7 easy spring cleaning hacks for people who hate cleaning

7 Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks For People Who Hate Cleaning

1. Steam-clean your microwave with lemon, water, and a sponge. Instructions: Squeeze half a lemon into a bowl with ½...

By Molli Carlson Mar 22, 2017
car garage spring cleaning checklist: guy washing his car in the grass

CARFAX’s Spring Cleaning Checklists For Your Car AND Garage

Spring is a time for fresh beginnings. We clean our homes, tend to our yards, and clear the clutter to...

By Guest Author Mar 21, 2017
using a squeegee to wash a window

4 Indoor Spring Cleaning Tasks To Do Now

You know spring is on its way when the weather becomes milder and buds are forming on trees and bushes....

By Guest Author Mar 20, 2017

Free 4-Week Cleaning Challenge Checklist 2016 [Download]

When’s the last time you remember cleaning and organizing everything in your home? Having a hard time remembering? We did...

By Hannah Van Arsdale Aug 12, 2016
mrs. doubtfire vacuuming to aerosmith's "dude (looks like a lady)"

10 Smart Spring Cleaning And Storage Tips From Your All-Time Favorite Movies

The first official day of spring (as in Sunday, March 20th) is rapidly approaching. Which means your apartment is due...

By Molli Carlson Mar 16, 2016

5 Insanely Easy Cleaning Hacks That Are Ridiculously Effective

Time is money. Save both, while effortlessly deep-cleaning your apartment, using these crazy and ridiculously effective house cleaning hacks.

By Molli Carlson May 21, 2015
Win apartment cleaning from MyClean, moving help from Unpakt, interior design from Havenly, storage from MakeSpace, and a mattress from WinkBeds.

Win Moving Help, House Cleaning, Interior Design, Storage, And A Mattress For Your New NYC Apartment

Moving to a new apartment in New York City? Enter to win the Ultimate NYC Moving Giveaway from Unpakt, MyClean, Havenly, MakeSpace, and WinkBeds!

By Molli Carlson May 18, 2015

7 Clever Ideas for Maximizing Space in a Studio Apartment

Having a studio apartment means that you need to learn how to maximize a small space. Luckily, this does not...

By Andi Croft Nov 18, 2021

How to Organize and Save Space in Your Child’s Room

Your child's room gets cluttered faster than any other room, and that's normal. However, if you live in a smaller...

By Andrew Chu Oct 21, 2021

7 Easy Ways To Keep Your House Clean With Pets

Pets are adorable, but undeniably messy. By now, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that your home will...

By Christina Lee Oct 20, 2021

Minimize Your Possessions to Live a Focused Life

Minimalism has many definitions, and what it means to you will depend entirely on your relationship to material possessions. For...

By Cora Gold Oct 15, 2021

How to Conquer Kitchen Clutterphobia

Do you find yourself absolutely hating the idea of cooking your next meal? In such a case, rest assured that...

By Amelia Miller Oct 13, 2021
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