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5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Items When Moving

5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Items When Moving Expand options

Moving home is a stressful experience, and it’s easy for things to get lost or damaged in the process. But with a bit of planning and preparation there are steps you can take to safeguard your possessions and reduce your stress levels:

Use the right boxes
Using the right boxes is going to be key to protecting your items when you move. If you’re using a moving company then they’ll be able to sort this out, but if you’re doing it yourself then spend a bit of time planning and collecting the right-sized boxes.

You’re going to want a range of different sizes. When you’re packing fragile items, they aren’t going to do well crammed into a giant box under the weight of other bits, even if you use plenty of padding. Heavier items should also go into smaller boxes, it’s easy to end up overpacking boxes so they’re too hard to lift and get dropped or shuffled around.

Where possible try to use the boxes that things like your television, speakers, or other electronics came in — these will give them the best chance of getting to your new place undamaged. You can also get special boxes for packing up valuable chinaware and breakables (Sites like Uline offer a huge range of boxes: view them all here

If you’re placing any items in storage while you move then MakeSpace bags are an easy and more sustainable way to pack up your items. They’ll be collected and stored securely until you need them.

Label the boxes clearly
It might seem obvious but properly labeling boxes once they’re packed up often gets overlooked. Just scribbling ‘Kitchen’ or ‘Hallway’ isn’t going to be helpful — clear, specific labels on boxes will stop your favorite glasses from being chucked around and ensure that they don’t get squashed under heavier boxes.

Plus, it’ll help you to get the most important boxes in and easily accessible straight away so you can easily find your cutlery or the kettle, and make your unpacking more straightforward.

Check your insurance
There’s a good chance that your possessions might be covered during your move by your homeowner’s or rental insurance, but it’s important to check up on your policy details beforehand. If you don’t already have insurance then you can find affordable options online (for example, insurers like Duuo offer comprehensive tenant insurance: learn more at

And if you are using movers, it’s important that you fully understand what coverage they offer with their service. Read all the terms and conditions, and fully inspect your possessions before signing for them when they arrive. When you’re choosing movers, do some research online and read reviews carefully to make sure they’re reliable and professional.

Protect your furniture
While big furniture items like sofas and tables might not seem that fragile, they can still get damaged during a move. You and your movers will have the best of intentions to keep everything safe, but sometimes the heavy items get dropped, scratched or scuffed — especially if it’s a tight fit getting them in and out of your home.

Wrap bubble wrap or paper around any surfaces that are likely to get scratched like chair legs. Or use blankets to wrap around bigger items to protect them from other things marking them while in transit.

Keep your valuables close
You should keep all of your irreplaceable items such as family photographs and jewelry, as well as important documents like birth certificates and passports with you at all times.

By following these tips you should be able to move your items with less hassle and protect them from any damage when you’re packing, transporting, or unpacking.

AUTHOR BIO: Rachel Devitt is Content specialist at Duuo, an online insurer creating modern insurance solutions to meet your modern needs. Duuo specializes in tenant insurance, offering flexible month-by-month contracts with no annual commitments and no cancellation fees.

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