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5 Helpful Mobile Apps For Spring Cleaning 

5 Helpful Mobile Apps For Spring Cleaning  Expand options

From living room to bedroom, all the way to the kitchen, it’s likely your living space will need a little TLC after winter. There are tons of helpful mobile apps for spring cleaning that can lend a hand. So, if you find yourself in this predicament, it’s time to open the window to get some fresh air, grab your phone and download some helpful apps.

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The MakeSpace app

Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning, and organization is a huge part of it as well. Like, rearranging the feng shui of the room and creating a new atmosphere can make a room feel like a brand new space. This is where our app can come in handy. Need to measure the size of a table or couch? The augmented reality portion of our app is the easiest solution to guide you with these fun rearrangements for the warmer months!

Checklist app

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A checklist app is an essential step. Plus, having multiple areas around the house to tidy up can become an overwhelming task quite quickly. So creating a checklist with priorities and timelines can help ease the stress.

Some of our favorites include FlyLady, an app that allows you to separate tasks by zones of your house to remain focused, set time limits on cleaning, and even send push notifications to remind you to get back to it. And, other similar ones we recommend include Tody and Home Routines.

Delivery service app

We all know how time-consuming spring cleaning can be. Because, depending on the size of your living space, this process can take hours, if not your entire weekend. That means time management is important. If you find yourself spending so much time cleaning you can’t make the trip to re-up your supplies, try looking into a home essentials online store, like goPuff. Services like these can bring any cleaning products, like disinfectant wipes and aerosol sprays, right to your apartment in minutes. 

Inventory app

Let’s be honest, we all have lots of clothes. Plus, with the weather starting to get nicer and nicer, our wardrobe is definitely going to change. Gone are the days of heavy sweatshirts and jeans and out-come shorts and lighter shirts. Virtual closet organizing apps are becoming the thing of the future. Simply upload images of each piece of your favorite clothing. And it saves them to your “digital closet” for you to have at your fingertips to create outfits. 

Marketplace apps

Spring cleaning is synonymous with “out with the old, in with the new”. And if you’ve found you have way too many clothes in your house, it may be time to part ways with them and make some extra side cash. Some of our favorites include Poshmark (particularly for clothing), Mercari (for household items and beyond), and even Facebook Marketplace for bigger objects such as appliances and furniture. So, one person’s trash is another’s treasure, so why not capitalize on some extra spending money.

Put these helpful mobile apps to work and you’ll be spring cleaning to the max in no time!

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