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5 Tips To Make A New Space Feel Like Home

5 Tips To Make A New Space Feel Like Home Expand options

Moving into a new apartment is exciting. But the thought of easing into a new neighborhood and space might seem daunting. 

Plus, you have to come up with a plan that can help you in maintain your home. For a smooth move, and for quickly making your new space feel like home, keep these helpful tips in mind. 

1. Curtains


You will find multiple designs in curtains, but it isn’t an easy choice to make. Work with your wall color to buy curtains matching or in contrast with your walls.

2. Beautiful Rugs

You can find rugs in various designs, but it might be tricky to combine multiple rugs in a room skillfully. Go with rugs that match the theme or the color scheme of your room. 

3. Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Most of us enjoy a kitchen that’s clean and well-managed. Themes can vary from traditional, modern, beach to even craftsman style. Choose what works best with your overall vibe and taste. 

4. Wardrobe


There are multiple shades in cupboards, variety of sizes and different designs to choose from. Keep in mind the functionality. What speaks to your needs? Do you like hanging certain clothes more than folding them up? Do you need a separate space in your closet for shoes? Take all these things into consideration before settling on a design. 

5. Book Shelves


Books add a unique personal touch to a space while showcasing your interests. However, they are also hard to organize. Organize your book collection in a way that adds more charm to your space. 

The above checklist will help you truly move in to your new home. Decorate and spruce as you move along, and your apartment might become a great visual representation of your personality, taste and style.



Amanda is currently working as an Interior Designer at Crowd Writer where students can purchase dissertations. She is interested in writing about home decorations and making space to change the infrastructure of the home. She also serves as a freelance writer.

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