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28 Insider Apps And Services That Will Make Moving To NYC So Much Easier
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The Top 28 Apps + Services To Make Moving To NYC So Much Easier

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The Top 28 Apps + Services To Make Moving To NYC So Much Easier Expand options

Moving to New York requires a certain amount of grit, determination, and willingness to hustle.

It also really, really helps if you know what the heck you’re doing.

Enter these 28 apps and services. From insider recs on coziest coffeeshops, to allergy prescriptions shipped to your door, consider them your personal entourage. They’ll keep you fed, fresh, and looking fly.

Most importantly, they’ll keep the hustle going right in your back pocket.

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Eating and drinking
Saving those New York minutes
Exploring the city
Navigating like a local
Managing your money
Making your new apartment a home

Eating and drinking

1. Skip the grocery store with FoodKick

a screenshot of the food-delivery app, FoodKick

NYC winter advice: Avoid grocery stores right before a blizzard is about to hit. Instead, use a food delivery app like FoodKick.

This young, hip incarnation of FreshDirect makes a point of highlighting local and in-season fare. Their recommendations make meal planning easy — whether you’re facing a veritable Snowmageddon, or just too wiped to go anywhere but your option-less bodega.

Available for iOS and Android

2. Find your new favorite pour with Cups

two delicious looking coffee drinks next to the app, Cups

In the city that never sleeps, you’re gonna need a lot of caffeine.

Enter Cups, an app that allows you to discover and save $$$ in your local coffee shops. Users pay a small monthly fee, and get 15% off when patronizing participating spots.

Available for iOS and Android

3. Put the “feed” in Fido with Ollie

In NYC, practically everyone’s famous — including the dogs. Pamper your pooch like the prince he is with a subscription to Ollie.

You enter your dog’s details, your address, and boom: Customized, healthy Fido fare delivered straight to your door.

Post that brunch on the ‘gram, and watch the likes start pouring in.

4. Give yourself a Michelin star with Plated

a typical offering on the Plated app is a salmon-based dish

There are upwards of 24,000 restaurants in NYC. 24,001 if you include your kitchenette and customized boxes from Plated.

According to Time, Plated is the best meal kit currently available on the market. It’s the perfect recipe for a nice, home-cooked meal. Minimal schlepping, maximal results.

Available for iOS and Android

5. Enjoy world-class dining from your sofa with Seamless

you have the ability to track your order when using Seamless

Some days, you’re feeling creative enough to whip up a dinner masterpiece entirely from scratch.

Other days, you feel like watching others do that — preferably on The Cooking Channel, while you’re curled up on the couch with some piping hot paneer. For those lazy latter days, you’re gonna want Seamless on speed dial.

Available for iOS and Android

Saving those New York minutes

6. Never miss another party with Doodle:

a typical poll on the Doodle app asking participants when is the best date for a yoga retreat

One of the pitfalls of busy city life is that it’s so, well, busy. Free time is often an exhilarating cram of museum hopping, live shows, and restaurant pop-ups.

So when it comes to activities that entail group socializing, it’s often up to fate, right?


Meet Doodle, the answer to your “So… when’s a good time for everybody?” prayers. Gone are the back-and-forth days of group texts, here to stay are Doodle polls with multiple options for dates, locations, and even calendar integration. 

Available for iOS and Android

7. Embrace your home manager with Alfred

a list of chores your Alfred can complete for you

For the 1%, there’s a live-in butler. For the 99%, and Batman, there’s Alfred.

Up to twice a week, a carefully-vetted Alfred will swing by your Batcave to complete your chores and errands while you save Gotham.

Alfred will sort your mail, tidy up your apartment, do your grocery shopping, stock your fridge, and pick up and drop off your dry cleaning, laundry, and pharmacy items. Welcome to your home, but better.

Available for iOS

8. Get discounted tickets to the hottest shows with TodayTix

typical shows you can see through todaytix include Sleep no more and spongebob squarepants

New Yorkers tend to avoid Times Square like it’s a tourist-ridden plague.

Instead, they use TodayTix, which sells last-minute tickets (plus, tickets for select shows up to several months in advance) with minimal fuss.

No more waiting in line while being elbowed by cartoon characters in costumes or selfie-stick wielding tourists. Enroll in TodayTix’s daily mobile Lottery to snag reduced-priced seats, or test out their first-ever mobile Rush ticket program.

The best part? Tickets are generally cheaper than other, widely-advertised prices. So you can see amazing shows and make rent this month.

Available for iOS and Android

9. Forgo the pharmacy in favor of Capsule

a lineup of different features available from the Capsule app

No matter how busy and important you may be, it’s never cool to cut in line.

Skipping the line altogether, however, is a very different story.

That’s why Capsule — a smart and friendly pharmacy that will deliver your meds directly to you, and take care of your refills —  launched in all five boroughs.

Signing up is simple: Your doc e-prescribes to Capsule, or you transfer your refills using an online form. Then boom: Your prescription is delivered to you within a two-hour window.

Available for iOS and Android

10. Check off all the chores with TaskRabbit

the homepage for taskrabbit

With great moves come great headaches. Not least of which comes in the shape of assembling furniture.

You know, the furniture that’s still sleeping soundly in an unopened box. In the middle of your new living room. On wine-stained carpet.

A Tasker can take care of that for you. Fully vetted by TaskRabbit and reviewed by other customers, Taskers obliterate your to-do list by taking care of pretty much anything you can imagine.

Things like cleaning your carpet, helping you move into a new place, mounting floating shelves and TVs, getting groceries, cooking those groceries, delivering potted plants to liven up your abode, performing puppet shows, packing your MakeSpace bins, and organizing your closet on a Saturday morning.

So you can partake in every New Yorker’s favorite weekend activity instead: Brunch.

Available for iOS and Android

11. Lighten your laundry load with NextCleaners

a man rides a bike and hauls laundry in the streets of manhattan

They say you’ve got it made in New York when you have a washer and dryer in unit. Until then, there’s on-demand laundry.

Sure, you could spend your Saturday afternoon separating colors from white in your local laundromat.

But why waste your precious spare time when NextCleaners will pick up your dirty laundry, clean it with the gentlest solution on the market, and return it practically brand new right back to you?

Available for iOS and Android

12. Leave the leash in Swifto‘s hands

a screenshot of the information you can access via Swifto

Your pup is family. Swifto knows that, and will treat him accordingly.

The NYC-local startup puts you in direct contact with a vetted walker. You get real-time updates, can track the walk via the app, and get a post-walk pup pic every single time.

Their average ruff-view? Two paws up!

Available for iOS and Android

Exploring the city

13. Find out what’s happening now with Time Out NY

a screenshot of typical event ideas from time out, like ice skating and speed dating
Time Out New York

Whatever you’re in the mood for, TONY has an expert rec for where to do it.

Feel like catching a flick? They have all the latest releases, with reviews and nearby showtimes. Or maybe you want to get artsy with an exhibit. They have details, dates, and the down-low on which galleries are currently popping.

Or if you’re not sure what exactly you want to do, they have a whole list of suggestions under their “Things to Do” tab. Recent picks include cooking classes, speakeasy burlesque, and a thought-provoking lecture from a NYC-based family therapist.

Available for iOS and Android

14. Discover the hippest haunts via Cool Cousin

typical offerings on Cool Cousin include comedy shows and fun bars
Cool Cousin

There’s Yelp, and then there’s Cool Cousin.

Both offer honest reviews of what’s happening in your immediate surroundings. But only CC curates from a collection of in-the-know locals.

Whether you’re looking for a cute cafe to get your freelancing on or need to pick up some babka for your trip home, CC knows where it’s at.

And who knows? Maybe after you’ve officially made it as a New Yorker, you’ll be able to contribute as a Cool Cousin yourself.

Available for iOS

15. Navigate the city’s #1 destination with the Central Park App

a map of central park with tons of interactive features and landmarks
Central Park App

Central park is yuuuuge! And while there’s definitely something magical about stumbling upon the perfect picnic spot (and seemingly the only private nook in the entire city), it’s also great to know where you are at any given time.

Enter the Central Park app.

It has an audio guide, upcoming tours, and a tracking map with tidbits for each immediate landmark.

But its biggest selling point just may be the “Photo Ops” tab: A comprehensive list of all the best spots to take the perfect “I’m living in New York!” selfie.

Available for iOS  

Navigating like a local

16. Keep tabs on the train via Transit App

example of tracking the metro system via Transit app

With a new home comes a new commute. And when that new home is NYC, your daily ride is often accompanied by the frantic realization that you’ve literally just missed the train.

Transit, a sleek and functional transportation app that operates in over 135 cities worldwide, aims to eliminate those morning mishaps.

Its “Go” feature nudges you when it’s time to leave, and tracks your motions to make sure you’re literally up to speed. The app also piloted a crowdsourcing feature (currently operating in New York City’s MTA), which provides real-time information for other commuters down the line.

The best way to befriend your brand-new neighbors? Make their own commutes a lot easier.

Available for iOS and Android

17. Get subway updates in real time from Underway NYC

different metro lines on display via the underway app

Let’s face it: Google Maps can only get you so far.

For those times you’re stuck underground or want an alternative route, there’s Underway. Made specifically with busy New Yorkers in mind, it’s an all-in-one commute compendium.

When you tap the “Locate Me” button, a quick-view popover reveals the multiple stations closest to your location. There’s also real-time updates of allll the current situations affecting the NYC subway, so you can strategize accordingly.

Commuting in NYC isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Available for iOS  

18. Commute like a pro with the CitiBike App

the citibike app shows which docks have availability

When you’re stuck between a rock (train delays) and a hard place (price surging), it’s time to hop on the next best thing: CitiBike.

Get where you need to go, quickly, with the smart tech behind the city’s biggest two-wheeled convenience. You can purchase a day pass, find docks with availability, and even book your bike directly through the app.

Available for iOS and Android

19. Enjoy your shared chauffeur with Via

a via van arrives for its rider

Like a “luxury version of the bus,” Via is a communal commuting experience. The app connects multiple passengers who are headed the same way so they can share a ride in one of Via’s sleek vehicles.

Via’s mission is to re-engineer public transit, from a “regulated system of rigid routes and schedules to a fully dynamic, on-demand network.”  And it sure beats a packed L train during 6 o’clock rush hour.

Available for iOS and Android

Managing your money

20. Save money without even noticing via Digit

a text message exchange between a Digit user and the app

If “I have no idea where my money is going!” is practically your motto, then Digit is your wallet’s new lifesaver. The smart app connects to your account to analyze your spending habits — then moves money from your checking account to your Digit account.

The savings go into your Digit account, and you can withdraw whenever you need to. Like, y’know, to pay the broker’s fee on your dream NYC apartment.

Available for iOS and Android

21. Track your finances with Dollarbird

a summary of one user's expenses and income

Another service that’s totally revolutionizing the money-saving game?

Dollarbird, which turns the traditional finance format of spreadsheets on its head. Instead, you enter and categorize your income and purchases by date. So when rent-time rolls around, you won’t be totally in the dark about how much moolah you have left.

Available for iOS and Android

22. Escape when you need to with Hopper

NYC is amazing. It’s magical. It just might be the best city in the world.

But sometimes, all that greatness can get… overwhelming.

For those times, you have your secret out: Hopper.

The app tracks billions of flights at once to land you the best airfare for that last-minute, there’s-too-much-snow!, “emergency” trip to Miami.

Available for iOS and Android

Making your new apartment a home

23. Find your dream apartment through StreetEasy

typical apartment search via ipad

The road to leases is paved with questionable brokers and wild goose commutes. StreetEasy lives up to its name — by making moving much, well, easier.

Peruse and filter pads by desired amenities, target price range, and neighborhood. If you and your rescue pooch are looking into park-side accommodation, you can turn on alerts and get notified of relevant listing updates, in real time.

Available for iOS and Android

24. Never miss an IOU again, thanks to SplitWise

an IOU on display from Splitwise

All’s fair in love and war — but when it comes to splitting utilities, it’s safest to divide right down the middle.

Thank your lucky stars for SplitWise, which takes the awkwardness out of reminding your roommate he kindly owes you $18.73 for the wifi, please and thank you.

The app is designed to share bills and IOUs between housemates and friends. They send follow up email reminders, and also provide access to a running, visible tab.

Available for iOS and Android

25. Qualify for rentals with ease from TheGuarantors

homepage for the website TheGuarantors

After you’ve landed that dream apartment, there’s just one tiny snag: You have to make 40x the monthly rent. Plus, you need an immaculate credit score. Otherwise, you need a fairy godmother of a guarantor.

Meet TheGuarantors. If you earn 27 times the rent, they’ll insure you for your place. So whether you have savings overseas, are self-employed, or don’t quite make the credit cut, you can still qualify for the pad of your dreams.

26.  Sell or buy furniture in great shape from AptDeco

aptdeco's website on a black iphone

So you’ve decided the couch your apartment’s previous tenant left behind really doesn’t spark joy. But then again, neither would hauling it down three flights of stairs for a sketchy Craigslist buyer.

Enter AptDeco.

For a minor percentage of the final selling price (which they’ll even help calculate!), they’ll pick up that extra coffee table for you, un-assemble it if necessary, and then deliver it to the buyer. The only finger you’ll lift is when you give the movers a big thumbs up.

27. Make your room smile with plants from The Sill

six mini succulents lined up in a row
The Sill

Do you love pretty plants? Do you love convenience? And do you love being happy?

Then you’ll love The Sill, a direct-to-door plant delivery service whose motto is “plants make people happy.” The NY-founded shop specializes in plants of all shapes and sizes, with plenty of low-light, small-apartment-thriving varieties.

Although they ship nationwide, us New Yorkers are lucky enough to have not one but two Sill storefronts to visit. They offer a constant rotation of plant workshops, so you can get your green thumb on — and blossom in any square footage.

28. Make your life easier with MakeSpace

MakeSpace movers lifting a couch on the stairs

A little extra help for moving to New York is always welcome, and these apps and services go a long way.

Of course, MakeSpace has your back, too. Whether you want to store your bulky suitcase, summer bike, or the out-of-season clothes you don’t need right now, schedule a MakeSpace pickup (your first pickup is free!) and leave the rest to us.

We’ll grab everything from your home and transport it to our secure, temperature-controlled storage facility.

And when you take your next trip and need your suitcase or warm-weather goods, just browse your convenient online photo catalog of your stuff, click the item’s photo, and we’ll deliver it back to you.

Available for iOS

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