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Apartment-Friendly Crafts For Kids Who Are Social Distancing

Apartment-Friendly Crafts For Kids Who Are Social Distancing Expand options

Fall is on it’s way! That means it’s time to start decorating for the wonderful season of colorful leaves, pumpkin spice and cool, crisp mornings. If you live in an apartment, you know that you have limited space to decorate. However, there are plenty of great ways to add fall decor, and your kids can help. Below are some fun apartment-friendly crafts for kids who are social distancing this fall.

Acorn Necklaces
Acorn necklaces are an affordable and relatively easy craft for your kids. They can proudly wear them around your home as a new fall accessory, and they can make plenty for you, too.

All you need are some acorns, which are free during the fall, acrylic paint, glue, jump ring and a chain or some string. Your child can clean and dry the acorn, then pop off the acorn cap and clean it, too. Then, they will glue the cap back onto the acorn, and glue a jump ring to the cap. From there, your child can paint it any color. Allow it to dry and add the chain or string!

Fall Suncatcher
Making fall suncatchers are simple crafts that your kids can do. Plus, you’ll want to keep these on display all fall! You’ll need scissors, washi tape, colored cardstock, clear contact paper and pre-cut colored cellophane.

Cut out some leaf shapes or any other shape resembling fall from the cardstock. Then, place the shapes onto the contact paper, which can be held down with the washi tape. Your child can then add in the cellophane pieces to fill the shape. Seal the shape with another piece of contact paper, cut out the suncatcher and attach to your window so the light shines through.

Painted or Carved Pumpkins
A classic fall decoration is a painted or carved pumpkin. Your kids will love crafting their own faces and designs on a pumpkin, and you can display them outside of your apartment.

When choosing a pumpkin, the larger it is, the more surface your kids can work with. Have your child come up with a plan before execution to get an even better result. After you carve it, you can roast the pumpkin seeds for a snack!

Pinecone Bird Feeder
Pinecone bird feeders are easy and inexpensive, and any kid can make them. Take your child to a park or nearby forest, ensuring to follow social distancing and masking guidelines. Have them choose a few pinecones — the larger they are, the more food they can hold for the birds.

Remove debris from the pinecone, and tie string on it so you can hang it outside your apartment window. Use a butter knife to spread some peanut butter on the pinecone. Then, roll it in some birdseed and hang it up. Your child will love watching the birds come and go, and it will keep them occupied while social distancing.

Paper Strip Apple
Fall is the season for everything apple, so have your kids create these adorable paper strip apples! Gather red, yellow, light green and dark green paper, a single hole punch, scissors and brass fasteners. Your child can either use an online template or freehand the pieces.

With the red, light green and yellow paper, cut out six equal sized strips. Also, cut some leaves with the dark green paper. Then, punch a hole into both ends of the strips and one hole in the leaf. Stack the six strips of one color, add a leaf to one side and push the brass fastener through each end, then secure them. Bend the strips and fan them out to create an apple shape!

Getting Crafty for Fall
Your children will love all of these crafts, and it will keep them busy during social distancing.

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