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4 Steps to a Warm Winter Nook

4 Steps to a Warm Winter Nook Expand options

The best part about your home is making it your own. You can choose rugs in a variety of patterns or curtains in every shade of the rainbow. Maybe you want an extra-large couch or bean bag chairs.

People who love to read enjoy the perfect place to flip through their new literary acquisitions. If you thought creativity would get limited in a small living space, think again. Any space can turn comfy with the right dose of inspiration.

Check out these four easy hacks to create a warm winter nook this year. Once you finish, you’ll have a cozy place to curl up under your favorite blanket, read or just sip on your morning cup while planning the day ahead. 

1. Pick the Right Spot

a warm nook by the window with a puppy snuggling in it


Some nooks are better than others, depending on their placement. A pillow tossed on the floor in the corner of a room won’t be an enjoyable place to spend time compared to a lined bench covered in cushions on your porch.

Tour your home and think about where you like to sit and chill the most. You might prefer a spot where you already tend to spend time in or find a new place. Consider somewhere away from noisy appliances or heavy traffic for the best possible location.

2. Choose the Perfect Seating

feet in warm fuzzy socks against a cup of warm beverage

Once you have a nook placement in mind, think about how much time you’ll spend there. A wooden chair won’t pose an issue if you want to read for a few minutes, but you’ll need something supportive if you plan on being there much longer than that.

Look around for upholstered chairs or mini loveseats to see if any would look right in your home. If you only have a hard chair to work with, think about long-term support from something like orthopedic cushioning. Use a slipcover to make it match your interior design or throw a cozy blanket on it to redesign an inviting nook.

3. Light up Your Nook

The wrong kind of lighting will mess up any experience. A room that’s too bright will force you to squint while you read on your tablet. Pick a spot that’s too dark, and you might need a flashlight to see what’s on the page in front of you. 

Natural light is an easy compromise between these two options. It makes any room feel bigger and more welcoming. Can you place your nook near a window or two? See if you can and then inspect your windows for drafts so you don’t get a chill while you curl up in your new favorite corner.

4. Create a Unique Look


Now it’s time to figure out your design preferences. Do you want your nook filled with potted plants and thrifty frames? Maybe you prefer a minimalist style with metals and muted colors. Learning what you like about interior design will narrow down your options and help you put together your dream nook.

Start Your Project Today

Before you get back to your busy schedule, use these tips to scout out where you could put a nook in your home. Go big with renovations or add a few new pieces of decor to transform your living space. You’ll end up with a dreamy spot you’ll never want to leave.


Kacey Bradley is the blogger behind The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Along with writing for her blog, she has written for sites like U.S. News, SUCCESS, Guides for Brides, Hotel Online and more!

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