coffee.

How so?

Well, it’s difficult to balance a mug full of coffee on the arm of your couch without the threat of the mug falling and burning some very important parts of your body.

Unless of course, you build a couch arm like the one pictured above. It’s made from reclaimed wood and fastened via box joints and square cut outs for a minimalistic feel.

3. Wood Pallet Bookshelf

A reclaimed wood pallet bookshelf stores assorted children's books, backpacks, and a baseball hat.
Where The Smiles Have Been

This wood pallet project requires a little elbow grease, but we’re human and have an unlimited supply of the stuff.

After a bit of deconstruction, which involves sawing the wooden pallet, sanding it down, staining it, and attaching knobs, you’ll have a bookshelf that you can hang anywhere in your home.

It’s perfect for that rustic look. Or for anyone who eventually wants to live in a cabin in the middle of Maine.

4. Wood Pallet Bike Rack

Lean two wooden shipping pallets against each other and voila, you have a new cheap bike rack.

This is hands down the laziest, albeit totally brilliant, way to make something new with two old wooden pallets. Instructables member maudlin didn’t even do any actual building to create this bike rack.

All he did was literally lean one wooden pallet against another. Boom. Just like that, a bike rack was made.

Just make sure that the pallet with thinner boards is the upright pallet, as the narrower slots will firmly grip your bike’s wheels.

5. Wood Pallet Cat House

Cats have it too good these days, so we’re really doing them a favor by providing them with another piece of property they can assert their ownership over.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 wooden pallet
  • Plywood
  • Carpet
  • 5-gallon bucket,
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Sisal ropeDrill
  • Hammer
  • Jig saw
  • Sanders
  • Sandpaper
  • Planer
  • Staple gun
  • Sharp knife

Here’s what you don’t need:

Any guesswork because the video below explains how to easily make a house for your cute and cuddly kitty.


6. Wood Pallet American Flag Art

All you need is red, white, and blue paint to make this wood pallet American flag that doubles as art.
1001 Pallets/neokentin

Like the pallet bike rack, the wood pallet American flag requires no building, hammering, cutting, or screwing of any kind — just some paint.

Find a pallet that won’t overwhelm your apartment with its size — after some sanding and cleaning, you can paint anything you’d like. Then … well, that’s kind of it.

1001 Pallets suggests going for the patriotic vibe with an American flag, but there’s no pressure. Trying to paint 50 perfect stars that do our beautiful country justice is no easy feat.

7. Wood Pallet Shoe Rack

A shoe rack made from two used wood pallets is an easy way to store shoes, slippers, sandals, boots, and more.
1001 Pallets/Justdive

Brilliant, right? This wood pallet shoe rack gives you something to do while calming all the anxiety you feel when your brand new rug gets tracked with mud.

This project only requires two and a half wooden pallets. And it’ll even fit in that tiny space between your front door’s hinges and your wall. Which is really the place it should be to inspire the removal of shoes.

Is the above shoe rack a bit too big for your entryway?

Here’s a smaller option that has three levels for organizing nine pairs of shoes, slippers, and boots:

A small wood pallet shoe rack easily stores nine pairs of shoes, slippers, and boots.
Palletables UK

8. Wood Pallet Bathroom Cabinet

A DIY medicine cabinet with mirrors made from upcycled wood pallets stores assorted toiletries, makeup, and grooming, cleaning, and bathing supplies.
Pallet Projects

This wood pallet cabinet might not keep people from snooping through your things while they use your decluttered bathroom, but it’ll at least give them something to be impressed with in the event Instagram is down. Which happens never.

It almost looks like the door to a tiny barn. Except this barn sports a mirror and houses gels and cotton balls instead of goats and cows.

As for the magnificent industrial coffee table with storage space and hairpin legs that resemble SNAPs, hop over to Homedit for the full instructions.

This article was written by Charles Adams, a Connecticut-born writer who currently resides in Brooklyn and has written for a multitude of men’s interests sites under a number of pseudonyms.