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Brooklyn’s Finest MakeSpace User: Wesley Verhoeve

Brooklyn’s Finest MakeSpace User: Wesley Verhoeve Expand options

Brooklyn-based MakeSpace user Wesley Verhoeve balls so hard he used Jay Z lyrics as covert captions for 50 instagram posts. We’re feelin it beyond a reasonable doubt, and so we’re highlighting our 10 favorite things about him in true Wesley style.

1. He’s the proud owner of a full, lustrous beard. Thankfully, he shows those with a million and one questions the blueprint for how to grow and maintain one here.

2. He has 99 problems, but breakfast ain’t one. Homemade served in a cast-iron pan? We gotta have it.

3. His clique includes serial entrepreneur Tina Roth Eisenberg, AKA “Swissmiss.”

4.  We’re crazy in love with the super-talented creatives he highlights on his side project One of Many.

5. He knows dressing like a gentleman is more than just donning a suit and tie so he started GNTLMN, a handmade, limited-edition men’s accessories and home goods company.

6. Just like a diamond is forever, so is Wesley’s empire state of mind. After stints at Sony and Universal, he founded Family Records.

7. Rumor has it, he’s big pimpin with MailChimp.

8. He’s the best of both worlds: a businessman and a volunteer at Creative Mornings.

9. 20 million people around the world send large files for free thanks to WeTransfer. Part of Wesley’s paper chase includes being the service’s art curator. Can’t knock the hustle.

10. If we do say so ourselves, Wesley Verhoeve’s MakeSpace bin is dope, man:

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