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7 Easy Ways To Keep Your House Clean With Pets

7 Easy Ways To Keep Your House Clean With Pets Expand options

Pets are adorable, but undeniably messy. By now, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that your home will never be spotless again thanks to your cute, furry friend. While the idea of maintaining a clean home with a pet sounds like a fantasy, it’s actually quite doable–and not as time consuming as you think. Here are a few easy ways to achieve the art of keeping your home clean while having pets at the same time.

Invest In Good Rugs

If you have a dog, indoor/outdoor rugs are a worthy investment. These rugs can help trap any dirt on your dog’s paws after their outdoor walks. In addition to placing these rugs in front of doorways, you could have several strategically placed around the house. If you have the space, it might also be a good idea to create some sort of cleanup station near your front and back doorways. This can be a saving grace for your carpet and furniture if your dog loves to play in mud.

On the other hand, if you have a cat, invest in a good litter rug. These rugs can catch any litter that gets stuck in between your furry friend’s paws. This prevents your kitty from tracking litter around your home.

Use Place Mats

While you can’t teach your pet table manners, you can take steps to make post-meal cleanups easier for yourself. Simply investing in a place mat to place under your pet’s food bowl can do wonders to prevent messy meal times. Most place mats have cute designs on them, but if you love DIYs, you can also create your own. Water resistant ones are especially useful to place underneath your pet’s wet food and water. This one small step can help contain your pet’s food in its designated area.

Declutter Frequently

The secret to maintaining a clean home, pets or no pets, is to declutter often. A good rule of thumb is everything in your home should have a rightful place. If you have more stuff than you have space, consider moving some of your items into storage. MakeSpace ensures the storage experience is as seamless as possible by picking up your stuff and storing it for you.

“The cutest dogs can also be the clumsiest and some cats love knocking things over on purpose,” explains Patricia Beck, a business writer at Big Assignments and Academized review. “However, if you build the habit of decluttering as soon as you see something out of place, you’ll find it easier to maintain a clean home.”

Groom Your Pets Often

If your dog adores muddy walks, it might be a good idea to groom them immediately after. While this takes up more time than other methods, it’s the most effective way to reduce dirt brought by your pet into your home. Grooming your dog often also helps them smell as adorable as they look.

An alternative to bathing your pet is using pet wipes. Cats, in particular, tend not to be fond of baths, but will tolerate wet wipes. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to wipe your dog’s paws with pet wipes after a walk.

Air Out Your Home Regularly

Opening your windows for a few minutes a day can prevent your home from smelling like your pet. If it’s too cold outside, try lighting a pet-safe soy candle instead.

Purchase A Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is one of the smartest and coolest investments you could make as a pet owner. This saves you the time-consuming and tedious task of constantly vacuuming your pet’s fur and other messes. Since a lot of robot vacuums allow you to schedule cleaning times, this handy little helper can vacuum your house while you’re at work or out with friends.

“While some pets find robot vacuums terrifying, a lot of them find them entertaining,” says Andrew Ellison, a tech blogger at Dissertation service and Writing populist. “In addition to cleaning your floors for you, robot vacuums can keep any curious dog or cat occupied for hours.”

Remove Stains As Soon As They Happen

Generally, the quicker you react to an accident, the easier the cleanup. Accidents will inevitably happen. It’s a normal part of being a pet parent. However, if you act swiftly enough and use a good enzyme cleaner, accident cleanups can be a lot less frustrating.


Having a pet in your life is incredibly enriching, but it often entails a messy house. With the right approach and tools, you can have a clean home and an adorable furry friend at the same time.


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