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5 Packing Tips to Stay Organized on a Weekend Trip

5 Packing Tips to Stay Organized on a Weekend Trip Expand options

Weekend trips are the perfect getaways when you can’t take too much time away from work or school. They’re just enough time to take a deep breath in a new place, but they can also add a bit of stress to your life. Use these packing tips to stay organized on a weekend trip so you can focus on having fun while you’re away from home.

1. Make a List
Packing is always easier if you have a list. In the days leading up to your trip, start recording what you’ll need to bring. Plan your outfits and even list your essentials, like toothpaste and deodorant. You’ll know exactly what to pack when it’s time to go and remember everything you brought after your trip ends.

2. Label Your Road Snacks
If you’re traveling with friends or family, label any snacks you bring in a cooler or bag. You won’t lose track of which person wanted the cheese crackers and who reserved the pack of peanuts. It’s even helpful if you’re going to bring pre-made sandwiches or water bottles. Everyone will know what they can eat and drink while you’re on the road.

3. Pack Versatile Pieces
Shoving tons of clothes into a suitcase usually involves sitting on the bag to get the zipper closed. It’s easier to stay organized on a weekend trip if you pack versatile pieces. Consider your destination to know which clothes are best for your vacation.

You could pack a little black dress that doubles as the perfect outfit for dinner on the town or a romantic date with your partner. Other pieces like jeans, button-down shirts and even a cream-colored sweater are easy to dress up or down depending on where you want to wear them.

4. Place Small Objects in Bags
Everyone needs to carry essential toiletries on trips to maintain their health and hygiene. Small objects like Q-tips, floss or makeup can travel in plastic or reusable bags to maintain order in your suitcase. They’ll also stay sanitized, which can save you from getting home with a head cold or stomach ache.

5. Designate Places for Everything
Think about where you’ll stay on your upcoming trip. Hotels and rental properties have chests of drawers and closets that you can use to organize your belongings. Hang your clothes and store your electronics in a bedside table drawer. You’ll feel more collected when your stuff isn’t in piles around your room.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you might accidentally leave something behind. It’s much easier to forget a phone charger or novel when it’s tucked into a drawer as you leave your room for the last time. Make notes in your phone or a notebook if you’re not used to designating a place for everything away from home. You’ll know exactly where to look while you’re packing up and avoid forgetting anything.

Stay Organized on a Weekend Trip
These are a few packing tips to stay organized on a weekend trip, no matter where you go or what you need to bring. Plan versatile outfits, label your road trip snacks and take advantage of the storage where you stay so your organization feels effortless.

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