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20 Creative Storage Ideas for Your Home

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20 Creative Storage Ideas for Your Home Expand options

Whether you have a large or small home, extra space can be useful, and great storage is the key to getting it. To help, we’ve listed some storage solutions that will work in most spaces. While some may require a handyperson, others are a simple rearrangement.

These tips can be helpful for those who need to declutter, especially if you are helping the parents wade through the many years of trinkets they have acquired. Read on for our top 20 creative storage ideas for your home today.

1. Shelf dividers
If you live in an open plan design, particularly with a small space, an inventive way to outline one area from another without putting up a wall is with shelf dividers. A floating an open shelving unit splits areas of the home up while also providing a lot of storage and display space.

2. Banquette seating
Tick the seating and storage boxes with a bench in the corner of your kitchen that has a lid. Top it with a cushion, add a round table, and you have an extra dining area that can store goods!

3. Use convertible furniture
Get the idea of single-use furniture pieces out of your mind, consider adding furniture that can also be u in another way. For example, a drop-leaf table that can also be a console, desk, or dining room table. Two consoles can be rotated, placed side-by-side, and stood back-to-back for bar-height seating.

4. Under stair storage
While built-ins are a popular option for spaces under the stairs, in some cases, you can creatively arrange furniture in the underutilized stair nook. This can be a perfect way to breathe life into an old space or reconfigure a room for those who are looking to renovate and sell.

5. Tiered shelving
Shelves do not always have to be on your walls. Instead, stack your book and other display items on a tiered console table for a visually pleasing storage option that does not require wall space.

6. An entryway table
Every home should have an entryway table, and not just so you have a place to throw your keys. Instead, use a console that can house books, trinkets, or clothes. A well-curated, aesthetically pleasing and functional entryway table can be a great way to include a homely feel when you walk through the door.

7. Raised platforms
If you are blessed with tall ceilings, add a raised platform to stash all suitcases, winter coats, and spare bedding.

8. Fold-down desk
Place a stool underneath a console table or install a fold-down desk fixed to the wall for your desk. If this is a hobby desk, consider how much desk space you actually need. You may be surprised to realize it’s less than you think.

9. Wall-mounted seating
With a floating bench-shelf placed low on the wall, you can create stylish seating that doesn’t clutter the floor space.

10. Make use of the kitchen island
There is no shortage of kitchen island options these days, meaning there should be one for every space and look. Kitchen islands should be super-functional but also offer plenty of storage. Tuck your extra plates and gadgets in the cabinets of an accommodating kitchen island for extra space.

11. A hanging bike rack
From the fancy pulley system that draws your bike out of view to the simpler solution of screwing vinyl-coated c-hooks into a joist to hang a bike from the back tires, get your two-wheeler off the ground!

12. Attached butcher block
Free up some countertop surface by attaching a butcher block to the wall. You can even use different levels to make a mini shelving unit.

13. A pegboard wall
Creating a pegboard wall, like this one by Position Collective, you have an easy-to-rearrange adjustable storage option that looks great.

14. Add storage to your storage
Do you already have some storage? Then layer is with more storage! For example, add jars or small baskets to the top of your bookcase or shelving unit for more storage and easier organization.

15. Built-in nooks
A great way to optimize existing storage space is by taking full advantage of any nooks. Then, depending on the size of said nooks, you may be able to build in a small desk area or add an armchair for additional seating.

16. Use baskets
Anyone who is passionate about storage solutions loves a good basket. They are available in varying sizes, and therefore perfect when you need to tuck away pretty much anything. Chuck a throw over the top, and you can keep pretty much anything out of the eye’s view to create a more aesthetically pleasing space when your friends pop round. Another benefit of baskets is that everything is ready to go if you need to move home. Simply include them as part of your moving checklist and consider your stuff already packed!

17. Use the bookcase for more than books
Bookshelves make visually pleasing storage areas for just about anything that will fit inside of them. Clear up some space and display your various trinkets and objects, even if they don’t have pages and covers!

18. Hang the pots in the kitchen
We think that this tip is a great way to declutter your countertop space while also making your kitchen look a little bit more professional (fake it until you make it bad cooks). Hang up your pots and pans for additional space and a more kitchen-y looking kitchen.

19. Floor Cabinets
Building cabinets along the floor makes it easy to compartmentalize while accessing clothes and other supplies. The best part is, they won’t take up a lot of visual or wall space at head height. This keeps things nice and neat while still providing plenty of storage.

20. Wall Hooks
You can’t go wrong with wall hooks, from space to hang towels or a coat. They create storage in small spaces without taking up too much of your visual room – the perfect solution.

Luke Carlino is a freelance writer & social media manager from Melbourne, Australia. He works with many clients across many sectors creation a range of content to suit varying needs. He is also a musician in the band We Move Like Giants, which you can check out here.


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