The MakeSpace storage bin of Grayson Altenberg, a chef who lives in a 100 sq. ft. apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

How Grayson Altenberg Lives In A 100 Sq. Ft. Micro-Apartment Without Going Berserk

“This apartment is so small, you can't have three friends over at the same time,” “you can't gain weight once...
By Molli Carlson Jan 07, 2016

Decluttering: Minimalist Habits To Cultivate

Minimalism seems to be a global trend. A lot of us realize that we don’t need tons of stuff to...

By Oliver Clifton Apr 05, 2020

Decor That Works All Year

As the seasons change, your home may start to reflect the weather outside. And, your decor can transition seamlessly from...

By Kacey Bradley Mar 22, 2020

How to Work with a Floral Pattern

Florals—they're bright, dainty, beautiful—and notoriously difficult to work with. Floral patterns can be tough to incorporate into your home simply...

By Kacey Bradley Mar 16, 2020

How to Plan for Daylight Saving Time

On March 8, we'll spring forward and set our clocks an hour ahead. Most of us dread this shift because...

By Kacey Bradley Mar 07, 2020

How to Never Overpack Again

If you’re guilty  of “just in case” overpacking and find yourself bringing a third sun hat to a vacation, don’t...

By Sarah Anderson Mar 04, 2020

5 Decor Ideas To Beat Winter Blues

Winter is a time filled with a lot of joy–but at the same time, the short days and long nights...

By Kacey Bradley Feb 25, 2020

5 Steps to a Productive Snow Day

During the hot summer months, you occasionally wish for a cool breeze and even the first snow day of the...

By Kacey Bradley Feb 24, 2020

4 To Dos After You Move to a New State

Moving to a new state is something most people do to get a fresh start. In fact, over 35 million...

By Ashley Lipman Feb 21, 2020

4 Steps to the Best Entryway

Everyone wants their entryway to look good. That's why you mow the lawn when you'd rather sleep in on a...

By Kacey Bradley Feb 16, 2020

5 Global-Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Bringing global home decor and the spirit of different cultures into your home can be a challenging task but it...

By Donald Fomby Feb 12, 2020

5 Ways to Declutter When Moving

Moving to a new home is exciting. Although stressful, a new home brings a fresh start and the perfect opportunity...

By Kim Wan Feb 11, 2020

5 Health Benefits of Decluttering

As you know, the Japanese organization guru Marie Kondo blew the country away in 2019, thanks largely to the Netflix...

By Angela Grace Feb 03, 2020
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