Fashion entrepreneur and Donni Charm founder Alyssa Wasko uses MakeSpace for shoe, clothes, boot, hat, coat, scarf, and sock NYC storage.
An Inspiring Fashion Entrepreneur And Her Charming MakeSpace Bin Expand options

While some of us ran our parents’ toy bill up at age five, she ran a fancy lemonade stand. By age 12, she was selling handbags and jewelry to her mom’s friends. As she grew, so did her entrepreneurial spirit.

While attending the University of Arizona, she took a heavy course load, made Dean’s List, interned at Chanel, and founded what’s now an international fashion line whose fans include stars such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Olivia Wilde.

Who is she? She is Alyssa Wasko. And we’re honored to be her infinite closet in the cloud.

Alyssa Wasko, Donni Charm founder and happy MakeSpace NYC storage customer, is sitting in a chair and smiling

If you haven’t heard of Alyssa’s business, Donni Charm, you’re in for an inspiring story. Donni Charm isn’t just a fashion line that sells delightful scarves, lounge-wear, hair accessories, and jewelry. It’s the embodiment of Alyssa’s relentless drive, passion for fashion, desire to help the community (portions of every Donni Charm sale goes toward charities), and eternal love for her family and late father, Donald, after which her company is named.

Every Donni Charm scarf is also embellished with a good luck charm, in memory of Donald’s nickname for Alyssa. And the brand’s logo, which is a wing, symbolizes an angel watching over you at all times.

Alyssa Wasko also uses MakeSpace to store her unique scarves and good luck charms

Alyssa could have picked a traditional self-storage unit in Manhattan to store her unique scarves, warm sweaters, cozy socks, tiger coat, assorted boots, knitted hats, and accessories. But considering the hectic schedule that comes with leading a company, wasting time by dragging heavy boxes filled with precious items to and from a self-storage facility wasn’t an option for her. That’s why she chose MakeSpace to take the “self” out of “self-storage.” We pick up, store, catalog, and deliver her stuff with extra care.

When Alyssa wants to store more items, or when she needs her winter clothes back from summer camp at MakeSpace (not that we want this gorgeous weather to disappear any time soon), all she has to do is schedule a MakeSpace delivery. After which we’ll take care of the rest. While she takes care of her business.

Alyssa Wasko is standing in front of a stoop and wearing a black hat, sunglasses, leather jacket, bag, shoes, and Donni Charm scarf

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