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7 Creative Ideas For Book Storage

7 Creative Ideas For Book Storage Expand options

Books are great to have in your home. But what happens when you can’t find any or enough space to put your books in? If you read all the time, then it might not come across to you that you might be looking at an untamed sea of books waiting to be put away. But fear not!

Storage ideas can come from many places, including the book world. So, if you’re a bookworm who can’t live without books in the home, and you need a place to store your lovely reads, then look no further!

In this article, we’ll show you 7 great ways to not only store your books, but to also be creative in your storage techniques. Believe it or not, a lot of book lovers enjoy making their book storage spaces unique and presentable to people who visit.

Here are 7 creative ideas on how to store your literary treasures!

Read Or Unread?
“If you have a pile of books that are unread, you don’t want to mix them with the books that you’ve already read,” says Mary Paterson, a writer at Ratedwriting and Custom Essay. “Here, you can have a book cart that’s dedicated to your TBR – or ‘to be read’ – pile. In this way, the books that you have read will be on the shelves, while the already-read books can be put aside in your book cart or basket.”

Colors Are Your Friends
Who said that books can’t be colorful? You’ll be surprised to see how colorful books can be when you organize them by color!

If you color-coordinate your selection of books, you’ll either see a fantastic rainbow, or shades of certain colors take root on your bookshelf. Who knows? Colors from your books can make a great replacement of paint, if you’re looking to add color to the room.

The Hallway Library
Want to feel like you’re walking through a library? Then try having bookshelves stationed in the walls of a hall in your home.

First, make sure that you have one or two bookcases or shelves (or even floating shelves) that you can place in your hallways. Not only will you free up space in other rooms in the home, but you’ll also create a “library” experience that you – and only you – can enjoy.

Add A Little Décor
Décor is a great way to express yourself at home. So, why not bring décor to your bookshelf?

Essentially, as you keep your books on a shelf, you can place knick-knacks, framed pictures, etc. right next to your favorite reads. Such décor can brighten the shelf and express your love for reading, especially if the trinkets and knick-knacks go along with the theme(s) of the books displayed.

Go Cubic
Don’t worry! It’s not “square” to have square fixtures for storage, especially when it comes to books!

In fact, cube shelving is ideal for book storage, since they’re versatile, and they let you you’re your books the way you want them. You can even organize your books in cube shelves by theme, author, etc.

The Author Spotlight
Have a favorite author? Then make them shine with their own spot on your bookshelf! By organizing your bookshelf by author, you’ll seen a trend in the authors whose works you possess. In fact, you might be surprised to see how many novels or volumes that you have by a certain author, and then grow to appreciate them more.

Book Nook / Play Space
“If you have children who read besides yourself, you can always turn your reading nook into a play space for them,” says Patricia Merriweather, a lifestyle blogger at Ukservicesreviews and Studydemic. “Just choose a spacious room in your home, and then place a bookcase against one wall, while you dedicate one corner of the room as a play area for your little ones. Perhaps a small table where they can color and read would be ideal to have in that corner of the room. Essentially, you’re creating a devoted reading corner and play area for your children in conjunction with your own reading sanctuary.”

So, there you have it! If you’re looking for inspiration in your book storage needs, then look to these 7 creative ideas! By bringing creativity to book storage, you’ll be able to create the wonderful home library of your dreams!

Have fun and happy reading!

AUTHOR BIO: Lauren Groff is a writer and editor at Student Essay Writing Services and AcademAdvisor. She is also a contributing editor at TopCanadian Writers. As a career writer, she writes about topics in job interviews, education, and freelancing.

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