10 Best Products to Organize Your Desk

10 Best Products to Organize Your Desk Expand options

Time to get that messy desk back in shape! We’ve rounded up our favorite products to keep your workspace (or school space) clutter-free.

1. Cable Clip
Insanely simple, yet absolutely genius. Just stick them to the side of your desk and they’ll keep your cords in place, so you don’t need to desk dive every time your iPhone charger slips away.

2. Weekly Planner Notepad
This weekly planner doubles as a mousepad. The format helps you prioritize your week while the minimalist design keeps your workspace distraction-free.

3. Paper Organizer
Choose an upright organizer like this one to free up desk space—you can also hang it. Clear material lets you see the documents within. Try using the three tiers for your “to do”, “doing”, and “done” piles.

4. Cup Holder
Add a little personality to your desk with a decorative cup holder, like this option with marble and gold accents.

5. Phone and AirPod Charging Station
Keep your phone and AirPods charged and at the ready with this handy charging station. The phone dock can even adjust to different angles for that perfect video call angle.

6. Zen Garden
Clear some mind space with this tiny zen garden. It won’t take up much room, and you might just find that your least favorite virtual meeting is that much more tolerable when you’re playing in the sand.

7. Desk Hook
This hook clamps onto most desks, and conveniently folds up when not in use. It’s a perfect place to store your headphones or work bag.

8. Stick-on Desk Drawers
If your desk doesn’t have drawers, these are a brilliant solution. Just peel and stick them on the underside of your desk for instant storage.

9. Mug Warmer
This cute little mug warmer keeps your coffee or tea hot. We’re partial to the green, but it comes in 6 colors to suit your fancy.

10. MakeSpace Storage
For all of the things that you don’t need arm’s reach, but are too important to toss. Declutter your desk and store your items securely with MakeSpace.

Makespace is more than just storage.

To find out how you can make space in your life, talk to one of our space experts. We’ll get you started with the right storage plan for you.

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