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5 Places You Can Organize Your Home by the Rainbow

5 Places You Can Organize Your Home by the Rainbow Expand options

MakeSpace is a proud supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. We’re committed to making space for queer people to express their identity at home and in their communities. Scroll for ways to make space for pride at-home with 5 places you can organize your home by the rainbow!

Bookcase by The Home Edit

The Home Edit offers some great and detailed tips on how to organize your books by the rainbow! Start off your rainbow collection with these colorful blank books that you can customize to be your own!

Wardrobe by The Home Edit

We’re loving the ROYGBIV inspo. with this bright wardrobe design! Add some hue to your closet with these vibrant non-slip hangers.

Cleaning Products by The Home Edit

Cleaning CAN be colorful! Organize your cleaning supplies by the rainbow and don’t forget to add in this soft magic colorful feather duster.

Pantry by The Home Edit

Eat the rainbow (and see it) with this lively idea! Mix up your cooking staples with these colorful stainless steel mixing bowls.

Pegboard by The Crafted Life

A fun DIY project you and your kids can tackle on a rainy day! Make sure to have multi-colored spray paints on hand.

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