How to Swap Summer Decor for Fall 

The lovely months of Autumn are ahead of us and bring lots to look forward to—including fantastic fall decor. But, working...
By Sam Radbil Sep 25, 2020

4 Apps That Make Storage and Moving Less Stressful

Moving to a new apartment, house, city or state can be exciting. But for all its excitement, it comes with...

By Nancy Salgado Sep 17, 2020

A Guide To Downsizing For Retirement

Now that the lockdown restrictions are slowly beginning to lift, you may find yourself looking for ways to make changes...

By Nancy Salgado Jul 17, 2020

Our Top 8 Shoe Storage Ideas 

Our top shoe storage ideas are here to help. If you’re storing shoes over the door, under the bed, in...

By Nancy Salgado May 19, 2020

How to Reclaim Physical and Mental Space 

Our worlds have drastically changed in the past couple of weeks. And even if we’re maintaining social distance from one...

By Nancy Salgado Mar 27, 2020

How to Conquer the Spring To-Do List

Winter is almost behind us (finally). With that, we’re in prime cleaning seasons a.k.a spring. If you have big plans...

By Nancy Salgado Mar 14, 2020

Meet the MakeSpace Seasonal Closet

If you’re low on closet space, you’re not alone! 60% of Americans say they regret throwing things because of space...

By Nancy Salgado Mar 11, 2020
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