6 Super Satisfying Ways to Dip a Toe into the Spring Cleaning Waters

Spring is in the air, and with the flung-open windows comes the urge to clean and fix everything immediately. This...

By Guest Author Apr 30, 2018
The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Storing a Wedding Dress [12 Tips, With Pictures]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Storing a Wedding Dress [12 Tips, With Pictures]

To no one’s surprise, wedding dresses are the most high-maintenance clothing item out there. Not only do they occupy quite...

By Paige Smith Nov 30, 2017

The Expert’s Guide To Packing, Cleaning, And Storing Your Camping And Hiking Gear

Hiking and camping can be in tents, but rewarding. You get plenty of fresh air, a break from stressful city...

By Guest Author Nov 08, 2017
move-out and move-in cleaning-checklists for a house or apartment

Move-Out *And* Move-In Cleaning Checklists You Can Actually Use

Boxes packed? Check. MakeSpace pickup scheduled? Check. Fridge scrubbed down? Che – wait, what? Fact: The busiest season for moving...

By Guest Author May 26, 2017
spring cleaning playlist

A Spring Cleaning Playlist Of 15 Songs You’ll Absolutely Love

Here’s a spring cleaning playlist to get you in the mood. That means motivational tunes that are also about different...

By Hannah Van Arsdale Apr 21, 2017
5 stages of spring cleaning with white powder, a pink sponge, yellow rubber gloves, and pink and yellow roses from a beautiful mess

The 5 Stages Of Spring Cleaning

We live our lives in stages: childhood, teenager-hood, adulthood. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. See where I’m going with this? It’s all...

By Hannah Van Arsdale Apr 17, 2017
outer space and stars

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Spring Cleaning Habits

We’ve got good news and mixed news. The good news: Spring is now. The mixed news: Spring cleaning is also now....

By Hannah Van Arsdale Apr 06, 2017
deep cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks for your home

26 Dazzling Deep Cleaning Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

The start of spring means it’s time to crack open a bottle of rosé, don the jean shorts you haven’t...

By Paige Smith Apr 04, 2017
green cleaning tips and tricks for the home

20 Genius Green Cleaning Tips And Tricks For Every Room In Your Home

“Going green” isn’t reserved solely for your free-spirited aunt who lives off-the-grid in an Ecocapsule in Portland. It’s now everyone’s...

By Guest Author Mar 28, 2017
spring cleaning tips and tricks: a bucket with two towels, a cleaning spray bottle, green dish soap, and a scrubber with handle

35 Powerful Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks From Professional Cleaners

If you need medical advice, you ring your doc. Digging a new ’do? Swing by the salon. But if your...

By Molli Carlson Mar 27, 2017
7 easy spring cleaning hacks for people who hate cleaning

7 Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks For People Who Hate Cleaning

1. Steam-clean your microwave with lemon, water, and a sponge. Instructions: Squeeze half a lemon into a bowl with ½...

By Molli Carlson Mar 22, 2017
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