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7 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Look Bigger

7 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Look Bigger Expand options

Making a small bathroom look bigger can be challenging but you can do it by carefully choosing your color palette, using the right materials and employing some visual tricks. Use the following seven ways to make any bathroom appear much larger.

1. Keep it simple and uncluttered
If you want a peaceful and calm home, remember that simpler is always better in smaller rooms. Any room will look smaller if every surface is cluttered. You should try to only add items with a functional value in a small bathroom and include enough storage to ensure there is no clutter left lying around.

Using too many contrasting colors will divide up a room and make it look smaller. Use some white on white – white tile, white paint etc. – to reflect the available light. The bathroom usually already has white fixtures so using white for other surfaces too will streamline the space. White isn’t boring if you use different textures and some touches of metallics or wood to add richness.

2. Pay attention to lighting
Bathrooms often don’t have that much natural light. Adding a skylight or solar tunnel can bring in more natural lighting if there is only a small window. Curtaining can add to a sense of clutter and using white blinds that you keep open is a solution. 

Good lighting is essential, especially as you need to see well to apply makeup or shave. It’s helpful to have a lighting scheme that includes various light sources in different locations. Ceiling lights, sconces on the walls and a mirror edged with lighting can make a bathroom feel much brighter. Think about swapping a ceiling light for one with multiple bulbs that shine light in different directions from a single fixture.

3. Choose the right size vanity
It’s great to have a large vanity in a bathroom, especially because it provides storage space so you can hide clutter. The problem is that it can be overpowering in a small space if it’s too large and if it is made out of heavy, dark wood. It may be better to install a pedestal sink or a floating vanity. 

A floating vanity will give you more space for your feet and make the space feel more open while still providing storage space. If you don’t need much storage, a smaller vanity will leave some negative space and make the room feel larger. If the toilet is next to the vanity, that extra space will be even more welcome.

4. Use a glass shower panel
According to civil engineering writers for paper writing websites, a shower can take up plenty of real estate in a bathroom, especially if it has a shower curtain. The curtain creates a visual wall when closed and makes the room look even smaller than it is. Replace a shower curtain with a glass panel to make the whole room visible at once and expand the look of the space. 

You may want to rather have a frosted glass panel that still allows the light to filter through but offers more privacy. Consider using a frameless shower screen for an even more seamless look that removes all visual barriers

5. Install a large mirror
A large mirror increases the size of the space because it reflects more light inside the room. Choose one with a beautiful frame or use a custom-sized piece from wall to wall for a dramatic impact. Installing a long mirror on one skinny wall can be very effective in a narrow powder room. 

A mirror acts much like a window, reflecting light and giving the illusion of more space. Ideally, the mirror should reflect a light source, such as an open door or a window. You can make the mirror a design feature by letting it reflect something like a vase of fresh flowers.

6. Visually push walls apart
If the bathroom is long and narrow, try not to emphasize the length. Rather try to visually stretch the width. You can do this by the way you install the tiles on the floor. Laying them horizontally will draw the eyes from side to side and emphasize the width of the room. This will widen the space and get rid of the tunnel-like effect. 

Some people believe that using smaller floor tiles will make the room look bigger but it often has the opposite effect. Choosing a large, plain-colored tile offers a cleaner look and the impression of more floor space.

7. Go vertical
Sometimes when a room is small but the ceiling is high, you can embrace the height and emphasize it to make the room appear larger. A bold accent color on a skinny wall with a tall thin mirror will emphasize the height of the space. 

If you use the same tiles all the way up to the ceiling and don’t have any horizontal dividing lines on the walls, this can give the impression of the ceiling being higher than it is. You want to give the eye enough visual interest to draw it up and down from floor to ceiling.

It is possible to make a small bathroom look bigger by getting rid of clutter, paying attention to the lighting, using similar materials to offer a seamless appearance and using some other visual tricks to fool the eye. Using mirrors effectively can help reflect the light and add a dose of glamor. It is even possible to hide some storage behind a mirror. 

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Jessica Chapman, is a dissertation writer and editor from Chicago working for a paper writing service review and thesis writing services. She enjoys exploring sports and politics and is an avid traveler.

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