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4 Storage Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep 

4 Storage Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep  Expand options

Coming home to a clean, well-organized environment is the perfect end to what can sometimes be a busy, overwhelming day. Clutter typically accumulates when you have too much stuff and lack the appropriate space to store it all. You merely need to make the most you can of the space available with the help of organizational tools. 

Make necessary changes to create a home that’s warm and welcoming and the new year is the perfect time to do so. 

1. Build Shelves For The Playroom 


When it comes to clutter, toys make up a substantial portion in many homes with kids. Things not in their assigned places can leave a trail. Make cleanup a breeze by installing budget-friendly playroom storage you can DIY. You can use an over-the-door shoe organizer to hold little toys. This method also works well for things like arts and crafts supplies. Magnetic strips can hold metal items like toy cars—protecting you from missteps. You can construct an attractive ladder for keeping your little one’s stuffed animals organized. Of course, wooden or plastic storage bins enhance the convenience of cleanup. If you’re handy, you can build simple benches over the containers to increase the amount of seating. 

2. Store Things Away

Some belongings you might not need every day but are too precious in their emotional or monetary value to be discarded.  In these cases, explore different storage options. Some full-service storage solutions pick up, store and then deliver items back to you when you need them.

3. Invest in Outdoor Organizers or a Garden Shed

If the exterior of your home is cluttered with anything from toys to lawn tools, it will appear shabby. You’d rather highlight your collection of begonias, and not your collection of rakes. Outdoor organizers can keep the focus on how well-manicured your landscaping is. 

You can get creative with outdoor organizers. You can go with a classic shed and apply pegboard to hang garden equipment and more cumbersome tools. Think outside the hardware store box, too. For example, you can repurpose old doors to build benches or cabinets. 

4. Improve Your Garage Storage and Comfort 

When you upgrade to an insulated garage door, you improve the energy efficiency of your entire home. Plus, you can enjoy working on your favorite hobbies without freezing your every bone. Since the garage stays warmer when it’s insulated, you lose less heat every time you open the door to your home’s interior. You protect your vehicle and any other equipment that’s subject to weather-related damage.

Keep Your Home Well-Organized in the New Year 

When your home is well-organized, you enjoy walking in your front door each day. These three simple projects will keep your home more comfortable and neat all year long.



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