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5 Ways to Upcycle Furniture

5 Ways to Upcycle Furniture Expand options

Renovating furniture is not just a way to save money, it’s a real passion, a hobby, and sometimes even art. And everyone can do it. You just need a creative mood, a great desire, free time, and an obsession with the idea. 

For inspiration, here are five ideas for upcycling boring and old furniture

Self-adhesive film

This is one of the easiest ways to redecorate old furniture and doesn’t require any special skills. In the tool and online stores, you can choose any suitable film – with imitation wood texture, solid color, or with a pattern. The rich assortment allows you to update the nursery, living room, bedroom, or even kitchen.

Its main advantage is moisture resistance, which makes cleaning easy. The film is not difficult to stick if you follow the instructions, it is resistant to temperature changes and even detergents. But this material lasts no more than 5 years and fades in the sun’s rays and in places of active friction.

Before you buy a film, it is important to take measurements and add a small margin. The surface requiring renovation should be leveled, cleaned, degreased, and primed. Then draw a marking. When pasting fronts or tabletops, you need to apply the film on top and gradually remove the paper layer.

Decorate with decorative elements

An old dining table whose top is bloated or cracked, you can decorate with tile or mosaic. This requires grinding the substrate and applying wood impregnation, which will reduce the consumption of tile adhesive. The number of materials should be calculated in advance. In order not to cut the tiles, the panels can be framed with wooden planks. Ceramic glue should be applied at five points – in the corners and in the center

Old wooden furniture can be decorated with different accessories (rivets, unique handles, straps) – this will give the piece an unusual brutal look. Another way to turn a boring dresser into a modern and stylish one is to stick mirrors on the fronts. It is better to entrust the cutting of the furniture and processing the edges to professionals, and everything else can be done yourself: paint the dresser, fix the mirrors with special glue, and attach suitable handles.

Remains of wallpaper pieces

This is one of the most budget-friendly options for redecorating boring furnishings, but it’s also the most short-lived. For decoration, we recommend using vinyl or non-woven wallpaper, preferably moisture resistant. After pasting the furniture with paper wallpaper, after drying, it is necessary to apply varnish on them.

Repaint in a different color

When painting furniture yourself, you can show your creativity and give the product any look. The most popular paint used in home decorating is acrylic. It dries quickly, is resistant to external influences, economical, and almost odorless. The second place is taken by spray paints in cans, which allow you to quickly update the piece. It is recommended to apply them outdoors because of the spreading of small splashes.

Before you start redecorating, you need to repair the furniture and clean it of dirt. To add nobility and elegance to classic furniture, stylize it like an antique with the help of artificial aging or gilding.

We recommend starting with small items of furniture – chairs, stools, bedside tables. A grinder machine will serve as an excellent assistant in the restoration, which will speed up the process of removing the old coating. An excellent solution for a modern interior will be slate paint for blackboards: it is easy to apply, safe and odorless.

With remodeling, even the most boring dresser or nightstand can be turned into a work of art. Renovating furniture is an interesting process that allows you to get an exclusive piece of furniture and realize your creativity.


AUTHOR BIO: Rebecca Carter is a freelance writer and business coach at Do my essay service. She conducts lessons on topics related to the finance and analyst fields and also provides articles on Design, Education, and Productivity.

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