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13 Space Saving Tips For Small Kitchen Spaces

13 Space Saving Tips For Small Kitchen Spaces Expand options

A tiny kitchen in your house or apartment can pose a real issue when making it an organized and usable space. What can you do to make better use of the space provided? Below are 13 organization hacks to keep you small kitchen stylish and functional.

1. Use every bit of available space for storage.
‘When you have a small kitchen, you have to rethink how you store things’ says Randall Kamen, a writer at Origin Writings and Write my X . Use the space you have to your advantage. Why not go up the walls with shelves? Can you put things above your cabinet units? Think outside the box

2. Get in touch with your inner minimalist
Your kitchen barely fits two people in it at a time. There is no better time to sort through all of your kitchenware and have a great purge of unwanted and unused kitchen items. Ask yourself if you use it, if you like it and if you really need it and if the answer is no then say goodbye.

3. Focus on ease of use.
When you organize your small kitchen, the focus should be on ease of use. You will not keep to your kitchen tidy and well organized if it takes you half an hour to find the pan you need to cook your dinner. Keep the things you use regularly to hand.

4. Only have what is necessary on your countertop.
Countertop space can be very precious in tiny kitchens, so it makes sense to limit what you keep on them. Tidy up after any food prep immediately. Consider moving the tea, coffee, and sugar to a cupboard and only leaving the coffee pot and kettle out on the countertop. Also, consider storing small appliances, such as your toaster, in a cupboard when not in use.

5. Don’t forget the edibles.
Don’t forget to organize the food in your refrigerator, freezer and cupboards as well. Check expiration dates and discard anything that is past its date or smells funny. Ditch the items you tried and didn’t like or will not cook again. Also, plan meals to use up any excess food items, so they won’t go to waste.

6. Stop nesting your pans.
‘Most people store their pans by stacking them inside each other, or nesting them, however this takes up too much space’ explains Elaine Wegener, a lifestyle blogger at 1 Day 2 write and Brit Student. Using an adjustable cookware rack and turning them sideways saves space and makes it much easier to grab out of your cupboard.

7. Over-the-door hangers are a must.
There are many different over-the-cabinet-door hangers that make use of this way under used space from racks to hold cleaning supplies to spice racks, the storage possibilities are endless.

8. Use hooks inside your cabinets.
Hooks on the back of cabinet doors for dish towels and oven mitts are another good space-saving idea for small kitchens. It also gives the appearance of a tidy and larger space.

9. The oven makes a great pan cupboard.
If you have run out of space in your pan cupboard, consider storing them in your oven when it’s not in use.

10. Remember to use above your refrigerator.
You know that empty space above your refrigerator? When you need more space, it makes a great place to store items. Consider putting some nice-looking baskets to put your extra rolls of paper towel.

11. Declutter your drawers.
A lot of kitchens have a junk drawer, but there is no space for that in a small kitchen. Declutter and organize your drawers and free up some much-needed space.

12. Condense where possible.
Certain items taking up too much room? Try and condense it. Combine spice bottles, take crackers out of their cardboard boxes, empty cereal in a Tupperware container with a lid.

13. Ditch your plastic bags.
Empty out those dry goods into airtight containers that actually fit your shelves and cupboards. Or, find a local bulk food shop, and forego the plastic all together.

These 13 kitchen organization tips will make your small kitchen tidy, useful and a space you actually want to spend time cooking a meal.


AUTHOR BIO: Kendra Beckley is a business development manager and editor at Dissertation writing service, as well as PhD Kingdom. She helps companies enter new markets. She enjoys building long-term relationships with her business partners. She also writes articles on various topics at Next Coursework.

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