content pug wrapped in white furry blanket

The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

Do you think that dogs aren't the best pets for apartment dwellers? Think again. You see, a lot of people...
By Guest Author May 14, 2018

Small Space Tips for Throwing a Successful Dinner Party

Dinner parties bring people together through one of the best ways — food. But if you live in a small...

By Kacey Bradley Sep 12, 2019

10 Amazing Hacks to Manage Your Small Apartment with Kids and Dog

You might remember the first day of moving into your apartment, excited about the new things to come and admiring...

By Jessica Howell Sep 09, 2019

6 Expensive Home Repairs You Can Avoid With a Little Maintenance

If you're a homeowner or even a homesteader, protecting the value of your investment proves critical. Failing to perform routine...

By Rob Truglia Sep 04, 2019

6 Eco-Friendly Ways to Cool Down Any Room in Your House

August is upon us, and much of the country still swelters. While they may name these the dog days of...

By Kacey Bradley Aug 26, 2019

Home Inspection Checklist to Become Your Own Inspector

Are you planning to buy a new home? Maybe you want to check out an apartment before signing the lease?...

By Kacey Bradley Jul 25, 2019

The Ultimate Pre-Vacation Home Checklist

Looking forward to that getaway? Our experts weighed in on getting ready to get out of town—without coming home to...

By Rob Truglia Jul 25, 2019

10 Delicate Tips for Packing Fragile Items When Moving

Moving is already stressful enough but packing and relocating fragile items can further elevate your nerves and put you on...

By Kacey Bradley Jul 10, 2019

10 Tricks for Making Your Small Space Guest Friendly

Preparing for guests can be a fun experience. It means looking at a room from a new perspective and creating...

By Kacey Bradley Jun 25, 2019

6 natural ways to create a healthier living space

By Catherine Lawson Feb 22, 2019
living room with vintage fragile wood furniture

How to Pack Fragile Furniture

On moving day, fragile furniture can add extra stress to an already difficult process. Unless you never grew out of...

By Skylar Korby Jun 20, 2018

The State of Stuff in America

Here’s a riddle for you: A household has accumulated more than 300,000 personal items. The home itself spans approximately 930...

By Skylar Korby Jun 20, 2018
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