7 Tips to Make Moving Into a Small Apartment Easy

7 Tips to Make Moving Into a Small Apartment Easy Expand options

Living in a small apartment saves you money on rent and utilities, but moving into one could be a stressful experience. The reason is less space, which won’t fit all the stuff you currently have in your house.

It’s hard to decide what to keep and what to get rid of as well as how to best utilize the available space in a small apartment. But everything can be pulled off with a bit of planning!

Here are some useful ideas to make your move into a smaller apartment a breeze.

1. Make a complete list of your belongings

There is a reason why superstores and factories keep an inventory — it gives you a solid picture of what you own. While businesses use inventory to make further purchases, your aim is to get rid of the clutter.

Walk around your house, take a good look at your belongings, and put them down in a list. It’s helpful to list down bigger and heavier items — like furniture and appliances — separately from smaller ones like cutlery and books.

If the list containing the larger items is too extensive, transporting them safely to your new location might be a problem for you. Consider finding local furniture removalists at Muval to avoid damage to your items.

After compiling your belongings list, you’ll have a clear picture of what you can discard. It’s time to start decluttering and get rid of the extras. You can sell, donate, or recycle your clutter depending on its condition.

This could be a daunting task, but involving your partner and kids could cut down the hassle and boredom. Plus, you will get accurate feedback about each item’s usage in the house.

2. Get measurements of your new place

Taking accurate measurements of each room of your new place is very important. In fact, it is better to get a copy of the floor plan and share it with your family to plan how you’ll arrange your items in your new apartment.

With all the measurements at hand, it would be easy for you to figure out what can fit inside the rooms and avoid any surprises on the move-in day. Compare the dimensions of your new place to your furniture and appliances, and find out ways to use the space wisely.

You may have to downsize to smaller beds, couches, and dressers if your new place is considerably smaller than your current residence. Knowing the dimensions of your new apartment will help you plan for this as well.

3. Optimize your outdoor space

Whether it’s a tiny balcony, a small patio, or even the large platform of a fire escape, outdoor space can come in handy when living in a smaller apartment.

Try to reinvent your outdoor space and give yourself enough time to plan it out. Because if it can accommodate your extra sofa or a2-seater dining table, you won’t have to worry about selling your beloved furniture.

Besides, adding furniture to an outdoor space means adding an “extra room” to your small apartment!

4. Get multi-purpose furniture

When moving into a compact apartment, it’s important that your furniture serves more than one purpose. That means you should invest in furniture that can also function as storage space. For example, rather than a traditional bed, get a storage bed or a sofa bed.

A storage bed is helpful as it acts as both a bed and a storage dresser for your clothes and shoes, eliminating the need for a large cabinet.

5. Use shelves intelligently

When it comes to small space living, no space should be neglected. Observe your new apartment thoroughly and note wide spaces in the hallway, living room, kitchen, or any other areas.

Wide spaces allow you to utilize the walls and fit shelves there. You can keep your extra stuff like décor items or memoirs on the shelves to beautify your place (and save space too).

6. Get started early

To make your move easier, you must get started early. Don’t wait until the last week to list your belongings or downsize your old apartment because rushing these tasks may reap bad results.

You might lose something important while tossing and turning stuff without pre-planning. Or you may not find enough time to sell or repurpose things, forcing you to waste them. More importantly, handling things in urgency might damage or break them.

7. Accept the change and adapt to it

Finally, living in a small apartment has a lot to do with your mindset and lifestyle. You will have to shift your “grand space” user mindset to a compact and minimalistic lifestyle. Only then would you be able to fully adjust your belongings and yourself in your new place.

And don’t forget to focus on the good things — going smaller means easier upkeep and low maintenance costs, and a lot less pressure!


 Chelsea Rogers is an aspiring journalist and marketing student based in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about growing her portfolio as a journalist and is particularly interested in social justice reporting. She is an avid music lover and regularly performs at local venues with her band.

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