Smoother, more efficient storage?

It’s in the bag.

Going forward we’ll send you free, reusable bags to pack your items. They’re designed to fit into bins of the same size, making pickups quicker and deliveries less cluttered.
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How it works.


Pack completely before your appointment. Don’t overpack.


Place your packed bags into bins for SpaceMakers to haul.


Remove your bags and send the bins back for the next storer.
What about bins that weren’t packed with bags?

SpaceMakers will bring free bags to your delivery so you can easily transfer your items in about 15 minutes.

Want to reuse your bins, too?

We’ll charge $20 for each bin that you keep post-storage.

Questions about what you can and can’t pack?

Check out our handy storage tips and tricks.

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We’re making self-storage more sustainable by providing free bins and bags instead of boxes that’ll just end up in the trash—which means less waste and more space for you.