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5 Global-Inspired Home Decor Ideas

5 Global-Inspired Home Decor Ideas Expand options

Bringing global home decor and the spirit of different cultures into your home can be a challenging task but it is also a way to express your creativity. Through décor, you can bring pieces of the world into your home.

Check out the following home décor ideas that will help you to incorporate your global spirit.

1. Mix the Colors

a green vintage sideboard


Vibrant colors bring life into the home interior. People from various cultures prefer different color palettes. In India, bright colors can be found everywhere, in Africa, designs are mostly of earthy colors, while Europe navigates towards more subtle color combinations. 

Try not to focus on one culture of origin. To bring that worldly feel to your home, incorporate different colors combinations that brighten up the space. However, try to focus on a few dominant colors. In the example below, you can notice that the dominant colors are blue and yellow. 


2. Combine Furniture Styles

Imagine that you’ve been bringing unique pieces of furniture from all around the world. They certainly won’t add up to a set.

Feel free to mix and match different furniture styles, from wooden stools to cozy couches. Experiment with materials until you get the right combo. You can buy some of the furniture in the shop but source others from vintage shops. They usually have the most unique pieces. 

3. Put up Unusual Wall Art

Instead of playing safe with pictures, experiment when it comes to wall art,. Use plates, decorative bowls, interesting mirrors, or even rugs to decorate your walls.

Feel free to include some eclectic paintings but try to mix that up with a variety of unusual wall art.

4. Bring in a Vintage Rug a bright yellow chaise on an ancient rug


Rugs give a warm and welcoming feel to a home. They are popular in this global-inspired décor style because they look attractive and they combine well with a variety of décor styles.

You might find some vintage rugs in flea markets, but if you want something really authentic, browse the internet. Give yourself some time to find the rug that perfectly matches your home’s personality,” shares Amanda O’Brien, a writer at PickWriters, and a passionate traveler who loves home design. 

5. Find a Place for Books


Not only are the books the best way to spend lazy afternoons, but they can also contribute to your global home décor. Whenever you are traveling somewhere, buy a book from a vintage shop or flea market. Collect books from all over the world to remind yourself of your travels.

Even if you don’t have plans for a trip any time soon, you can buy books from your favorite bookstore that inspire you to dream about your upcoming adventures. Stack the books on a coffee table, bookshelf, or any noticeable place.

Add Your Own Twist to It

These global-inspired home décor ideas are just the basis for your creative thinking. Once you see how interesting pieces make a world of difference in your home, you’ll get motivated to start collecting and combining various elements. 

Draw inspiration from different cultures and your home will become an extension of your global personality.

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