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7 Things to Do at Home Before You Leave For a Trip

7 Things to Do at Home Before You Leave For a Trip Expand options

Vacationing can be a blast, but preparing for the trip may feel stressful. There are so many details to go over right before you leave. Avoid the extra stress and get into vacation mode faster by remembering these seven things to do at home before you leave for a trip. You’ll take care of everything that needs your attention so you can head out of town without a care in the world.

1. Use All of Your Food
Food will go bad in your fridge if you’re gone for more than a couple of days. Check what you have on hand and cook meals that use all of it before you leave. You won’t come home to nasty odors that will ruin your post-vacation vibes.

2. Take Out the Trash
Even if your kitchen trash can locks shut, cockroaches will eat whatever’s rotting away inside because the smell lures them into your home. It’s also an invitation to ants and other pests, so take out the trash just before you leave.

3. Wash Any Remaining Laundry
When you get home from your next vacation, you’ll have plenty of dirty laundry. Don’t add another few loads by forgetting to wash, dry and fold whatever’s in the dirty bin before leaving. Get it all done the day prior to your trip and you won’t have to deal with it later.

4. Check Your Home’s Security
Security cameras aren’t the only way you can protect your home while you’re out of town. Double-check your house’s overall security by inspecting your garage door’s tracks and windows. If it’s off track or the window sealant aged from weathering, anyone could kick them in and enter your home.

You should also increase the safety of your belongings by hiding any spare keys by your front door, locking all of the windows and shutting the blinds. People won’t be able to peek in and see if you’re not there to protect your valuables.

5. Clean Your Bathrooms
Even though you won’t use your bathroom while you’re away, mold and mildew will continue to grow in your bathtubs and toilets. Take a few minutes to clean them a day or two before you leave. You can also use the time to eliminate any sink clogs that contribute horrible odors to your bathrooms or kitchen.

6. Double-Check Pet Care Arrangements
Will your dog stay at the local pet resort? Is someone stopping by to feed your fish? You likely arranged your pet’s care well in advance, but double-check that everything’s on track. You could give the neighbor’s teen a helpful reminder of your pet’s schedule or inform the boarding facility that you requested a bath for your dog on their last day there.

7. Adjust the Thermostat
Your thermostat will continue to regulate your home’s temperature while you’re away, but that wastes money. Turn the thermostat off if possible or adjust it to combat seasonal temperatures. Your home will be fine if it stays a little warmer in the summer or colder in the winter while you’re out of town

Prep Before Your Next Trip

Remember these seven things to do at home before you leave for a trip to make your return a little easier. It’s always best to prevent problems like rotting food, pests and break-ins. Rearrange your schedule and you’ll knock these tasks off of your to-do list in no time.

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