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8 Tips For First Time Homebuyers 

8 Tips For First Time Homebuyers  Expand options

While buying your new home, you will need to put in time and energy. Improper planning and hasty buying will only end up costing you more in the long run. Find some quick tips for first time homebuyers here.

1. Hire a great real estate agent

Buying and selling a house is much easier with a trustworthy and reputable realtor. A reputable realtor’s knowledge and expertise are sure to help you get the best deal in selling your old house and buying the new one. This is one of the most important tips for first time homebuyers. 

2. Don’t make a hasty decision

Many resources like Homes for sale Conway SC or similar websites will help you filter out location, amenities, and cost to find a home that is perfect for you.

But do not love the first house you find. Learn about the neighborhood, nearby attractions, hospitals and schools. Walk through the neighborhood when it gets dark to get a feel of your new potential home. 

3. A solid plan

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Before making the final decision be sure to make a financial plan. Decide the maximum down payment you can afford and predetermine a monthly mortgage payment you can pay.

4. Contact a professional home inspector

A reputable agency will conduct both interior and exterior inspection. Check the foundation and pre-drywall conditions.

Schedule for a thorough inspection and make sure you follow every detail in the inspector’s report. 

6. Moving out

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Invest a little in packing supplies and your safety. Take the time to declutter, this is the right time to donate or sell the unwanted items

7. Hire reliable storage 

Professional storage companies have trucks, pickups, and vehicles capable of storing all your stuff. You can just use the MakeSpace app to measure your furniture and equipment to get the perfect storage immediately.


Planning is important. Consider the above tips, to make this huge decision a slightly less overwhelming one.

MakeSpace takes the struggle out of storage.

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