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6 Tips to Manage Your Post-Pandemic Calendar

6 Tips to Manage Your Post-Pandemic Calendar Expand options

Admit it. 

You’re out of practice “doing things” and “scheduling.” But events are back, and it’s time to brush up on calendar skills. Follow these tips to manage renewed calendar chaos.

Share your virtual calendar
Sharing online calendars make it easy to coordinate schedules with roommates and family members. Find the instructions for Google Calendar here. Now your roommate knows when mom is in town!

Print a free calendar
Sometimes nothing quite beats the paper version. There are tons of free printable calendars out there, perfect for posting on your fridge for all to see. Get a minimalist grid or a bright print—like this free printable calendar from Short Stop Designs.

Get a whiteboard calendar
A whiteboard calendar is a great reusable way to keep track of events. This magnetic whiteboard calendar from Amazon features a simple distraction-free design.

Color code
It takes a little devotion, but color-coding is a simple way to keep track of different types of events. Blue for work events, orange for workouts, red for dinners…a rainbow that helps you assess your day with a glance.

Use a group scheduler
Cumbersome group scheduling can be a hangout killer. Skip the tedious back and forth and use a group scheduler instead. Doodle is a popular option for work meetings, and WhenAvailable is an easy way to coordinate social events. 

Feel free to say no
Say it with us: “no.” Are there things you didn’t miss doing during the pandemic? Edit your calendar the way you edit your closet—if something doesn’t bring you joy (and you’re not absolutely obligated to attend), take a pass to make space for other priorities in your life.

























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