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5 Decorations that Go From Fall to Winter

5 Decorations that Go From Fall to Winter Expand options

If you love purchasing pumpkins and digging up every brown, red, and orange decoration you can find, during fall, you’re not alone. The only problem is that within a month or two, things get even colder and everything shifts from an autumn focus to a wintery-vibe.

Here are a few clever home decor options that spruce up your living space without the need to constantly redecorate or blow through your seasonal budget.

1. Create a Foundational Centerpiece

Whether you’re setting up a cornucopia or a snow-inspired menagerie, centerpieces are part and parcel of the fall and winter seasons. If you’re looking for a smooth transition between seasons, create the foundation of your centerpiece with materials that go well with both themes.

Use a wooden box or a crate as part of your centerpiece. In addition, look for neutral-colored items like:

+ Burlap
+ Twine
+ Pinecones
+ Jars
+ Candles

If you create a solid foundation, all you need to do is swap out or add a few accent pieces every few months.

2. Acquire the Right Scents

Aroma is a huge part of decor. It’s tempting to get pumpkin scents in September and peppermint in December, but if you look for generally warm and comforting scents, they’ll do well across both seasons. Look for candles like:

+ Cinnamon
+ Vanilla
+ Hazelnut

These are perfect for both a brisk fall day or a chilly Christmas morning. If you’re not a scented candle person, you can also consider making a DIY potpourri that incorporates similar cross-seasonal scents.

3. Wrangle Up a Good Wreath

Wreaths are common to find during both the fall and the winter. However, often they’re very heavily designed towards one season or the other. A wreath of twigs and fall-colored leaves is going to quickly feel dated once Thanksgiving has come and gone. A ring of fir branches covered in faux snow is going to look out of place in early September.

Try an option like:

+ Magnolia leaves
+ Seeded Eucalyptus
+ Boxwood

You may even find combinations of these. For instance, Eucalyptus and Magnolia look beautiful when combined. These kinds of wreaths will transition through the colder seasons, providing a burst of lively green without tacking too hard towards any one time of year.

4. Light Things Up with Lanterns

Using a cozy light can be a great way to invite a warm sense of hygge into your home throughout the colder months.

Lanterns are a tasteful decoration that can usher in the fall and carry you right through winter. You can look for lanterns at an antique shop or even get newer, working lanterns to light up your space with that warm, cozy glow.

5. Place Some Pictures

Finally, if you’re struggling to fill that wall space, consider, add some photos into the mix. Choose carefully, though. A framed photo of your 1st grader in their soccer uniform, while cute, isn’t going to add to your overall decor.

Look for seasonal photos that display elements of warmth, coziness, togetherness, or nature. These can incorporate your own family, focus on things like past experiences, or even showcase the endlessly beautiful outdoors.

Prepping for the Seasons

If you’re an avid decorator, take the time to plan out your fall and winter decorations with care. Decorating can be expensive and time-consuming.

However, if you treat your decorating plans with the same thoughtfulness as you do the rest of your cold-weather preparations, you’ll save both time and money, all while maintaining a cozy and warm atmosphere.


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